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    Just dropped by to say you look great!
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    Hi Eddie,Hope this finds you doing well. Love your after pic. You look stunning! Love your hair style looks gorgeous. Take Care, Tamera
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    Edie, OMG! You are smokin! Love you're hair and you are really rocking that dress.

    Some of us were alarmed when this site went down, and have share our contact for one another outside the forum. Might I have your email? I'd hat to lose touch with you. You're such a gift.

    My email is green4evernow@gmail.com
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    Hey Edie! Hard to believe my surgery was already 5 months ago! I am down 77 lbs from day of surgery and feeling fantastic!!! Have met several of my goals including now being LESS than the weight listed on my driver's license. I'm in the 'hairloss' phase, but other than that my recovery has been really very smooth and no problems. Thank you for being so supportive - you are one of the people I look up to here for being so kind and helpful to those of us finding our way with this lifestyle. Your encouragement is great! Admittedly I am not on here often....gotten very busy lately but its always nice to check in.
  5. Thanks for the good wishes, however she did pass away Thursday. As an only child, I'm just a little stressed at the moment. I'm in Missouri planning a funeral in Wisconsin. with kids and family in Texas, Mississippi, Indiana, and Minnesota. Today I have a truck coming to empty out her apartment I spent 2 days packing up. But the stress is keeping me from gaining weight!!
  6. Catch me up on life! What's shaking with y'all down there?
    We're in the midst of annual doctor junk (old people maintenance). Had my first Reclast IV for osteo - it went well (after all my chemos, potassiums drips and blood transfusions I am not a fan of IV).

    Been having very low BP (85/60 ish) and managed to fall in the bathroom -- only incredibly bruised, thanks be to God! But ow! So moving a bit slowly and exercising caution with my ups and downs.

    My crushing depression lifted (yay!) My daughter's theory (probably correct) is the hormonal shifts post surgery fed into it, making it one of my worse episodes. So life in Annie land is good.

    Granddaughters and their mom (my youngest) are coming overnight Thursday -- we'll do the pool, then I'll cook and send them on down to their aunties. Our oldest will breeze in to leave her elderly dog, and head down and they will have an auntie weekend at a theme park (my nightmare so grateful the girls are doing this). School starts quite early - end of August, for the little girls.

    Middle daughter teaches AP English, so she'll be heading back. Probably just as well as she has been snapchatting toast filters. Oldest daughter will be back and forth all month as she has seminars and we keep the granddog. And then it's September already.

    I always wanted to be a gypsy!
    Love ya lady bug. Hug to Fiona@
  7. Look at your bad self! Beautiful! Edie you are a stunner.
  8. Edie! I love your Pictures here! You are an amazing and dedicated woman! Beautiful!! It's really inspiring to see - we all have been through the surgery process and that takes dedication - but, it's just the beginning... and it reads really well on YOU! Phenomenal! :-) Brenda
  9. Edie! I love your Pictures here! You are an amazing and dedicated woman! Beautiful!! It's really inspiring to see - we all have been through the surgery process and that takes dedication - but, it's just the beginning... and it reads really well on YOU! Phenomenal! :-) Brenda
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    Hi Stacey, I have not gotten the surgery yet. I just got approved waiting to hear what my next step is. I just want to say thank you already I have been reading on here for past couple of months and you are so informative.
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    Thank you, I'm walking out the door to go now.
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    Thank you!!! I feel great and am so pleased with how my recovery has gone. Today I am down 39 lbs since surgery and total of 75 from my highest weight. Whoo Hoo!!
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    Thank you! Looking forward to getting home.
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    Hey there. Had to stay another night because I had a fever but it broke in the night. Still getting nauseated but it is going ok. Been walking and stuff so maybe I can home later today.
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    Yep! I got the call yesterday to be at the hospital on Monday morning at 5:30 am for surgery scheduled at 8:00 am. I am nervous and excited - and packing! Will have ipad at hospital later in the day when my mom brings my stuff, so I will post that I made it to the other side!
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17 Months Later

by Stacey03 on 04-02-2019 at 05:08 PM
Time flies when you're having fun doesn't it?
It's been 17 months now since my sleeve and I thought I would check in on how things are going:
I lost my excess weight in 7 months. It is different for everybody though so never judge yourself against anyone else.

I had a hard time drinking protein shakes as as I never really found one I like so I complained heaps. You just have to suck it up and drink them!

I already exercised heaps with running and crossfit

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1 Year Surgiversary!

by Stacey03 on 11-04-2018 at 09:17 PM
Yikes! That went quickly. It isn't for 2 more days but I thought I would do the post now before I am super busy at work.
So one year out and I don't know if I have got anything particularly useful to say!
I have found the process super easy. I know that not everyone feels like that but I really feel that I've breezed through. I think I went to the same school of sleeve management that Sraubaur did!
I was already fit and a runner and gym junkie but I was an obese fit person.

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6 Month update!

by Stacey03 on 04-25-2018 at 10:23 PM
Time flies right?!
I'm doing my 6 month update about 10 days early because I m going to be super busy from next week.

What can I tell you... I'm a normal weight, I'm running and crossfitting (which I always did, for people that don't know me - I was the super fit fat person). As some of you know I had already lost 40 kilos over the space of a few years and had my sleeve to sort out the rest. I've lost around 26 kilos or a bit more since having the sleeve and have about 2-ish

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4.5 month update

by Stacey03 on 03-16-2018 at 02:38 AM
Well my life is ahhhhmazzzinnnng! Yup! Everything is going great and I'm now down to 64 kilos so just 4 to go till goal weight. I have found this journey so easy (for me) apart from the 6 weeks of exhaustion at the beginning. I love how I am now down to a normal weight and all my exercise that I have always been doing is helping me to avoid the loose skin etc.

My diet is clean and fantastic, protein first then veg... thats about all I can manage. I love how I don't

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16 week update!

by Stacey03 on 02-25-2018 at 04:37 PM
Hallo Possums,
First of all, sorry I haven't been around so much but life has gone crazy and I kind of accidentally, but not, got myself into a Masters programme in public health. I've been successfully putting that off for a good 16 years but now it seems my life will be in super study mode. Then you can do your PhD they said!!!! I'm like errrrmyyyygawd. I'm not even sure my brain is big enough for the masters but ya know, I'll give it a good crack!
So life is now insane study. Protein

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Picture BEFORE 264.00 lbs. - before
Picture AFTER after - 132.00 lbs.

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Surgery date: 11/07/2017

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