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  3. Hi Tommy....I am doing great! I'm eating a few different foods: pot roast, carrots, 1 small potato, onions, hummus, eggs, a little piece of pita bread, shredded bbq pork, and some chili. I can't eat but a few teaspoons but it tastes great and I've kept it all down. However, I've tried a little of some of the things I used to like and I can't stomach them. Wierd.

    I've lost 70 pounds total so far and I have a LOT of energy that I haven't had in 15 years or more. Wow! How are you doing?!? I hope well!
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    TOM! How are you doing?
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    What got me through the pureed stage was fat free refried beans mixed with some chicken broth to make it thinner, then you can add fat free sour cream and hot sauce if you like spicy like I do! Try the sugar free caramel pudding, I liked that more than the chocolate. Also, I love the OIKOS tripe Zero yogurt, lots of protein and tasty! I was back to work within a week as well. Stay in touch.
  6. Hi Tommy....I'm still somewhat struggling but getting stronger and better every day. I have an appointment with surgeon this Friday. i'll let you know what I weight then. I'm still not hungry into my 8th day. I managed to choke down 3 protein shakes along with a LOT of water and 1 SF Chocolate pudding. Tasted crappy. lol I know the protein heals so I'm going to do better. I start pureed foods this coming Monday. That's the day I start back to work. I guess I'm going to try to eat beginning Baby Foods along with the shakes. Sigh....
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    Glad you are home Tom! Sounds like you have the right attitude and you will begin to see the positive effect this will have on your life as the days pass. I just got back from a boys trip to Miami (which I would not have done a year ago) and now back on plan hardcore. I let myself splurge on some adult beverages while I was there.
  8. Hi Tommy....Yes, I'm home. This surgery was uncomplicated. However, I was in the recovery room for eight hours waiting on a cardiologist consultation to arrive. I came out of the surgery with A-FIB. Sigh....

    They never got me out of bed to walk until two hours before I was discharged at 7pm Tuesday night. I will write a little more later. However, the staff were great and I am getting better minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. I'm getting around on a cane to help me stabilize me. This is the first night I am going to sleep in my bed. I have NO regrets and embrace my new life. Thanks for checking in.
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    Hi Tom, are you home? I hope all went well. The first several days will be tough but it gets better each day. Focus on walking, using the breathing exercise thing, sipping fluids all day, I found hot grean tea easier than drinking plain water and gasX strips also helped me with some of the gas pain. Also suggest you take some Miralax with your fluids so that you do not get constipated. I also found sleeping in my recliner the most comfortable for me during this time. Please let me know how you are doing!
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    Good luck tomorrow! I am post op day 3 and feeling pretty good. So excited for you!!
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    Good luck tomorrow Tom! Your life is about to change FOR THE BETTER!!!!
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    Hi Tom, I was 479 when I started the process. Now 383 7 months out. You will love this tool. It is working great for me. If I can be a resource to you feel free to reach out. If you are also looking for someone who has been sleeved longer term Tinman is a great resource. Best of luck to you!
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    Good luck with your surgery. Please let us know if you have any questions. All the best to you on your journey.
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I have been overweight since my early 20's. I would lose 40 lbs then gain 60 lbs back. I lose 100 lbs then gain 150 lbs back. Yep, and until I reached the highest weight I've ever been....505 lbs. Sigh.... That is soon to change!
Toledo, OH
Playing pool, playing guitar and reading.
I am a divsion manager for a well known roofing company and I also run Gutter Helmet.
Tom Gearhart
Gastric Sleeve Surgeon:
Dr. Matt Fourman
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Starting weight: 505
Surgery weight: 464.....41.....41 pounds lost
2-weeks after: 445.....19.....60 pounds lost
3-weeks after: 439..... 6.....66 pounds lost
4-weeks after: 435..... 4.....70 pounds lost
2-months after: 424......11....81 pounds lost
3-months after: 405......19...100 pounds lost....exactly!
4-months after: 385......20...120 pounds lost


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