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    Thank you! I feel like a million dollars. I just followed the rules and did what I was supposed to do. I love my sleeve. I weigh myself every morning and night. I always can tell when I need to up my protein or eat more. How is your journey going?
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    It did not go well at all. I ended up in ICU for 3 days then the floor for 3 days due to complications. I had 3 seizures and had to have 3 units of blood and an iron transfusion. I'm also feeling quite depressed from the event :/
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    i'm doing good.. thanks for checking on me. haven't been in the mood much to be online.. feeling pretty good but still pretty tired a lot.. feels better on my throat and belly to lay down flat too in the middle of day when I have been on the computer too long!!!
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    Hi Joy. I am doing really good. I did just have a few bites of SF pudding and .. ugh ... I feel SO full.

    How are you doing?
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    Thank you Happy Joy! One week out....
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    (hugs) Thanks Joy!!! Alex said "hi" back btw
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    I joined the forum in June and had my surgery at the end of April.How about you and where are you from?
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    thanks for messaging me!! very sweet of you.. start my liquid tomorrow.. will be easy because we are going out of town.. did you get the gas x strips or do you think chewable gas pills would work? I hate mint and I wonder if they have the strips in other flavors! did you buy a sippy cup? haha like alittle child to sip your water! did you bring a heating pad? what on their list do you think is the biggest necessity going down there? i'm going to be by myself so .. apprehensive about that... do you get to sleep or do they wake you up constantly to walk around?
  9. Hello there! I am now 6 days post surgery. I am doing very well so far, I think. I am trying to walk a lot and trying to not over do it and lift or push and pull. Because I don't have much pain it is a bit tempting to try to do more than I should at this stage. I am drinking my water all day. This week was only clear liquid (water, broth, sf koolaid, etc). Tomorrow I can start on week two diet which is the addition of protein shakes to my clear liquids. I can imagine the urge for solids is going to get worse and worse. Any tips for overcoming that during the post op period? I still feel rather bloated and gassy although nothing is happening that is changing that really. Not sure how to get rid of the last gas.

    I can swallow pretty normal drinks of water at this time. I keep seeing sip, sip sip. It isn't a problem if I can drink more than a sip without filling full is it? Or is there another reason I should only take tiny sips?
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    Hi Joy, thinking of you. Hope your doing well. Saw you just had surgery a few days ago. How are you doing?
  11. Hello, I am two days post surgery. Just wanted to pop on and let you know all went well. Sore and still lots of gas that doesn't want to leave but I am able to have Jello and diluted juice today. Not feeling a lot of thirst or hunger right now so just trying to keep up with what they tell me to do. More to come.
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    hope you are doing well!!! excited for you!!!
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    SURGERY DAY!!!! (Hugs) Wishing you a smooth... speedy recovery. Congrats, your new life starts TODAY!

    Please let me know how it goes in TJ with Dr. A. I will be there next Sunday!!!!
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    Sorry. Thought your surgery was Friday for some reason. Good luck tomorrow!
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    Best wishes for your upcoming surgery. Keep us posted! Xoxoxo
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