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    I love your avatar!
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    Thank you very much! Let me discuss with my wife and weigh my options. That cost is not prohibitive but the commute would be tough for me as my job is very demanding. I run the Supply Chain department for a contract manufacturing company here in Melbourne. I appreciate your feedback! Let me know when you are back in town if you would like to meet up for an adult soda pop, I'll buy!
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    Hi Poker Guy, can you give me a little more info about the stem cell treatment that your mom and sister did. Did they have osteoarthritis? Did they combine the stem cell with, platelet and laser therapy as well. I found a place locally called Restoralife in Melbourne, Florida. They have a bunch of testimonials and seminar information but obviously I am a bit skeptical. Also, any idea on cost? I will be looking into this and any additional information that I can get would be helpful. Left hip is noticeably better from the cortisone shot so doing the right one this Friday, however, I don't know how long they will last and know it is only going to help with pain. The stem cell therapy intrigues me as they claim it can help regenerate cartilage, etc.... THANKS!
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    I am stuck now as well. Really stuck.
    But I have confidence the weightloss will restart. I am not nearly eating enough to maintain.
    I can eat everything.
    Crackers, toasted breads and other dry stuff is waaaayyy easier than protein of mashed potatoes for me.
    Hot meals are the hardest, but I am really happy with what I can allready eat!
    I havent thrown up yet either, not since the hospital. I must be really lucky!
    Hang in there! The pureed and liquid stage seems like very unpractical once you go back to work, no?
    I go back next monday.

    Acid feels like hunger pain? I had no idea. I'll try your advice! Thanks.
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    Hi pokerguy,

    Hows it going? I am really slowing down already. But i am ok with that.
    5 pounds in 10 days. I do get hungry though, especially at night. I can lie awake hungry.
    I am back to all foods now as well. No more liquids nor pureed!
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    Hi pokerguy!
    I lost 11 pounds in the first two weeks, but now i am at a pound a week.I lost 15 pounds in total this month, but with a stall in my third week.
    I ate 1000kcal for years before surgery, so i guess it makes sence that i am losing slowly, since i am already at 600 kcals a day.
    I have about 37 pounds to lose. So 22 to go, 40% done.

    Part of me stresses that i am losing so slowly now, part of me finds it easier that the weight loss isnt too visible for outsiders such as colleagues.
    I really want to keep losing but i dont want to get skinny either.
    So i am trying to be cool with the current rate.

    Are you still losing as quickly? Have you had some secret wine already (i have, my stomach loves it)? And at how many kcals a day are you?

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    i haven't eaten any solids yet.. I am on the soup phase I guess.. so broth jello water protein drinks and soups. I tried tomato.. not having it.. too acidy I think.. the cream of chicken is good.. goes down nice.. still can only take sips and if I gulp on accident.. hurts! even if I take a big piece of jello on accident it hurts like its going to come up.. just feel like everything sits in the back of my throat.. looking forward to pureed food to try next week!!
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    Thanks for the support!! I hope all went well with the surgery...
    I was expecting my surgery to be easy peasy squeezy and I got the total opposite hahaha...good luck and thanks again.
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    hope you are doing well!!!!
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    Hope you made it home today with little discomfort
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    So. We sat together today in the van...��.
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    Hi Pokerguy!
    I loved your reassuring message and your courage talking on this battle before it gets too bad.
    I with you on that one!
    Good luck with your surgery! I am miraculously great just 4 days post op. just keep that in mind.
    Fingers crossed for you!
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    Are you in Tj yet? Good luck to you. it will be different but very efficient and effective. Just listen to everything they say and you'll be fine. First couple of days are the worst and then it gets much better every day.
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