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    I wanted to know how was your experience
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    SURGERY DAY!!!! (Hugs) Wishing you a smooth... speedy recovery. Congrats, your new life starts TODAY!
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    You made it!! Surgery date is tomorrow! Wishing you lots of luck and a speedy recovery! Let us know how it goes!!!
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    Dr. Almanza is Fantastic! Don't need to worry he is very good!
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    I'm doing okay thank you! A little sore, gas giving me some trouble still and any liquid is going down hard but I'm up and about with no vomiting yet and little pain from the incisions.
  6. Yes . My date is Oct 20. My pre-op is on the 19th
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    Oh! How exciting! Do you have a date yet?
  8. so i have a couple questions..... so a couple of my doctors are wanting to do a couple other procedures on me. such as my obgyn wants to do a hysterectomy,my orthopedic dr. wants to do surgery on my knees, my oncologist wants to do a bone marrow test to see why i keep bruisingup up in different parts of my body. so with all of that being said i would like to know if i should wait until after my procedure to continue on with these things or if its ok do these things before?

    also upon my return i would like to if it wil be recomended to get The Myers Cocktails done to help with recovery? The Myers Cocktail consists of:

    IV Fluids Normal Saline 1000ml with added:

    Magnesium choride Hexahydrate 825mg
    Selenium (sodium selenium) 55mcg
    Calcium gluconate 300mcg
    Ascorbic Acid 10gm
    Thiamine 100mg
    Riboflavin 5-phosphate 2mg
    Niacinamide 100mg
    Pyridoxine hcl 100mg
    Hydroxocbalamin 1mg

    and / or the use of essential oils? Doterra is the name of the essential oils. So just wanting to know if it will be ok to use the oils still up until my surgey date and then resume them afterwards? or if i need to stop them at anytime before my date?
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    If you want another doctor you will have to go to a different facility. As far as I know he is the only Dr. in TJ with Weightloss Agents.
  10. so ive been reseaching dr. Almanza and his reviews are kind of scary to me . so how do you deal with patients wanting to possibly request another dr?
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having a lil bit of an issue

by Martini on 02-05-2018 at 08:52 PM
ok soi had my suergery about 3&1/2 months ago. now i know that at first there seems to be some problem with constipation but at this point i havent been( i mean reallylet it out) for a couple weeks . ive taken all kinds of stuff to make me go. but i just cant get it all out . has this happened to any one else before?

sorry i havent been around for a while but ive been super busy to where i cant even see straight. plus it seems that now i cant stay awake passed 9-10

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How things went with surgery

by Martini on 10-26-2017 at 10:13 PM
Hi I'm Marty I am a mother of one of my own in three step daughters I just really wanted to come back on here I hadn't been on here since before my surgery date which was October the 20th 2017 I just wanted to say that things went just fine like I didn't have any problems that I know of during surgery or anything of that nature I was a little weaker when when coming out of surgery I threw up a little bit and it has been hard for me to get my liquids in but I am still trying and I'm starting to feel

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the start of the end!!!!

by Martini on 08-21-2017 at 11:52 AM
today is the day that i start my low calorie meals . protein drinks and the rest liquids during the day and a small low calorie dinner at night. today will be the first day of the rest of my life . things really just got real for me. in 2 months i will be 44yrs old. along with having a whole lot of health issues i have got to turn things around for myself. and that all starts today. so wish me luck, ttyl

60 days and counting

by Martini on 08-20-2017 at 11:50 PM
So as of today I just realized I have 60 days to the T for my procedure.I'm very excited as well as scared shitless. I have been absorbing everything that I can as far as things to do, things to expect and things that just come however whatever. I think that I'm just anxious and ready for it to come you know my day to come and get here and be over with is this a normal feeling? how do or how did you react knowing that you only had 60 days left? two months that's all....

Im so scared of failing!!!!

by Martini on 07-26-2017 at 02:59 PM
i have my date already. but the problem for me is knowing when to start doing a low calorie diet. i was only told to do a liquid diet for 5 days before my procedure. they never said anything about doing a low calorie diet or anything else for prior to surgery.

Also my next issue is that my family at home is not very supportive of anything. I have already been mentioning the fact that im not supposed to be eating any beef or pork. but the more that i express any of this

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