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    Wow Tamera!! You are looking absolutely stunning!! Your hair is super cute, too!! Hugs!
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    AWESOME!!! Love the new “do” too! You look fabulous!
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    Thank you Tamera :-) x
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    No nothing new Tamera but actually I do 5 crossfit sessions a week now and I only used to do 3 or 4. You have inspired me with rock climbing as I have always thought about it and we have a place down at the cliffs by the river here where they run some sessions so who knows one day I might try! They also do a night where you go out on the river in canoes and go through the city then come back for a barbecue. I did that and gawd it was the worst night of my life!!!! It was dark and I thought the river cat ferry was going to wipe me out!!!! Terrifying! But I might try the rock climbing though I'm not the best with heights so it is a bit scary... thats probably why it is worth doing! Much love Tamera, you look so amazing and I am so happy for you x
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    Thank you Tamera, you look absolutely amazing too! You are like a different person!!! Such an inspiration xx
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    Hi Tamera! Sorry it took so long to answer. I do not log in ofetn enough. I am doing good. Looking forward to weighing in on the 15th. That will be my 1 month anniversary. There is an awesome possibility that I might be under 200#. I started the year at 233#. I don’t remeber the last time I was under 200#. I am also back in the gym. Mostly cardio but getting used to the routine until I can lift again. How have you been? Have a great rest of your week.
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    Hi Tamera2. I just read one of your responses on the forum and was instantly relieved. I fly into San Diego tomorrow. My surgery is Thursday with Dr. A. Thank you!
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    Hello !!! I am so excited to have this done but scared,anxious and every other feeling is starting to hit me too . I started the pre-op diet yesterday and it is hard especially as I am fixing meals for my family and then had to go to the grocery store today. Talk abut never noticing how many temptations are around. You have had an amazing success story and I hope to have the same. I am really worried about my flight home though. I already get motion sickness and then to add the nausea from surgery to it.Also worried about blood clots. Maybe I am just over thinking things. Thanks for the support !
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    So do you hon! I love how you always put your pics. I need to do that occasionally.
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    No intention of leaving the site. I love being here. We are going to be the old pro's now!
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    It is so true though. Like night and day. You look amazing. And definitely 20 years younger!! Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving as well. This journey has been amazing and I have enjoyed sharing it with you!
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    While I have seen them several times, I just have to say that your before and after pics freaking rock! Totally a different person!
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    Thank you very much Tamera I feel wonderful and my life has already changed so much, just everyday life is so much easier and better in so many ways. I appreciate your feedback and support (hugs)
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    I think my nutrition approach is similar to what you described for yours. I'm tired today. Really tired. Going to Lie down now. Thank you for letting me reach out to you. I'm sure I will
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    you look awesome !!!
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About Tamera2
Sleeved or not sleeved:
I have had a gastric sleeve.
I'm a married mom of 2, a grandma of 4 and Aunty of 2. I love all three roles. I also love the ocean,spending time with family & friends. I also love discovering new places. I've been overweight for many years. It started when I developed MS in 1997. I became depressed and became an emotional eater. I would conquer the depression and every time I would push through and try different diets; I'd loose weight than my MS, CHF or another one of my diseases would flare up and I would have to ease up on exercise, depression would worsen and the emotional eating/snacking would start again. I'd overcome than I'd develope another disease and have a set back. I was not happy with my life, didn't like how I felt or looked. My weight was out of control and I made a decision to take control of my life and improve my health. After working with a counselor and attend some classes I choose to have WLS. I got my health stable except for developing diabetes,sleep apnea,high B/P . I had the Sleeve and joined the Marathon and found my passion. Hiking and Mt.Climbing. I no longer have diabetes, High B/P, Sleep Apnea. Bye Bypap/Oxygen Woohoo!! I would love one day to help others battling obesity and regain their life back. Maybe one day I will become an Motivational Speaker. I went from living my life either in bed or in the hospital and the little time in between went to my family!! NOT anymore!! I’m free to enjoy life since having WLS. I can do what ever I set my mind too. That is an amazing feeling!!!
Completed Climb school for Mountaineering and Rock climbing in 2018.
Vancouver Wa
Hiking and Mountain Climbing are my passion.I love camping.I like cycling,skiing,boating,snowshoeing
Homemaker, caregiver of my grandchildren
Tamera Anderson
Gastric Sleeve Surgeon:
Dr Mario Almanza
Surgery date:


Highest weight- 288 / Wt at Surgery 268
1 month 236 -29lbs 2 month 214 -22lbs 3 month 206 -08lbs 4 month 196 -10lbs 5 month 185 -11lbs 6 month 178 -7lbs 7 month 172 -6lbs 9mos -12lbs 156 13mos later wt.144lbs, Wt.138 -150lbs in 15mos


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Picture BEFORE 288.00 lbs. - before
Picture AFTER after - 138.00 lbs.

Member: Tamera2

Surgery date: 01/24/2017

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