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    I'm feeling mostly well Blood sugar plummets (a known VGS thing) are a bit troubling, but since I was on shots for diabetes I'm pretty savvy on them. Had a good report from neurosurgeon - brain tumor has shrunk since surgery and is static.

    I'm fumbling with the maintenance and need to start exercising, but our schedule is just ridiculous. And yet it needs to be a priority.
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    Back from out-of-state for the funeral so now it's sort of starting to hit me. I am not taking time for myself, just so crazy busy trying now to figure out finances. I need to get back to my woods. We are taking a vacation Tuesday, so I will get as much done before then. No fun being an only child, but hubby is a big help. Thanks for thinking of me!
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    Mom passed away Thursday. Sad time.
  4. I am glad you are still here Annie!
    Computers are very handy, but everything has to work properly or I am completely lost...
  5. Hey -- this is AnnieG -- I had to do a whole new profile as the reset password wouldn't work and the admins didn't answer. So I'm still here!
  6. Hi Nancy, nice to hear from you!
    We used to live in Zwanenburg, very nearby Osdorp.
    My hubby worked at Schiphol, at the Air Traffic Control.
    But since he retired we travel fulltime in our motorhome through Europe and Morocco.

    Sounds like you are doing great!
    Yes, this is a bit boring, sipping, walking and sleeping, but soon you will burst with energy!
    Well, I guess "kwark" is a liquid in Belgium! LOL
    I followed the "clear liquids, thicker liquids, pureed foods, soft foods, solid foods" rule.
    It just felt better for me somehow.
    I wish you continued succes with your sleeve!
    And thanks for messaging me!
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    Hello DutchSleeve!

    I am 5 days out, down to 75.1 today and so pleased! We also live near Schipol, in Osdorp. My days consist of sipping, sleeping and walking.

    I do use a few paracetamols a day, but less each day. My partner made beef broth and now chicken broth for me, which really does the trick.
    My Belgian Dr also recommended kwark or yogurt for this first week. I guess that is a “liquid” too!
    Good luck with your journey! Nancy

  8. So, I must learn to ski!
    That will be fun...

    You were already thinking about moving to a mountain area, weren't you?
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    Thanks! We did, and I also came home with a 3 pound loss! I should move to the mountains and become a ski bum and I'd be really thin.
  10. Wow!
    That is very strict.
    Maybe a good idea for a lot of western countries...
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    The Japanese government requires citizens to have their waistline measurements submitted by their drs yearly.
    If it is over I think 36 inches they must go thru a rehab of sorts. If they do not lose the inches they are fined.
    Not many overweight Japanese.
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    Thank you!
  13. Obesity is becoming more and more a problem in Europe, but I must admit, that Scandinavia seems to be last in that department.

    WLS is not common here.
    Lots of primary care phycisians still have this "eat less, move more" mentality.
    Obesity is still not seen as a chronic disease, but is recognised as a major health problem more and more.
    And though the sleeve surgery is on the winning hand, it is still nog done as much as the bypass.
    There is still the misconception that the weightloss would be less with a sleeve and better with the gbp.
    Which, as we all know, is not entirely true.

    The difference after the procedure is quite significant, in my opinion.
    The nutricional regime varies even from hospital to hospital and from country to country.
    The regime like in the US, being first the clear liquid stage, then the full liquid, the soft food, soft solids and then "normal"food is not common, to say the least.
    I personally know of hospital in Belgium, where patients are required after one day to first eat solid food, before they are allowed to be discharged from the hospital.
    They are send home with a diet of potatoes, vegetables and protein.
    Also the dietitians are not up to date, to say the least.

    We also have to eat our proteins, but far less than I read here.
    The formula 0,8 times kg weight is the daily requirement.
    So with my weight I would need 43 grams.
    More is not required.
    The fact that I do eat a lot more freaks people out... :-)
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    I'm curious what the differences are between US and European sleevers? I assume the US has more overweight people, and the surgery is more common? I'm not sure if that's true, but on my visits to the Scandinavian countries everyone looked great! I saw more bikes than cars. Meals weren't as oversized as they are in America. Or am I stereotyping?
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    Your English is great! Glad you are joining us!
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by DutchSleeve on 09-14-2018 at 01:54 AM
We are currently in Sweden, where we were chasing the Aurora.
That was always high on our bucketlist.
And we have seen some beautiful sightings!
Life is good...
Nice hiking here in the forests and mountains.
I feel very blessed.
I could not have done it, when I was at my heaviest...
I'll try to put some pictures here.
Stil loosing weight, very slowly, but still...
This morning 105,4 pounds.

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I finally ate pizza!

by DutchSleeve on 07-15-2018 at 01:58 AM
Not a big deal, some of you might say.
But the point is: I have not eaten pizza since my surgery, 1,5 years ago.
So yesterday was a family day and we went out for lunch as well as dinner.

For lunch we ended up in a restaurant where food choices were very limited.
But there was pizza!
I reminded myself, that I was NOT on a diet and ordered a slice of tuna pizza.
And though it tasted good, I craved some healthy protein and my veggies.

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After 1,5 year

by DutchSleeve on 07-09-2018 at 06:01 AM
Last week was my 1,5 year surgiversary.
Time flies when you are having fun!

My sleeve does his job and so do I.
We are really a good team.

For the last couple of months I have maintained this weight, sometimes I weigh a bit more, sometimes a bit less.
And to be honest, I don't feel I have to do much to keep it like that.
My sleeve works itself, more or less.

I eat approximately between 1200 and 1300 calories per day, according

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My first slider foods

by DutchSleeve on 06-30-2018 at 07:33 AM
I finally did it!
My first real slider foods!
I had eaten a cup of popcorn before, but this time I went way further.

We are currently in Germany, where they have these delicious baguette-like little bread rolls.
Made of pure white flour, absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever.
Those breads.
I used to love, love, love them.
Yesterday I ate one of those and I really wondered why I ever liked them...
No taste, no texture, just

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The sleeve and the hammer.

by DutchSleeve on 06-18-2018 at 02:47 AM
As some of you may know, I am constantly doing research and browsing through the internet, to learn as much as I want to about the sleeve and other wls procedures.
Yesterday I came across a youtube video from Dori'sJourney and she had a great analogy, I thought I'd share.

Our sleeve is a tool, just like a hammer.
You want to use that hammer to hang up a picture on the wall.
So you find yourself a nail and start hammering.
After you hit the nail two or

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