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  1. Thanks so much!!! I am super excited to be over halfway.
    honestly, I am addicted to Atkins shakes with shots of coffee in them. Every morning I make two shots of starbucks espresso roast, put it on ice and add a milk chocolate Atkins shake. I sip it and then switch to sipping water until lunch time. I eat lots of protein and very little carbohydrates (usually make something on the weekend like meat loaf or well seasoned chicken and portion it out in 1 cup snap lid containers for the week at work. I don't have anything carbonated ever.... don't really miss it anymore (-= I love cheese whisps but they are super expensive so I have them as an occassional treat. Some days are harder than others (like my Chinese food fail) but low carb really works for me (-=
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    70 down?!?!? Holy cow!!! You're KICKIN' BUTT!!!!!!!!!!

    Would you mind posting a quick sample menu of what you eat in a day? (curious about your level of success compared to others as I go into my 'real life' food in another 2 weeks; this would be super helpful)

    OMG you're MORE than halfway to goal!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
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    55down!?! Way to go!!!!

  4. Thanks I am super excited!!
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    Congratulations on your 49lbs lost!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!

    To Ambersnewlife: Open the image with paint and then 'resize', switch to 'pixels' and enter the max pixel size. I think it's like 150 or 200 depending. save, and upload it. Worked for me.
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    Congratulations on your 49lbs lost!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!
  7. Thanks for the prayers and kind thoughts. Today is my first day back on the forum since surgery. It is going pretty good overall (-=
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    Good luck on your surgery today.

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    Sending All Good Thoughts and Prayers!
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three up - attitude adjustment

by saramichelle on 02-23-2017 at 02:07 PM
Well fellow sleevers, today I ADDED three pounds to my ticker (must remain accountable and honest with myself). Truthfully, I have rolled along rather happily since surgery. I made a few bad food choices this last week. That being said, I still ate so little of the bad food (so to speak) that I was astounded to step on the scale and be up three pounds! It seems the key to my weight loss is remaining low carb. Has anyone else found this to be true? Even a few crackers and my weight loss

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naughty foods

by saramichelle on 01-25-2017 at 05:52 PM
Feeling a little guilty... I gave into my lifelong addiction last night and ordered Chinese food. On the bright side, I did eat off of a salad plate so didn't totally make a porker of myself but STILL.... I know the food is calorie dense. Anyone else have a certain something they can't stay away from? What about replacement? any thoughts?
As it is, I am probably taking all the leftovers to my sister's house. I don't think I can have it in the fridge and not want to eat it. I do great all

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Happy Holdays Fellow Sleevers!

by saramichelle on 12-23-2016 at 02:48 PM
Here's wishing every one of you a healthy and happy holiday season. Reading about all of your journeys is an inspiration to me and I take lots of comfort in the fact many of us face so many of the same challenges. I am a little nervous about making mistakes this weekend, I have done so well this far.... I guess I just need to keep in the front of my mind that this is a LIFE change and keep away from trigger foods. I am looking forward to reaching my goal weight and just need to keep focus.

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Incision Sites

by saramichelle on 11-30-2016 at 05:08 PM
Any information anyone feels like sharing on their incision sites is welcome!! Five out of six of mine look great, but the sixth is puckered and horrible. Any thoughts? When is it okay to start using neosporin or something like it? Is there a simple way to be sure there is no infection? OY!!!

8 days and 8 pounds!

by saramichelle on 11-23-2016 at 06:28 PM
I am down eight pounds in the eight days since my surgery. Really do miss solid foods though!! Can't wait until next Tuesday. Anyone have any good starter food stories or ideas?


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