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    Amazing photos!! congrats on your success!
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    Hi, I just read your write up about Dr. Hernandez and Weight Loss Agents. I just scheduled surgery with them for April 18th and reading your review was great for my nerves.
  3. Wooohooooo stepped on scale today I am now 250 pounds. Wooohooooo I'm excited can you tell
  4. first time eating thia food tonight, it's sooooooooooooo good heehhehe

    chicken spinach and peanut sauce
  5. TarotAces
    TMI WARNING I'm having more sex than I've had in the past, trying to walk in the pool 2-3 times a week.

    I try to atleast drink two shakes a day (PREMIER 30g each).
    Have an egg for breakfast cooked anyway
    Start on my shakes because stomach doesn't always want to work for first meal of the day.
    If I'm out and about I have beef jerky in the car
    If I'm at someones house I cook up an egg again because I can't eat everything.
    Jerky works GREAT when you have kids in the car and they want fast food so I chew that forever while they are munching.
    When I want something sweeter I try to have a banana, tried chocolate chip cookie once and it was just TOO SWEET
    Basically my typical portion sizes are 2 ounces of food, then wait the 20-30 minutes before drinking something then I eat another portion 3-4 hours later.
    I know they are portions of 2 ounces because I bought the extra small Ziploc containers, they come 8 to a pack and I can use those if I like the meals/soups. It fills me up well that in one sitting.
    I'm still trying to figure out what I can and can't eat still(just started eating raw veggies if I chew them enough).

    The reason I stay so small in portions is because I'm afraid to overeat with my new stomach and puke. I hate puking. But I love having teenagers, and a real skinny guy at work, they are all my garbage disposals when I have too much on my plates and eyes are bigger than stomach or IF something is too sweet to eat.
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    Hey Scheryl... would you be willing to make a blog post of what you do for activity and eat/drink in a day? Your weight loss is SUPER inspirational for me and it'd help just to know how you're doing what you're doing! It'd be super appreciated.

    Feel free to message me if you don't want to make the post for everyone to see.
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    Great photos! congrats on your weight loss!
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    I don't use my CPAP machine, my apnea isn't that bad I guess. They gave me one, but I hate it! Anyway, I have both kinds of bullion cubes packed with a couple of each in my purse. I'm also going to make a protein shake easily excess in my checked baggage. Thank you!
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    Yes ma'am thank you! My parents were both obese and type two diabetics. So I know where you are coming from. I'm pre-diabetic myself, I also have sleep apnea and acid reflux. Then there's my knees and ankles, I know I'm doing the right thing. Thank you for your support and encouragement, it's greatly appreciated as I eat my sugar free popsicles and jello! Lol!
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    Thanks so much for the kind words & well wishes! The only concern I really had was the buyers remorse some of us have right after, you know, the omg, what did I do to myself? But really, I'm over that now. This forum has helped me so much! I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes, I'm going to take pics and maybe some videos, I will be sure to share. Thanks again!
  11. Aria was just telling me yesterday I was 265 pounds moving my next goal to 250, ok 15 pounds to go til I make my next step .
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    I'm soo happy for you and all the progress you've already made! :-D
  13. I've just stopped taking my second of 5 blood pressure medicines since my surgery wooohooo if everything goes well I be halfing the next one in another week or so
  14. Fitbit surprised Me again it rated me at 278. I'm now down 46 pounds since I started this process
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    thank you. just been nervous
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