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    Congratulations on your transformation!! Exciting to see. Dr Almanza did my surgery 1-24-17 Thanks for sharing. Tamera
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    Your weight loss journey is inspiring to me, and we have the same surgeon. I'd really like to have you as a 'friend' so I can be notified when you post things. I enjoy reading your posts and am interested in your successes!

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    Thank you so much! It is always a blessing to inspire others.
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    Hi! Thanks so much for reply on my blog question. I really appreciate any other advice you have to offer on the matter.
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    Yes, I'm great. Going to leave here at 9am, I'm only a hour and half away from San Diego.
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    I think someone else did -- the blog she posted is now gone.
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    I am not getting this...why am i so different from everyone else. I am on pureed food, i can eat a 1/2 cup of refired f/f beans, no problem, no pain, why am i not feeling a restriction, at all??
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    I think I am most looking forward to scrambled eggs (egg beaters) they make them in individual cups now and I was eating them every day before my surgery, so I am looking forward to having a "normal" breakfast even if it is a 1/4 of the amount I was eating. At least I hope I will begin to feel a restriction with these foods as I could sure put away a lot of soup.
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    Dede, I made it, I am home and everything is fine. No recovery issues at all. I was awake alert and walking most of the night and following day of surgery. I didn't even like that they kept confining me to my room with the stupid iv drips, I wanted to go explore Tijuana, because I got to see so little the first time. Monday I will be week 3 and get to begin pureed foods, so I am excited to be getting off the liquids. How about you, how are you doing??? What are you eating for pureed foods??
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    How are you feeling?
  11. Thanks guys!!
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    Wishing you a speedy recovery. I'm very excited for you.
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    Praying for you today.
  14. Good luck to you. I know you are anxious as I am too. I'm not having surgery until June 1st. Can't wait. My family is excited for me as they know how much I want this. Please keep me posted as we will only be two months apart and I am having my surgery done by Dr. Velasquez as well. Keep smiling!
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    I went through True Results who used Peachtree Bariatrics as their surgeons. I thought Dr. Tuggle did a great job on my sleeve, but didn't really see her after the procedure. I felt like because I went through TR, they didn't really care if I showed up for appointments or not. I definitely do not regret using her or getting this procedure. I only went to my follow up appointments through July and haven't been back to see them since. I did have my vitamin levels checked in July and everything was perfect. I have been making sure I stick to my vitamins, water and protein and I haven't had any issues. I think you will be fine. I usually get very nauseous after having surgery, but the patch they gave me to put behind my ear and the stuff I had to take the morning of surgery helped a lot and I have never gotten sick since having the surgery. Let me know if you have specific questions. I'm happy to help in any way possible.
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About mrtumnus
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
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Dr Almanza
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Heighest weight 253 pounds 3/2/2016
Pre-op weight 244 pounds 3/6/2016
1 week after surgery 238 pounds 3/13/16
1 month post-op 227 pounds 4/6/16 lost 26 pounds
2 month post-op 218 pounds 5/6/16 lost 9 pounds total of 35!
3 month post-op 204 pounds 6/6/16 lost 14 pounds total of 49!
4 month post-op 197 pounds 7/6/16 lost 8 pounds total of 56!


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10 months out

by mrtumnus on 01-12-2017 at 01:45 PM
Well I am at the cusp of losing 100 pounds. I have lost 99 to be exact. I have about 28 more to go to be at what I consider my "perfect weight". I may modify that because I do not want to look ill. I do not measure or watch what I eat at all. (and I do not need comments about it either) I believe that I have learned a lot about what my body needs and I simply made a decision over everything I eat.right then and there. I think life is too short to quibble over every morsel and fret . I

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Since March I have lost 90 pounds....37 to go!

by mrtumnus on 11-27-2016 at 07:23 PM
Wow! What a ride! I was thinking back to last year's holiday season and how miserable I was with my image...how hard it was to fit into clothes...how tired I was..how I had three chins....now I look back and am thankful for that period of time because I appreciate the 90 pound weight loss and all the work it took to accomplish this. I still have 37 more to go to reach my goal..which I hope to achieve at my 1 year mark. I would do this all over in a heart beat.

Have not been on in awhile

by mrtumnus on 10-18-2016 at 02:52 PM
Gee whiz! I decided to add exercise to my forte and it has sloooowed down my weight loss..has taken me like 3 weeks to budge that scale 1 pound! Depressing! I have 48 more pounds to get rid of and this is my 7th month post op. I am though exercising 3 times a week..walking. I am up to about 12 miles per week at 18 minutes a mile. I suspect I am building muscle up which weighs more than fat. I wanted so badly to have 100 knocked off by Christmas, but I do not see that happening....SIGH. I could get

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Updated 10-18-2016 at 03:02 PM by mrtumnus (weight loss, exercise)


Walking Club

by mrtumnus on 09-23-2016 at 11:22 PM
I decided to join a local walking club because I felt after 6 months post op--I would add exercise to the mix and see how that would affect me. So far I have been in the club for 3 weeks and loving it. I plan on walking a 10k in February.

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Picture BEFORE 253.00 lbs. - before
Picture AFTER after - 151.00 lbs.

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Surgery date: 03/06/2016

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