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  1. Okay perfect I'll hold out on the oatmeal. I was reading their post op paper they gave us and 3rd week we can start puréed. I'm a couple days shy from hitting 3 week but I just boiled and puréed some apples peaches and carrots and some chicken I'm gonna try. I was thinking cream of wheat and thinking adding protein powder for flavor. Thank you so much and I apologize if it's too many questions. I really want to follow this diet to the T as possible.
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    It's a little too early for the oatmeal. I am 4 weeks out and I just started cream of wheat. I'll be trying oatmeal this week.
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    Another thing, you may try several shakes before you find one that you like. I put a half of scoop of peanut butter powder in mine and it makes a nice difference.
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    Hey Jess, sorry for the late response. You can start your protein shake now. Make sure you are getting at least 70 grams in daily and your water. I agree, the soup and jello gets old real quick. Start your day with the protein shake, it will keep you full longer and sip sip sip on your water. Hope this helps. Let me know
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    I'm just mixing water with my protein powder for now, the good news is, I got two shakes down total. Now I'm struggling with the water tonight, I've had 3 bottles 16.9 oz of water, trying to get one more in tonight. I took my stitches out today, and placed the steri strips on top. Can you private message me your number? I'm not hungry ever, I force myself to eat, but I do have this aching pain when I over drink. I got the hiccups quite a bit today too, it doesn't feel good to have the hiccups.
  6. Oh so the shakes didn't sit well with you ? The first drink I took my stomach rumbled down to the last drink I did 4oz each shake I drank. I made it with a almond/coconut milk with no dairy make sure it doesn't have dairy cause dairy doesn't sit well with us. Yeah mine are red too a little itchy. One opened a little bit butterfly stitch closed it back up. Do u ever feel hungry ??? I never feel hungry but then again it's hard for me to know when I'm full as well.
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    The incisions are doing well, they look to be really drying out right now. They are red and itchy, but I do not touch them, and I removed the bandages yesterday. I ordered a surgical kit to remove the stitches, I'll do that tomorrow night/ day 10. I was able to get one protein shake down yesterday. I'm going to go for 1.5 shakes today. I just know I can do 4 ounces at a time and no more. Overall I'm feeling much better, can't wait for the stitches to be removed.
  8. Omg yes it's very challenging. I was feeling weak too. Get some multi vitamins I got the flinstone complete chewables and I got the chewables with iron also some liquid b12. This made me feel better. I'm starting shakes today too. How's your incision sights doing ????
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    I'm good, weak as hell. I'm starting the protein shakes today, maybe that will help with my exhaustion. How's everything with you?

    This is very challenging, right?
  10. I have them aired out at home and when I come to my office I have them loosly bandaged. I got allergic to my bandages I bought so I have some little cuts where it ripped my skin (OUCH IT BURNS) my incisions seem okay the bigger one seems red, im not sure if it's infected or what but its red. How is yours doing?
  11. I have mine covered I'm gonna see a doctor I know tomorrow and I will ask him and let you know what he says. So how you feeling ???? I've been feeling okay. Some back pain and the gas has subsided.
  12. Hey !!!!! I was wondering the exact same thing. They just said have them removed in 10 days.
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    Hey, did they tell you to keep the stitches bandaged or to let them air out? How are you feeling.
  14. I started mine too and it's been okay. I've been doing a 800 calorie and under per day and so far so good. With the pre op diet I've actually lost 6-7 lbs in a week. I'm quite surprised. It was hard to stick to but I did it. Mind you my kids had a pizza party Saturday and I did only a salad and water. I'm gonna have a protein shake this morning I'll try it with a banana. The day is getting closer.
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    How are you doing Jess? I started my pre op diet, it's not too bad. I added a banana to my protein shake/smoothie. Taste great.
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