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  1. For some reason, I am not eager to tell people what type of surgery I had. I went to church yesterday and a lot of caring people asked me what happened. I told them I had surgery on my stomach. I just didn't want to tell them any details, but I felt I was lying to them.
    Are you on solid foods yet? Are you having "trouble" with indigestion? I was given a script for Nexium, but it does not seem to be working.
    By the way, the only one that did not ask me for details was a retired doctor, go figure.
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    Hi Gigi,
    Congrats on you weight loss and BP!! I do have my "special food" in a container that hubby and the kids know they can't have, make things easier when I don't want to make an other special meal just for me because my food is gone :-).
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    Hi Gigi,
    I hope that in a few months you will need less medications!
    Our first weeks and months after the sleeve are not always easy but it will become better for sure. I already see a huge difference between week 2 and 4! have a good week!
  4. Does taking 8 medications in the morning count as breakfast?
  5. I think I think too much about all the stuff I am experiencing. I saw my family doctor because my BP was getting a little high. Well, maybe not a little and it scared me. While I was there I told him I regretted the surgery because I was feeling crummy at the time. He told me it was the best thing I could have done and it would make his job easier because of the multiple problems I am having right now."

    He said to give my body some time to adjust to the new me and to the transition of a different diet. It takes 6-9 months for some people to adjust. He knows some people that did the sleeve and in the end they are happy, healthy and had no regrets.
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    Hi Gigi, good news if you feel a little better!
    My nutritionist asked me yesterday to be at 60 g of protein...I have a hard time reaching that number!
    Don't sweat the 24 pounds instead of 30...the most important is to lose, in one year the number will be much bigger!!! yeah!!!
    Seems your sweet grandson could become your personal coach/trainer you're so lucky!!!
    Clothes, shoes (and many more things) are so much cheaper in the US!! France is way more expensive on many levels (gas!! crazy!!), our VAT is high, plus it's a small market so I think stores don't get the bulk prices like they do in the US. Also there is only two official sales per year, once in January and the other time in July, the date is decided by the government. There is other small promotions all year, but those sales are the only time a store can sale an item and not make a profit on it....strange right??? But of course, we have high taxes because education is free, so they have to find the money somewhere.....Anyway!!!Can't wait to shop at Trader Joe's for food and Marshalls and Walmart for the rest!! take care
  7. The doctor said I do not feel like eating because she took out part of the stomach that tells me I am hungry. She gave me a prescription for Nexium. That seemed to work yesterday. Do not ask me about today. She told me I should be working toward 70g of protein. I kind of raised my voice and said 70! She asked me to not panic because very few people reach that goal. But she still would like me to try. I am suppose to see her again in a month and also visit with the nutritionist. According to her I have lost just fourteen pounds and come to find out my scale is 6 lbs. different than the doctor's scales...so officially I have lost 24 instead of 30. Not much difference but to me it mattered. She also said she wanted me to start walking with a 2 lb. weight for each arm to strengthen my muscles. One weight for ankles and arms [eight pounds altogether]. When I came home with the weights my grandson struck again...he picked up two weights with one hand and said "These are not heavy at all. "
    As far as the sewing goes, FORGET IT. I haven't sewn in years. My sewing machine was collecting dust so I gave it away several years ago. I do not think it would pay to get another one. The thrift store will be my place to shop. Also one of my favorites is a sweat shirt so it can remain in my wardrobe for little while longer.
    Thanks for caring.
    Curious question that you do not have to answer. Is the price of clothes in France cheaper than in the States?
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    Hi Gigi, I hope your medication will work fast, heartburn are horrible!! it's good news for the clothing, I know it's hard to lose the favorites ...unless you know how to sew, you could resize them! I will try that...got a sewing machine somewhere I will try to use it, I'm planning on doing some resizing for a few pieces, for the rest I will give away to charity and do some shopping! here in Asia, everybody wears size XS, so I will do my shopping in March in the US or in May in France.... Tell us how the appointment goes tomorrow! I actually just came back from the hospital, going to write a blog about it...it will get better!!!take care!!
  9. I was having "one of those days"....things were adding up...1[heartburn from taking meds...kept me up most of the night] 2] I am wearing a breathing mask at night for my sleep apnea...I can not seem to get a full night's sleep before taking the mask off. They said it would take time to get use to it....apparently I am not there yet.3] getting enough liquids and protein was easy when I was on the clear/full liquid diet, now it is rather difficult on the pureed diet. I have trouble wanting to eat because I am full of liquids or I can not seem to eat all my protein enough because my belly is full of liquids ...and yes, I do the 30 minutes before and after eating. Plus I found a lot of food I could eat, my stomach does not tolerate, I feel crummy [nauseated] most of the time. And the commercials on the television do not help at all. It all added up and I was having a no good, horrible, very bad day. Plus I am having trouble with acid build up[?] in my stomach. I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow. Guess who is going to ask the surgeon lots of questions.
    Things are better now. 30 pounds lost, my lower back is free of pain and some of my clothes are too big for me now...except some of those clothes were some of my favorites.
    Like I said, I am better now.
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    Hi, sorry I didn't respond to you right away. I am just 3 days post op. I think your fine, everyone makes mistakes and as long you learn along the way you will be just fine. Hope everything else is going well.
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    Hey Gigi! are you ok? I saw you are in a tunnel?? what's up?? I was sleeved two days before you, it's not easy everyday but we will get there!! take care my friend!
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