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    Hello.. Its been a long time sleeve sis how are you doing? I hope good ..I'm great down to 142lbs I had a tummy tuck in November I'm almost recovered all my swelling should be gone in 2 more months I'm a size 7 to 8 now I miss talking to you your awesome
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    Hello long time you look awesome.
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    Hello Ashley, how are you? didn't hear from you for a long time! I hope you are doing good! take care!
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    Hi Munecagirl! Just checking in to see how you are doing? I have a follow-up visit soon with my surgeon and am hoping that my slow weight loss doesn't disappoint. Funny that I would care what they think. lol
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    Are you OK? I haven't seen you post for a long time. Just checking.
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    Food is seriously a horrible addiction girl. What I LOVE to do is make up normal size batches of food and portion it out into individual plastic baggies or wrap them up individually and freeze them. That way I have a variety of super tasty protein-packed foods. Like I'm a sucker for Chinese food so I pulse up the leftover meat and veggies and mix that with a bunch of eggs and bake that in a muffin pan. 1 tasty egg muffin (like a crustless quiche) makes for a great breakfast or lunch even. I also go onto www.theworldaccordingtoeggface.com and get recipes from her. Like her Ricotta Bake is so good! It's like lasagna without the pasta. And I actually got creative and made my own white version of it. Instead of red spaghetti sauce I used cauliflower (my favorite veggie) and used that as my Alfredo sauce. And chicken, broccoli, and lots of Parmesan and mozzarella cheese of course. I froze individual portions of that too. You just have to think ahead and make some tasty foods for yourself so you feel like you're splurging even when it's pretty darn healthy food. I hope this helps!
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    Yes and you can totally add me on FB. My name is Ashley Laffey. There aren't too many people with my name thankfully. I haven't told a lot of family members that I talk to through FB about my surgery so if you ever want to talk about Sleeve stuff, feel free to Message me on here or FB Messenger
    Oh and I really like your idea about splitting up my workout times! Maybe I could go for a 15 min walk in the morning since all I do this first 10 week term is SIT. I somehow lost 4 pounds thus past month when I weighed myself towards the end of June. I keep having sweet cravings at night (UGH) so I found a recipe online for a easy protein-packed coffee mug cake. I just made a peanut butter one and it has roughly 30 grams of protein and very few carbs. That's how I'm compromising not buying something like a delicious carrot cake when I'm at the store lol.
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    How was your whole experience going to Mexico and your stay and the Surgery? I'm going in Oct and I'm freaked out about the whole thing. Only because its Mexico.
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    Oh yes I personally know someone who only lost 80 pounds (only! Lol) and she's stayed around 220 pounds. That's right where I am - 218 pounds. But I started out at 355 so I still feel beautiful/fabulous.
    I'm in my second week of nursing school so I just don't know where to find the time. Maybe if I get up at 5:30am instead of 6am, I can get up and exercise. By the time I get home between 4 and 5pm I'm just tired (mentally) and have my 2 year old to cook dinner for, bathe, and then homework to do while he watches Baby First TV or a short movie.
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    At this point I believe half of a cup up to 3/4 of a cup is the normal amount I'll have to measure for myself, but I know ouce-wise I'm right at 5 to5,
    .5 oz since my yogurt cups are 5.3 oz and I'm full afterwards Maybe go to the Cheesecake Factory once a month and share a slice with your husband? Do the have kid-size slices? I LOVE their cheesecake too, but haven't been to one in 7 years! Just remember to eat your protein, veggies, and then the carb. I try to eat carbs only once a day if that helps any
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    Oops sorry I haven't been on much lately! I chose to eat unhealthy foods like pie and whatnot. I started becoming much more serious about getting my water and protein in every day. And I've been walking more so I know I'm down a few pounds. I'd love to lose 2 lbs a week, but even that seems hard to do. But I went to my new doctor here in Colorado, had blood work done, and the labs came back with everything looking perfect! I was diabetic for a short time before surgery and I'm not even close to being a prediabetic now! I must be losing inches too, because my size 16 jean shorts need a belt I'm order for them to feel like they're staying completely in place - so cool! How are you doing this past week? Have you been doing better?
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    Love the pics! Your shrinking!! Lol, you look great!
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    I sent you a message days ago.. But i dont see it.. Im so glad your doing so well you look amazing.. Im so proud of you.. I still struggle eating enough protein. I still eat to fast.. But im working on it..im starting to grow a turkey neck.. Lol im ok with that .. Just happy to be healthy..tc
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    Love your photos!! you're doing great congrats!! Your face looks actually so different it's amazing!I read you're going to the Bahamas! have lots of fun!! we went there a few years ago (6?) kids loved it, lovely people and warm weather, what's not to love! also food was good, we had lot's of great fish.
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    Yeah, I want to see you get there so I will know it can be done since that's where I want to go too. Still don't you feel much better than when you started?
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