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  1. I actually lost weight during Thanksgiving. I ate my first piece of pecan pie in 3 years. My daughter made it especially for me with triple pecans. I am still eating 6 small meals a day, I find it easier this way.
  2. I made my goal!!
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    How are you doing? looking great
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    Thank you, I agree!
  5. I've been conflicted.... I was working at my old my old work location, and everyone I worked with years prior to my surgery (were polite and courteous prior to surgery), when they saw me they expressed at how shocked they were at how I looked now. At first, it was good to hear, but after about the 10th time - I was thinking to myself....I really must have been chopped-liver in the past. I am conflicted because deep inside I don't feel that I have lost weight (I still feel overweight), but the outer appearance contradicts me. Sometimes, I stop to remind myself that my health is better for me and that this lifetime change for me is permanent. I am conflicted about starting a new relationship, even though I told the gentleman about the surgery...it is still a very hard decision to make and truthfully....I'm not sure if I am 100% ready for that right now, because I am still not comfortable with my body. If I can't be then how can anyone else. Has anyone else felt this way? I am open to any suggestions.
  6. I did have my gall-bladder removed (years ago). I must say this surgery was easier....because I was able to get out of bed shortly after the surgery. As you know with the gall-bladder surgery - it was a little harder to sit up and try to get out of bed for quite a while.

    Truthfully, the only thing that was "painful" and really not painful, just annoying was the drain ball - just flopping around when you walk the halls....so I tucked it into my panties...made it a little more comfortable when takeing that much needed stroll.

    Nov 4 - I will be 6 weeks post-op and then I can start my regular workouts again....I can't wait to get back into my routines.

    The itching on the stitch area has almost completely stopped, as I am using Cetaphil lotion on the dry skin...and boy does this help!

    You will feel great after your surgery, you will be surprised that you do want to get up and go walk around...I did. I was the only one in my room for those two days....bring a book with you to read or a deck of cards to play....before you know it, you'll be home recovering.

    Looking forward to hearing about your experience, as none are the same. You are in my daily prayers.
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    Had you had any surgery before this? Wondering if it is comparable to gall bladder removal or something else as far as pain and recovery.
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    I really appreciate your clear narrative. My surgery is Sunday and I am very excited. Wish I had a "do not worry button!
  9. So now I am 4 weeks Post-op. I am finally in the soft puree stage of eating and have found that using a hand-blender/puree blender makes quick work of prepared soups that I want to eat. Just remember to puree the heck out of it while cold, and in a tall container to avoid splashing. I fill up my 2-4 ounce bowl and have half of this every 4 hours...It is easier to eat this way...that I have found. I do the same with cream-of-wheat cereal. I even picked up the soups in the can that you can microwave, it makes it easier to eat when I am travelling.

    The healing of the stitches/surgery sites, are itching...distractions work! Just don't give in and scratch them.
  10. The End: I made it home, and crashed for about 6 hours then took off to Wal-Mart for a couple of things - plus to get my walk in......weighed myself...down to 214. I plan to only weigh myself 1x/month, the same day and same time.

    So I hope this helps you! I am so glad I had this procedure done...I wish I would have done it four or five years ago.

    If you want to talk anytime, just let me know.....I wish you all the best on your upcoming surgery and will place you in my daily prayers.

    Dr. Almanza and his team are very knowledgeable and they went out of their way to make sure that I was ok and was well informed of everything that was going on. Simply...just awesome!!
  11. Part VI: He says "Now". I breathe real deep and hold and out comes the tube....talk about a weird sensation...nothing I have ever felt before. I'm glad I did the breaths before, because I would have let it go in the middle of it. So, now the tube is out and it is a long tube....it didn't look that long in the x-ray. they get my stitches all cleaned up and re-bandaged for the night...I take one last walk around the hotel and go jump in bed.....aaahhh!

    My departure day, I was up early again......all ready to go - even though my flight was for 10:55pm. I jumped on the 9:30am van - glad I did. It took over an hour plus to get thru the border (I didn't have a passport, but I did have everything else.....and with traffic building the way it was - the border police opened the van doors and asked who we were, closed the door and off we went.

    The airport, I stayed within 30 seconds of the restrooms! No kidding, the water and loose bm's will have you staking out your place. There is a Chinese restaurant (Saffron) in Terminal 2, that has awesome chicken soup...minus all the good things for around $3 - just tell them broth and they will accommodate you. The warmth from the soup settled my tummy faster than the water that I had been drinking.
  12. Part V: Omar gives my x-ray at the hotel and he drives off.....so I finish my walking and eating ice cubes....then the hotel doctor stops by and we take a look at my new tummy - not a lot there anymore.....but he explains that the leak test was a success and take time to answer my questions. Now it's time for my meds.....gotta take a small nap...then go take another walk around....that’s my day....then I get a call from the hotel nurse that the next shift of nurses will be coming to see me. Ok......so I wait for them to arrive.

    The nurses arrive, two young men to take out my drain ball - YIPEE!!! So we talk for a little bit, and then we get down to it. They told that when it was time that I need to take a very deep breath and hold it for about 3 seconds....I know, it doesn't seem that long - until they start to remove the drain tubing. The nurse says "breathe deep and hold, it’s going to feel weird, but it will be over in 2 seconds". I get ready with a couple of practice deep breaths....he laughs and says "You done this before?"...."Nope, got two kids!" I almost said...here's your sign, but refrained.
  13. Part IV: Ok, so now I'm in my room.....nurse has come by to give me more meds in my IV drip port....I decide to take a walk , on the 2nd floor is a terrace - nice and plenty of room to walk around. Dinner is still full fluids as in the hospital....don't deviate. Ice chips are better from the hotel restaurant, not the big one in the machines by the elevators. They have really good popsicles, seriously! No chicken soup yet. I find that yeah, now I can sleep laying down, feels great.....got a good night sleep....the next day - time for the leak test and x-ray of my new tummy....jump in the van with Omar and off we go....we go to a different center for x-rays only......the tech calls you in and mixes this concoction for you, but don't drink yet - not until she tells you to. You stand next to the machine, belly against the machine and then she says "drink" and you have to drink it all at once. Yeah, right...I know.....you go back to the waiting are and in just a few minutes your x-ray is ready and you are out the door.
  14. Part III: All I remember at this point is the anesthesiologist telling me to breathe deep and...........snooze!
    I awoke in the surgery recovery area with my pre-op nurse asking how I feel. Actually pretty darn good.

    They get me back to my recovery downstairs, and get me all settled in my new home for the next 24 hours....I found that I was unable to lay down completely on my back, due to the gas pressure...so I took a gas-x, it helped for the most part, but I ended up sleeping sitting up and walking about every half hour - that gas pressure hurts a little....ok alot - but manageable. The rooms have this big, plush leather chair - can you guess where I slept the night thru?

    The nurses and doctors are very correct, the more you walk the easier it gets. I would walk from my room to the baby section - just back and forth.....just try to keep your drain ball (yeah literally) from just hanging and flapping around - it gets uncomfortable after a while.

    Upon my release to go back to the hotel, you can tell who had surgery - by the bandage on their hand and the protecting the stomach area and walking around......one couple I met walked out the hotel to the right and went to the movies every day and watched movies for $2. Just go in a group, especially at night coming back from the Cineplex.
  15. Part II: The nurses at the hotel were just as amazing - they answered every question that I had and those I wasn't sure how to ask. I was settled in for the evening, got up early and make sure you grab a nice long shower, as this will be your last shower for a couple of days. After a restful sleep at the Hotel Real Del Rio - just a short jaunt from the hospital. Brought my luggage downstairs, checked out and jumped in the van with Omar (awesome driver).

    We arrived at the hospital, and escorted to the waiting room, very pleasant - I was the first surgery of the morning, so I completed the blood work and stress test - all good to go........I was heading back to the waiting room and my nurse just smiled and said..."Are you ready?"...I'm like heck yeah! So we jump in the elevator and take a ride upstairs....don't worry the gown they give you covers you plenty....no flair ups in the back. Had my pre-op surgery meeting with Dr. Almanza, he went over the procedure and explained that he too had his surgery a couple of years ago and looks freaking amazing.
    So I meet my pre-op surgery nurse and gets me ready with everything, and here comes Dr. Almanza in surgical gear, asking "Are we ready?"....all I can do is smile......yep!
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