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2 months post op.

by kerrikoplin on 06-18-2015 at 01:35 PM
Well its been exactly 2 months today
This operation has changed my life for the better. I've lost 36 lbs without any exercising
I can only take in 300-500 calories a day. The majority of the calories come from my protein shakes.
I can only eat 2 bites of chicken etc. and I am full. No complaints but I would like to enjoy my foods more. That's one reason why I haven't been exercising. I need to conserve all my calories.

5 weeks post op

by kerrikoplin on 05-28-2015 at 12:35 PM
I am happy to report I am down 24 lbs. I am really happy with my progress. I also want to thank everyone who helped me with my acid reflux. I started a acid reducer last night and this morning at breakfast, there was no issues with the pain or discomfort.
I know in time I wont be losing almost 5 lbs a week, but my goal is to keep striving for the 199 mark by Dec.
Best of luck to everyone on their journey to health and happiness.

weight is coming off!

by kerrikoplin on 05-23-2015 at 06:39 AM
I'm over 4 weeks out and down 22 lbs. This last week I've been losing about a 1 lbs.a day.
I am watching my carbs (staying under 20 grams) One thing I have found for me is when I do low carbs it gives me energy plus the hunger is gone. My calorie intake is less than 500 a day. I barely can finish a chicken strip. I love my sleeve!

Before and After Photos

Picture BEFORE 279.00 lbs. - before
Picture AFTER after - 209.00 lbs.

Member: kerrikoplin

Surgery date: 04/23/2015

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