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    Did you follow food guidelines. Just finishing PO day 6. Ugh. Please tell me it gets better. What did you eat? Anything!!? I have been doing water, juice, jello, popcycles. How long until you tried something substantial like soup? What happens when you start eating anything again?
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    I got very sick from anesthesia. Vomiting every hour on the hour for about 25 hours, now it has slowed down some. Not impressed with the facilities. Could be cleaner IMO. Doctor A was efficient. Have slept 3-4 hours. Limited pain. Drinking. Leak test tomorrow. Feeling good about it. Can't wait to get drain out. Nurse Alex A+. Xo
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    How are you doing Nancy?
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    You look great. I love you picture with your hair hanging done. I am glad you are doing fine.
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    Haven't heard much from you since your surgery. Are you feeling alright? Were you happy using Almanza? I am getting a little anxious myself. My SDate is 4May- I sure hope everything is good for you... You have been in my thoughts. Xo
  6. So happy for your special day! hope all is going well!! I have my surgery next Thursday! Cant wait to be on the sleeved slide with you!!
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    Hi Nancy! Today is the day!! Sending prayers of a speedy recovery Keep us posted!
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    I leave at 1045 and I'm in room 310
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    Hi Nancy! I'm at the airport. How is the hotel? And how will I find you later?
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    Nancy, I'll see you in SD. Feeling a bit nervous I must admit. I don't get in until 5:45, so probably won't see you until later. Here we go!!!
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    Hi Nancy. I'm a bit of an idiot poster to this site. I responded to your last message but it posted to my page versus yours. Duh! Lol. Congrats on the 14lbs that's awesome! What time do you get in to San Diego?
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    Hi! I get in at 9:05 am on Thursday. Not sure if they will wait for me I most likely will be on the noon shuttle.
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    I just missed the 3pm shuttle. My flight gets in at 340 �� so I will be on the 7pm shuttle
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    Hi! I am really considering going to Dr. Almanza for surgery, but I am a bit skeptical being that this all seems to good to be true! $4500 in Mexico vs $16,000 in the sates, I just don't know :/ Do you mind if I follow your story? I would love to see your results!
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    Hey, still have not had surgery yet due to insurance dragging their feet. I had a slight stall due to sleep study and Endoscopy but things are finally rolling again. My sleep study is tonight so hopefully things progress and I finally get my sleeve!
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About Nancy23

Basic Information

About Nancy23
Sleeved or not sleeved:
I have had a gastric sleeve.
Vivacious and young at heart. Can't wait to have the outside in sync with my inside. Divorced mother with two grown sons. I have many interest and hobbies. My favorite thing is to be walking or biking at the lakes in Minneapolis -we have the best trails.

Height 5'9 1/2

Post ops NSVs I hope to hit:
1 wear size 10 (currently 16/18)
2 shrink sausage fingers (ring size 9)
3 collarbone - need I say more
4 paddle board with bikini top and board shorts
5 rock over the calf boots (struggle to find extra wide calf tall boots now but loving wearing boots)
6 keep my ass -again not much explanation needed
7 wear cute shorts and tanks for summer (I don't wear shorts in public)
8 sport a cute swimsuit with confidence

Scale goals:
1 weigh 225 at surgery (today 247)
2 hit onderland by June 1 2015
3 reach 175 by July 17th 3mos post op
4 reach 165 by September 15th
5 wear newly purchased Superman shirt by Oct 15

March 2015: HW 257
April 2015: Pre-op diet (my own): -14
April 14 2015: Official prescribed pre-op starting weight: ?
April 17, 2015: SW ?
Minneapolis, MN
Love watching sports especially football, enjoying outdoors whether it's beach time or snowshoeing
Management, Client services
Gastric Sleeve Surgeon:
Dr Almanza
Surgery date:


HW 256 March 2015
Pre-Op Diet -16
SW 240 April 17 2015
1st Wk Post op -7 (233)
2nd Wk Post op -6 (227)
3rd Wk Post op -2 (225)



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Can't stomach cold water

by Nancy23 on 04-22-2015 at 12:02 PM
I'm Day 5 post op and can't drink cold water. It's painful when it hits the stomach. I know how important water is to our very being in addition to the weightloss so I drink hot water. It is so soothing and I'm still getting in plain water. If you're having trouble you may want to try it.

Out of Surgery

by Nancy23 on 04-17-2015 at 08:27 PM
I am sleeved. Feeling great lil sore in top of belly area but no gas pain. Been using gas X since I woke up. Walking a little bit but plan to do much much more. I will write detailed account tomorrow. Thanks for your support.

Day before Surgery

by Nancy23 on 04-16-2015 at 10:52 PM
Having had a terrible travel day filled with three flights that ran late and had me running doesn't come close to ruining my day. When I jumped in the shuttle to head to the hospital -an hour drive due to rush hour our group of 5 were quickly talking and creating memories.

All tests went well - blood and EKG and surgery is at 10am tomorrow. We dined on chicken broth in the restaurant and three of us took a stroll to the grocery store after dinner.

Now it's been a long

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Two sleeps still surgery

by Nancy23 on 04-15-2015 at 07:04 PM
My day has arrived. I am packing for my early 6am flight out of beautiful MN tomorrow followed by.....drumroll please......MY SURGERY ON FRIDAY. The waiting is over and I am ready.

Can't wait to meet my surgery day buddies. See you there

Self-imposed pre-op diet

by Nancy23 on 04-01-2015 at 11:40 AM
I have a three day pre-op diet as prescribed by Dr Almanza but I wanted to start early and get all withdrawals over with. And so it began...i am in day 3 of 18 days and it hasn't been bad except for a few headaches and sluggishness at end of day one. Now I have more energy and I am not hungry Except at meal times.

Here is my breakdown, I am having a shakeology shake with water for breakfast, then cup of coffee with splenda, lunch is GNC Lean Shake, sf jello for snack and another

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Before and After Photos

Nancy23 has not uploaded their before and after pictures yet. Please check back soon or send them a PM and ask them to upload them.