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  1. Hi again everyone!

    To view my before and after pictures, please look under "albums"

    Best of luck to all..
  2. Hi all,

    Hope this message finds everyone in good health and a positive attitude. I am back in school getting my doctorate and haven't had much time to visit here as I would like.I have been wanting to share how happy I am with the new me. I still have to remind myself I am no longer obese and self conscious of my weight.

    Today, I managed to upload a few photos of my progress to share with you my Sleeve friends and family who have been, and continue to be a great source of inspiration and support throughout this journey.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who were sleeved before me, those whose pictures and honest representations of their fears, failures, and successes made me realize that I too, could achieve success in my weight loss journey.

    For those of you who have not yet been sleeved, I encourage you to take matters into your own hands and save your health (if not your life); and for those who are where I am, I say let's keep up the good work and continue to stick with the plan while enjoying our renewed self esteem and sexuality, lol!

    And again, for those who were selfless and bold enough to post their pictures to encourage others such as myself, I will be forever grateful!

    Many blessings!

  3. You'll be fine darling. I, like others before me, are proud of you for taking the initiative, and have no doubt you'll be happy with the new you!
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    I just had my surgery on December 14th. I am down between 26 and 30 pounds. I am excited about that. I am more excited to see that you went from a size 20 or 22 to an 8 and your friend went from a 24 to a size 10. That is very motivating for me. Thanks for sharing and hopefully we'll see a new me on my profile in the next couple of months.
  5. Hello all! Happy New Year, and many blessings for this wonderful journey.

    The sleeve was, and still is the best gift I ever gave myself! I am a new person, with renewed self esteem, strength and endurance. I work out at least 3 days a week and eat and live simply! Food no longer takes priority in my life - I am happy to say.

    All my friends are already planning their own surgery because of the changes they see in me. One already went to TJ and is down from a size 22 to size 10! I went from a size 20/18 to an 8 already!!!

    For those of you who are still contemplating this, please go ahead and do it. You will never regret it!

    May God's love and protection accompany you through it all.

    I will be posting pictures soon..

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    Thank you so much!
  7. I am happy for you Anna. I often find myself wondering how come I never thought of this before, or heard about the sleeve much before now? Sometimes, the only time I get reminded that I had the procedure is when I swallow too fast. Back at work in the break room, I look on as others gobble down huge amounts of food and remember when I used to do same. Now I have more respect for food as a means of sustainance and nourishment when taken in the proper amounts...like evrything else!

    I am totally happy with my 20 lbs lost, and can't wait to get down to my goal however long that takes. I have been going to the gym now at least three times week adding resistance training to keep firm. My only problem is reflux; which I will gladly trade for the weight!

    Is Patrick the guy who had a complication? I am glad he is coming along fine.

    Write back soon...how is your hubby taking your weight loss?

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    I am so glad you are doing well. I have had no problems or issues at all. After I got home the gas stopped and I have been just fine. I am so glad that I had the surgery as well and would not change it either. I am eating everything as well and water is getting better. I have lost 83 lbs already. I cant believe it at all. It is truly like a dream. Yes my daughter is so happy. at church yesterday I had a friend say you are just disappearing and my daughter said yep she sure is.
    Yes I agree we need to keep in touch. I talked to Patrick and he is doing well. He still has a lot of pain and have a hard time with water but I think that is a common thing with everyone.

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    Hello Judith I hope you are doing well. Its Anna we had our surgeries the same day. Not sure if you remember me. Are you having a hard time eating and drinking? I have such a hard time drinking water. It seems as if the first 4 glasses are ok and after that I just cant seem to be able to drink.
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    Hi Miss Judith!
    I hope you are doing well! I'm doing GREAT!! I'm finding different foods I can eat or should I say taste lol. A few small bites and I'm done. It does get better everyday. At first I was really wondering if I did the right thing. I know now I did. keep me posted on your success.
  11. Hello all: cdub, flakage69, Mezza1960; nice to meet y'all, and thanks for the words of encouragement Mary!

    My surgery went quite well with Dr. Almanza in Mexico. I am still struggling with a little gas every now and then but are already taking soft solids such as poached and scrambled eggs, fish soups, and protein shakes. I am only able to eat a few bites at a time but I am doing well overall. So far, I have lost 15 pounds and feeling great!

    Flakage69, like you, some days (right after surgery) had been quite difficult as I had reflux really bad, but that is also getting better.

    mary, thanks again for your wisdom but even having an additional procedure (hernia repair) I have only had to take Tylenol once since I returned, and that was when I first walked about 2 miles with my dogs! I feel blessed and are grateful that I have no complications.

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    Hello Atlanta Sleevers, I live in Georgia, near Savannah, but glad to join the group.
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    Thank you so much. I try to post how I am actually feeling instead of only the good. I wish more people did, so I would have fully known what to expect. It's been an over all good experience, but there have been a few minor struggles along the way.
  14. LadyJu,

    good luck just go with the flow...ensure you have enough pain relief post op..listen to your body.
    believe in yourself.
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