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    Thank you for visiting my page I do feel amazing, the surgery was the best thing I've done for myself. Good luck on your upcoming surgery too. Thank you for the compliment too
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    Thank you!
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    Yes thank you it's a wonderful feeling and I know I have more to go but enjoying every moment and new discoveries.
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    Oh your more then welcome... feel free if you have more questions but honestly you should be realxing before stressing your self so much for nothing. Put it like this i wake up every day thinking... did i really get the gastric sleeve? Cause everything was done so fast... i still cant belive it!!! Everything will be just fine u got this lol
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    No i didnt have to do anything but show up in the appointments and Dr.Nahmias office did the rest. Relax... he only makes you do only whats require to have your insurance cove. If your insurance doesnt need it you dont have to do it. Your in good hands my friend
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    1)6 + 6 if im not mistaking... 6 nutritionist and the other 6 for loke the sleep apnea the heart psychiatric Dr. Tiger make u go about 3 times beforehe clears you

    2)I had 3 appointments witch 2 of them was with him not his assistant.. he is very nice the day he did my operation he said ok lets get started my wife is in the hospital and is gonna have our baby lol i waned to cancel cause didnt want him to rush the surgery and do something wrong but he was like no really its ok and so i went on lol didnt see him after cause i was still asleep but seen him the next day

    3)Yes they did give me a diet witch by the way Robin is so freaking cool.. as long as you lose about 10lb before surgery its totally ok cause u tried but must have lost aome type of weight

    4)*Yes he does expect you to lose specially in the preop diet but its only for your own good. Not to lose but to shrink your liver the most you can to make it easy for him and yourself. He knew i fkd up in my preop diet but i explain to him that i ended up in the hospital cause i got sick and they gave me steroids for 10 days that i had to tale no exceptions

    5)I started the liquid diet the day after Thanksgiving was it the 27th? And got operated the 4th he normaly recommend a 2 week diet but they called me last minute and i had to wait to get payed to buy the drinks
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    Hi Annade, just out of curiosity did you send me a private message? I for some reason can't get back to the message i dont know how to. Please email me again oh and yes please don't overwhelm me with questions... its hard to take lots of questions in and answer back.. please ask 5 at a time so i wont get lost and i promise to answer all. Thank you very much... ps.. u chose the best Dr for your sleeve
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Wow! What a crazy day!

by Annade on 12-16-2014 at 08:36 PM
This morning I left my house at 6:30 am to make it to a 8 am psych evaluation and a 9:15 am breathing test. The medical center I go to is about an hour and 15 minutes away. Wouldn't you know it, I get pulled over for speeding and there is some glitch that my car shows up in the system with no registration and no insurance? The police officer was nice, but told me that in Connecticut it is a misdemeanor and that he could arrest me! Wow! I was so stressed. I started texting my husband. The officer

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Pulmonary appt. & Not cleared :(

by Annade on 12-12-2014 at 09:51 PM
Today I went to the Dr. Tieger, the pulmonologist, to get cleared for surgery. He didn't like the results of my oxygen levels from the sleep study and he says that I will have to go through some more steps and a complete a treatment plan before he will clear me for surgery. I am glad that this issue was uncovered before surgery. However, it's upsetting to have a set back ,and then more work to go through in order to get approved. Yet, I know it is in my best interest health and safety-wise. Dr.

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