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    HAPPY NEW YEAR....just checking in to see how you doing? I'm on and off here but thought about you today. I'm doing ok, lost about 95lbs and that's enough for me. Although I still make bad choices, can't eat as much food still. Still having acid reflux problems so much so they are talking about going back in and doing the full bypass-yikes!! Don't think I'll do that as it would be way too much, may have to just live with it. Other than that need to start toning but haven't do anything yet. Arms are flabby, thighs are flabby and butt bone hurts as all the coushion is gone now(lol). Any who, just wanted to say hey to you and check on your progress. Hit me back would love to hear from you. Very best to you
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    Congrats on your progress. How are you coming along. At 2.5 years out, I'm finding the hardest part is maintaining but I continue to work hard. I can now eat more at least a small saucer of food. I have to strive to make good choices. I've worked too hard to get to this point. Just sending you words of encouragement. I tell myself that eating the junk food does not make me nearly as happy as being healthy feels.

    Good luck on your journey im sure you have worked real hard too. Best of luck on your success
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    Hi Mr Kreative. I see you have the sleeve and how are you doing. I have been revised from the Lap Band to the sleeve. I lost a lot of weight on the band but starting have problems with the band and gained it all back. So my insurance pre approved me for the sleeve. I see in one of your comments about the shakes I too thought it was just me. I was sleeved on the 10 of this month 2 weeks tomorrow and I want to gag. I do not think I can do another shake. Just do not think I can do it lol. Right now I just want food mushy pureed or anything right about now. Let me know how your are doing with your sleeve and your WL.
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    Hey there!! How you doing bet you're so small these days? I know I am but struggling with acid reflux but other than that love myself for the first time in awhile. Decided to get back on line the other day to see what was happening, tell me something good
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    No the question is how are you doing? You should be down about 40 or more lbs???? Do tell sir, I'm excited for you. As for me, its about the same still have that nausea feeling and asked the doctor to give me medication for it. I'm also drinking more Ginger tea and eating this morning sickness candy for pregnant woman(ginger) but I have to do what will help at this point. Not eating much of anything cause of this, today all I've had is a few bites of a bananna and a few sips of water. I'm scared that I'm messing up big time but what do I do. This is the reason I've dropped off line cause I didn't want to seem so negative. Thank you for thinking about me, hit me back going to check to see your status!!
  6. Hi my same thoughts. It gets better as times goes by. I took myself to solid foods a week early. I got to where protein shakes made me sick. I'm now doing 1 or 2 protein bars. I just came out of a 2 week stall. In the end you will love the results.
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    Hey Buddy-Its been slow moving for me I hate this, and what I've done...I'm sooo very hungry but I'm active. I'm walking around the neighborhood, and cleaning the house getting ready for summer. Family members say that I'm doing way too much. The hardest part is getting in water, protein drink, and watching my family selfishly eat good food in front of me! As I type to you now my stomach is growling and I'm not sure how to control. The doctor finally allowed me to move to cream based soups which I did last night and that held my over all night. I drank about 2- 1/2oz sizes cause I'm not sure what I'm suppose to drink and I don't want to over due. How are you doing? How much you down now? How are you surviving. Thanks for checking on me, you're the best.
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    Thanks for your response friend, you have been so supportive. Going to try and relax today and not think bad thoughts. Hope you are well, I'll check in on Wednesday. Heard you stay in hospital for two days.

    LOL just seeing the other post not beef Jerky!! Well good for you what ever worked. I finally gave in to and had three cracker two days straight, yes only three and I couldn't believe I was full. Last night drink the wonton soup from Chinese carry out but couldn't finish that either. Just drank the broth, the dog ate the noodle piece. When you say stalled how much have you lost thus far, and I think I remember them saying that you do stall then it drops like water but you have to keep going? So that's my advice to you friend, don't stop keep drinking water, keep exercising and push through for that break through. Its right around the corner Talk to you Wednesday.
  9. Hey I'm doing great. I'm at a stall. My pre-op was not bad. A 800 calorie diet. I ate beef jerky to get me through. It killed my cravings. I never considered by pass to many issues. I wish you well.
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    Hey there, how you doing? Losing it over here! How in the world did you make it thru this pre-op(YIKES). Last night I dreamed that crackers was chasing me. I get move headaches than anything but I'm push thru. Surgery is Monday, went to this support group thru my doctor's office. Three of the ladies there tried to talk me into the bypass, did you ever consider that?
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    I'm so happy for you That is my ultimate goal, be off those darn blood pressure meds, acid reflux meds, and hopefully get my gout under control. I love you answer to folks, and will be using that as well. We to see Earthquake last weekend and I want to say he kept saying Healthy is Wealthy! I'm google it but that something I said to myself that I could say. Meet with surgeon yesterday and the anesethologist in speaking with them both I'm feeling much better. They have reassured me that they will watch my oxygen levels to make sure if and when it drops they will have oxygen waiting for me. That's cool Have a great weekend, suppose to be 60 here tomorrow in the DC area.
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    Hey Sir-I checked on you awhile back but didn't get a response so didn't want to bother you. How you doing? You may have seen that I was approved so going thru a lot of emotions. Do I tell my job? Do I tell my friends? What do I say when they see the weight loss? Will I wake up? I mean I'm driving myself crazy and that makes me eat more. I go see doctor tomorrow for final visit and they also want me to see the anasethologist since for some reason during the last two minor surgeries my oxygen levels drop? Go figure. Anywho hope you're coming along, any a dice or do's/don't's?? Big smiles to you friend
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    Just checking on you...how you doing? Got the approval from insurance today, going shout from roof I'm so excited but scared you know. Anyways, its about you dear friend, hope you're coming along well.
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    Sending Happy recovery your way!! Hang in there. sip sip sip and walk to rid the gas...lol Believe me, it helps!!!
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    How are you feeling today?
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