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    Hey Jonsey! Glad to see your back too! How are you doing?
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    I saw you had to have surgery after reflux. What kind of surgery was it?

    I've been having issues too and the surgeon discussed Bypass or a "new" surgery (would fix the hernia but not sure it would be that efficient with reflux).
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    WOW!!! you look wonderful.... I remember your wonderful compliment to me.....
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    danggggg girl looking good keep up the good work
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    It would be nice to live closer ;-)
    Jelly thighs!!! Noooo!!!! That's all I'm gonna see when I get unsressed, thanks a lot!! Lol. I hate the skin but it's not going anywhere unless I win lotto.....which would be nice
    Ever see the new show called 'fit to fat to fit' on (I think) A&E or tlc. It's crazy! Trainers gain all this weight in 4 months to see how hard it is to loose it. The trainers start out saying crap like "obesity is a choice, obese people are lazy" and blah blah blah. Then when they have to work to loose the weight they see how hard it is.
    The things these people do in the gym.....I'd probably die. I might be thin but I'm so out of shape. Like you, I don't want to exercise cuz I don't want to loose calories.
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    Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.
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    I still plan my daily menus and track my food. I know what my protein and calorie limits and just plan my meals / snacks that day to try to hit those. Sometimes I've over, sometimes I'm under. But my averages really are pretty dead on -- over a week's time. I also keep good food in the house. I also weigh every morning and watch that closely. Try to follow all my eating and drinking rules, too. Bottom line, I guess, is I'm a big planner. I don't do many days "on the fly." And I've been doing this for nearly a year and a half now. That means I've had a chance to build a lot of new habits. (Fingers crossed this all continues.)
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    !!! I guess you got that pic uploaded!!!
    You look Amazing!!!! I love the dress!!
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    I need pillows everywhere. And coats. I'm freezing.
    You know men say stupid things, right? So I was laying in bed and my dog was next to me. She is a pug puppy, she will be a year old next month. So we were talking about how she is filling out. I said "she's got more of a chest and butt then I do"
    He's dumb-ass agreed AND said "yeah, Bella is my new girlfriend"
    Obviously it was a joke, Bella is a dog. But ughhhh!
    You lost a ton of weight and quick!!! Awesome! Are you still loosing or are you staying the same?
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    Wow, Jonsey! You look fabulous! Such great work you've done.
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    Jonsey!!! 95lbs!!! Wow!! So does that mean your at 135?!?!?! Your ticker says 155 which is amazing too!!
    I'm down 128 pounds, I'm at 128lbs.....I feel like I'm all skin and bones. My boobs are deflated.
    It sad. I want to gain about 15lbs. I'm in a size 2, and it's a comfortable fit. If I had the money I would be getting some work done on this body. I wouldn't change anything tho. I'd rather be skinny in a size 2 then big in a 22.
    Sugar.....I don't do sugar free. For one thing, I need the calories. I HATE sugar free. It's gross. If I'm craving a little chocolate then I'll have a piece, literally a piece. Before surgery I would eat a bag of mini eggs or Hershey kisses.
    I want to see your before and after picture!!!!
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    Hi Jonsey 14,

    I was reading about your reflux, I used to have a problem with that until I used "Proven Old Amish Formula" Stops Acid reflux in about a minute. It tastes like a small capful of vinegar but it works and that is all that mattered to me. I'm almost one year out and I still have the bottle I started out with. It cost about 10 or 11 dollars but it works. Reflux is terrible and a miserable condition to live with. Best wishes with ending your misery and living and enjoying your sleeve.
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    Congrats on your progress. How are you coming along. At 2.5 years out, I'm finding the hardest part is maintaining but I continue to work hard. I can now eat more at least a small saucer of food. I have to strive to make good choices. I've worked too hard to get to this point. Just sending you words of encouragement. I tell myself that eating the junk food does not make me nearly as happy as being healthy feels.

    Good luck on your journey im sure you have worked real hard too. Best of luck on your success
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    I believe I'm doing well. I'm 16 pounds from my goal weight of 145. I'm still trying to learn to like exercise but I don't really like it. I do walk daily before and after work or until my pedometer says I'm at 10,000 steps. I've had some problems with heartburn and can't find any relationship with what I'm eating to be the cause. I generally start my day with a protein drink. I finally found two that I like. Premier protein drinks ready to drink, Walmart carries them and Nectar protein mix. I'm still weighing and measuring everything I eat. Somedays I feel like I eat such a little amount of food it can't be healthy but the dietitian said to stick with 800 calories per day until I got to goal weight. I'll be glad when I get there but I'm also afraid of getting there. The dietitian has committed to working with me as much as needed to help me maintain my weight loss. I will admit the things I used to love I don't really think about them any more. If I eat something fried it upsets my stomach or if I eat something heavy like pasta it feels like I've eaten a brick. My meals usually consist of some type of baked chicken or turkey meatloaf with a small salad or steamed veggies. I would have never thought my favorite meals would be healthy. Is Hplora a stomach infection? It seems like I had a friend who had traveled abroad that found she had it after she returned home. I just remember her being on antibiotics for a long time. I hope you get to feeling better soon.
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    Hello Jonsey14 - how are you doing and how is your weight loss journey going?
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Pushing thru for Change--BUT

by jonsey14 on 04-17-2015 at 09:29 AM
Good Day, I'm now 11 days post op and can I say... I hate this! This has been the hardest thing to do, starting with the liquid diet pre-op up toll now. It has been very challenging around my family not being ably to eat but watching them eat constantly. Almost as if they have been eating more just because I can't eat!

Yesterday, I decided enough! I'm going to eat something, so I started looking thru notes to see what I could eat. I got some mash potatoes, blank beans, a roasted

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April 6th Sleevers-

by jonsey14 on 04-03-2015 at 06:14 PM
Hello all-wanted to wish my fellow surgery day sleevers(April 6th) the very best to you all. Monday will be here before you know it,so I'm sending my well wishes today while I'm in a good mood. Not sure what mood I'll be in come Sunday, my thought is the weekend will be very hard to get through verses going to work, Being at work allows you to forget about being hungry or those withdrawal headaches! Geez....anyways I degrees, Thumbs up to those who went thru the pre-op diet with little or no

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by jonsey14 on 03-03-2015 at 07:59 PM
So got the call today(big grin on face)! I'm approved for surgery and choose the date of April 6th. That will give me time to get myself together mentally and physically. I don't even know where to start, the best news I've had in awhile.

At the same time got another call from insurance company denying me for life insurance because of my weight, REALLY! How crazy, but guess what I'll never have to deal with this problem ever again after April. HOORAY! YAY!

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The Waiting Game....has begun

by jonsey14 on 02-17-2015 at 06:15 PM
Well, had my last test done yesterday; chest X-ray, blood work and meet with nutrisionist. My doctor's office will be submitting my paperwork for approval hopefully they did it yesterday I'm so excited but nervous at the same token, I've asked for a surgery date of April 6th. My original date was February but then lost my job/insurance and had to wait. So keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm ready to join all the cool sleevers on the other side YAAY ME! Fingers crossed

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Picture BEFORE 230.00 lbs. - before
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