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    So sorry to hear that you have not been well and in hospital. Double pneumonia that is extremely nasty. You must be susceptible to pneumonia as didn't you have it in Jan/Feb and you had to cancel your surgery on Feb 3. I am hoping that once you are well that you will change your mind and not regret this decision. I wish you a speedy recovery and please let me know how you are doing.
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    Hello....just wondering how you doing since being sleeved? Hope all is well.
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    Hi! Saw your post about eating once a day and surgery with Almanza. I can't give you any info on Almanza, but I have read a few people's experience's with him. Type his name I'm the search bar. Do as much research as you can.
    Try to break your one meal into 3. You will be on a liquid diet so it's like starting over. After the liquid gradually introduce food. I have 3 meals a day, shakes in between. Trying to get 80g of protien and 64oz of water is still hard for me at 7 weeks. good luck with everything!
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    Good Morning, I am doing very well. I won't lie but the first week at home was a little rough for me.....bad gas resulting in bad gas pains. I did have difficulty with even water. I took two weeks away from work and that was good for me. I was exhausted and simply couldn't get enough sleep. I am now entering my 4 th week but am experiencing the dreaded 3 1/2 week stall. I am not worrying about it as it is the transition back to "real" food. March 3 is fast approaching.....I think the feeling of being scared will soon be changing from scared to anxious and excitement. Please let me know how you make out. Good luck. Any questions just let me know.
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    Hello, surgery went well. One thing I will tell you...remember you are in Mexico. The hospital is clean but it is nit what we are used to in Canada or the U.S. Scared is normal. I think that will change to excitement. They do look after you. Any other questions just ask. Good luck.
  6. Does this dr have alot of surgeries per day? And his was the hotel and nurses? I don't mean to bug you but I'm curious and wanted to ask someone that wasn't there two years ago lol.
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    I never had a bad experience. My surgery went very well just make sure u bring gas x strip and dumb as they sound they work I got bad gas pains right after surgery and I took them and felt way better. If u have any questions at all I am here to answer them. I asked tons of questions before surgery and they helped huge
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    Glad you are doing better. Get those lungs stronger =). I will let you know how my surgery goes. Sending healing thoughts your way.
  9. Sure hope that your recovery is quick. So hard to breath and to feel well. Recover and I will let you know how mine goes!
  10. I just for out of hospital again. 2 of my lobes in my lungs collapsed from the pneumonia and I want responding to the antibiotic. Anyways I'm it now. Had to reschedule my surgery till February so my lungs can get stronger. I am doing the self pay because my insurance wont cover the surgery. It shocks but I don't have all the hoops to jump through either which is ok with me . My surgery is February 6.
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    Yes, my husband is coming with me. We live in Oregon. Pneumonia is awful, hopefully you get better quick! It is so hard to wait, knowing how awesome the results will be.
  12. Good luck on your diet. Has to reschedule my surgery till next month. Last nd know how you doing
  13. Hope you are feeling better and can yet have surgery this year. I had my EGD today so all is good and next week I start the 3 week liver and fatty belly diet pre op ....so here it goes!!
  14. I actually have to reschedule my surgery. I have pneumonia. What a *****
  15. Will be happy to compare what we are going thru. I have my first nutrition class Friday then I have an EGD on Wed that following week. Then I understand a 2 week diet before surgery. What is your Drs plan for you?
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almost 8 months out

by beachbumsoon2b on 10-15-2015 at 06:43 AM
Hi everyone. Been awile for me to post. My question is for the post sleeves. I'm 20 lbs from goal. I've been bouncing the last pound for a month now and my hair has almost gone. Ready to buy a wig. ..but anyhow, what can I do to get this Last 20 lbs off? I've exercised more and less, more food and less food, more liquids less liquids, you name it. ..sw 214 now is 141. I hope its not done. I need to get the last 20 lbs off....please help. Ty

acid build up

by beachbumsoon2b on 04-19-2015 at 09:05 AM
Can acid build up cause nausea?

help post sleevers

by beachbumsoon2b on 04-18-2015 at 03:35 PM
Hello, I'm in dire need of some answers. I sometimes feel like I'm hungry, eat a little, then full, then nauseous, I'm nauteous a lot, and I go to bathroom several times a day. Number 2, and just barely formed. Ben like that since surgery. Also, can't do protein shake. Get my protein from food I eat. I'm 7 weeks out. I do take my vitamins, any info would be helpful. Thank you all.


by beachbumsoon2b on 04-06-2015 at 10:28 PM
I'm back in hosp. Nothing will stay down. Not even water. Does anyone links what the symptoms of a constricture and a leak is?


by beachbumsoon2b on 03-21-2015 at 08:18 AM
I'm 3 weeks post op and no where near where I should b. Still on liquid diet. My stomach cramps and i have diarrhea, sorry for the tmi. Cant eat but couple bites at a time. Any suggestions?

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