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    You look amazing!
  2. How are you doing? I am down almost 50 lbs and feel so much better about myself. I still have a good ways to go yet. Would like to lose al least another 50 I know the weight has slowed but still loosing . Let me know how you are. Plus have you found your go to food yet? I have egg beaters every morning as my protein start I usually add mushrooms then use the southwestern beaters. pretty good for me
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    We had the same beginning week and have lost about the same amount by the end of the second month. I have flexible goals and I only weigh myself once a week because my doctor had me obsessing over my day of surgery weight. YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!!
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    You are right. I went to my nutritionist and I have not been getting enough protein. So its back to the band wagon
  5. Most days I have no pain however yesterday was not one of those days. I did go to the gym though so maybe I just over did it. My surgeon won't release me to go back to work until 12/1. I'm a float pool nurse though so I do a lot of lifting some days. I'm on pureeds until Thanksgiving and that's going well. I have no nausea and feel the restriction I'm suppose to feel as long as I eat slowly. I weighed myself today and am down 5 lbs from this time last week to 229. Happy the scale is moving in the right direction.
  6. It has been a few days since I got on. Feeling better?? My job is mainly scheduling and teaching pts. So 99% I do no lifting. Just sitting which is not good either but just really hope that 10 days will be good enough. Worried about this but will see shat happens.
  7. Not yet, I see the Dr. on Friday and from what I heard, I won't be released yet because of the lifting weight limit. Not sure though we will see and yes I am feeling much better. The constant pinching I was feeling in my left side has almost subsided. I am so sick of liquids though. I'm so ready for puréed/soft foods. My dr. Filled out my FMLA off til 11-30, that was before surgery though. I hope I don't have to be out that long though. I will keep you posted.
  8. Sounds like you are starting to feel better. I am also a nurse and have only scheduled 10 days off. Most of the time I either sit or stand in surgery. Have you gone back to work?
  9. Well I am doing better, but I must say, recovery has been slower for me then I anticipated. I have been having a Pinching sensation in my left side that has gotten considerably better as of waking up this morning. I spoke to the dr's office about it and they said it could possibly be the way he stapled the stomach and just to keep an eye on it. I absolutely dispise the multivitamins. I choose. They make me nauseous every time I take them. Other then that I am doing real well. I ready I'm about ready to increase my activity level. I follow up with Dr. You next Friday and boy am I ready for some puréed foods! Thanks for asking, how's the classes going?
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    How are you feeling? Its been about a week now... are you able to get up and around like normal yet? Just curious as to your status
  11. I am hanging in there. Just anxious, I'm so freakin sick of liquids. I did speak with the nurse that works with the doc and she answered some of my questions I had about what was actually included in the full liquid diet. I just threw up for the first time and it was immediately after I took my MVI. It made me quite nauseous this mornig also but I was able to keep it down. My emotions are all over the place, I have been crying a lot today and quite bitchy but I think that's just because I'm not used to taking it easy. I am used to running non stop but my body has been letting me know since the surgery I am overdoing it. I may attempt to go for a walk around the block tonight, I need to get out. I drink the Unjury Protein shakes. They taste just like Chocolate milk to me and the unflavored I tolerate quite well in my pudding or soups. I'm glad to hear your doing ok. Thanks for checking in, it's nice to know I'm remembered! ��
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    4 days post op. I am still sore but no nausea. I am having trouble getting all the liquids in. What brand of shakes to you like? How are you feeling?
  13. Surgery went great but I am very sore especially on my left side. I think I underestimated the pain I may be in. I am not having any nausea or anything thank goodness and just started passing gas this morning. (Sorry for tmi!) I actually very excited to be able to start full liquids tomarrow. I miss my shakes! How are things with you?
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    I had my surgery on Thursday and I am home now. Feeling sore but not too bad.
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    How did your surgery go
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