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    Congrats on your progress. How are you coming along. At 2.5 years out, I'm finding the hardest part is maintaining but I continue to work hard. I can now eat more at least a small saucer of food. I have to strive to make good choices. I've worked too hard to get to this point. Just sending you words of encouragement. I tell myself that eating the junk food does not make me nearly as happy as being healthy feels.

    Good luck on your journey im sure you have worked real hard too. Best of luck on your success
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    Wow 60lbs?!? That's great!
    I'm good. I don't have surgery til March. I haven't been on this site as much either. Happy I was here today and happened to see your name.
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    Pfynss, where the hell have you been?
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    Hello Pfynss!! Hope you are feeling better. I am just checking to see how things are going and if it is getting better each day.

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    Pfynss!! Just checking in on you!! I hope you are feeling better. (((Hugs)))

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    Thank you! Feeling pretty good.
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    Thank you
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    Pfynss, I was just thinking about you today. Hope you are feeling better.

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    i was thinking about the same thing on the blender, im going to get another one. i cant wait until that first bite after four weeks of this liquid diet. i know its going to be so wonderful sense our body should have had enough time to detoxify all the poisonous it previously had.
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    Had my surgery done sept 17, 2014. everything went exactly as i read and seen on YouTube. excerpt the gasx strips didnt work for me, but its the last of the start of a new adventurs.
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    thank you sooo much Dr A actually took us yesterday his afternoon schedule was open . he was great surgery went well very little pain , and i realized that eveerthing that everbody said on here was true , the staff was great very willing ro help in anyway they can and even the other patients and their family members . i could not have asked for more i am so grateful and thankful for all things. and youre right support is awesome and that is exactly what this forum has been for me thank you Gastric Sleeve
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    It gets easier and easier to eat and drink. I love being able to drink more than a sip at a time. I do have my safe foods(foods easy to eat) like jello, broth, cream of wheat, puddings and protein shakes.

    I am always here if you need to chat or vent.

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    Hello Pfynss! Hope you awe feeling better today. You are just on my mind and in my thoughts.

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  15. Greetings! This is my journey... I will post thoughts from beginning to end and delve into my personal inner most feelings regarding this transition.

    I always take risks... And having a life altering surgery is a RISK I have taken on in efforts to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with who I see.

    I hope that I find much happiness and satisfaction in my decision to get sleeved as it seems that most of you have!

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An 8 Mos Stall???? Is this a Stall or the end of the road?

by Sleeved W Pfynss on 11-27-2015 at 02:15 PM
I can say... I am struggling. I have been at 170 for at least 8 months (If I include the 2 months since my last post). This is the longest stall... it if is indeed a stall. I am beginning to think this is just my foundational weight and this may be the end of my journey.

I still eat half meals... I can eat almost everything... but will upchuck what doesn't agree with me. I go to the gym daily and have event attempted Hot Yoga to shock my system.

I started at 235

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Whelp... Been stuck at this weight for about 2 months now!!!!

by Sleeved W Pfynss on 04-23-2015 at 02:05 PM
I know that this is journey... I know that I shouldn't be so preoccupied with the numbers.

But now that I am able to get on the scale and actually not have an anxiety attack... I find that I am weighing myself weekly. And the Damn thing is stuck between 170-175!!!

It has been that way for the last 2 months! I remember going through the 180's thinking that I would never break the stall at that time. But when I did... It gave me hope! But here we are again!!!!

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6 month update... The journey has been real thus far!!!

by Sleeved W Pfynss on 03-05-2015 at 09:36 AM
NOW GOING INTO THIS... APPROXIMATELY 7 MONTHS AGO... I WAS FULL OF HOPE AND ANTICIPATION... ALWAYS PREOCCUPIED WITH THE OUTCOME. Always wondering about if this journey would yield results and if the possibilities were real.

As I look back on the last 6 months... I can't pinpoint the exact times when the weights came off... if I was doing something purposeful to make it happen... or if I was even reassured about the process. All I could literally focus on was... FOOD... can I eat

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Welp... The sleeve is real and it is working!!!!

by Sleeved W Pfynss on 01-12-2015 at 10:50 AM
I find that we can often be our own WORST critics. I know that I have had a struggle with the reality versus my own warped body images and disbelief in possible success. I often wanted to disguise this as being HUMBLE and grateful that I just feel better on a day to day basis since I got sleeved. But really it was a buffer in case the sleeve didn't pan out to be the success that it has for others.

I have spent the last four months... still dodging the scale, still dodging the mirror,

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It is as if... Folks are seeing me for the very first time!

by Sleeved W Pfynss on 11-07-2014 at 02:30 PM
Everyday... all day... people i encouter everywhere are saying... "You are so pretty!" Wow... You look so pretty. Pfynss... you are so pretty!

Now I know this is a good thing. I truely appreciate every compliment and every word.... each gesture of kindness. And I remain humble each time I say 'Thank You'!

I still struggle with eating, getting foods to stay down, getting enuff calories, not upchucking and not being so consumed with eating and weightloss.

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