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  1. Hey Camlyn, can we chat this evening?
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  3. I'm doing well thanks for asking. Still waiting to start losing weight, lol . So what about you?
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    thanks for welcome. How are you doing?
  5. 5 days post-op, I wish I knew what would make me feel fuller.. I'm feeling better everyday, just having a problem figuring out what to eat.
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still no weight loss??? I can't figure it out

by CamLyn on 09-25-2014 at 12:24 PM
I posted about this issue before and several of you were sweet about encouraging me, thank you for that. I want to know if anyone else had a similar issue. Since I returned home from the hospital I have had NO Weight loss!!
I don't see how that is possible, as little as I eat. I was losing weight before surgery but now nothing. I am over 7 weeks out and still weight 195. you'd think I'd be down at least 7 lbs.
So has anyone not lost weight and then Finally did! how long did

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20 days post-op, I'm getting jealous

by CamLyn on 08-23-2014 at 11:39 PM
My surgery was August 4, 2014, I'm 20 days post op, surgery day I weighed 200 lbs, when I got home from the hospital I was 192, that didn't last, I went up to 195 !!! And now nothing here I sit at 195lbs, my doctor told me we aren't worried about your weight loss right now. He told me it's excess fluids they pumped into me. Ok, but when do I lose weight? I've did clear fluids , the full liquids.. Now just added some soft foods. Anyone else get off to a slow start? When can I look forward to

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