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    I cannot find any information about Oscar Lumban. A friend of a friend had suggested him via Laura. Did you end up going with him or find out any information?

  2. Hi - I hope you dont mind that I added you as a friend, we seem to have the same weight loss start and end goal in mind and your progress and blogs have been very reassuring.
  3. Hi
    I like your profile pic the best!! I still have 17 to lose so no afters yet. But if you put in the search engine
    "11 week progress-PICS" or "11 week update-Pics" there are some before and getting close to,,,afters
    All the best
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    Hi there thanks for checking my page. Thank you for the compliment. Yep 28 pics over 19 months documenting my progress. That works for me. Best of luck to you in your own journey. What no before and after?
  5. Hi there
    You can google "It's coming with Dr Alejandro Quiroz" to get my full story. It will take you to the plastic surgery website called "Real Self" It says I paid $10300?? but I got that wrong. I would go with a different doctor next time. He did well by me (except I had to have my upper eyelids redone) but another lady had to have a bunch of his work revised. She has posted comments under my story so you can contact her to find out who her new surgeon is. She lost 100+lbs and had a lot of surgery in Mexico. Her name on the site is AzDee
    Send me a message and let me know what you think
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    You had commented that you had $9500 worth of work done in Mexico. Can I ash what all you had done and who you went to? Happy with doctor and results?
  7. Hi Missy
    Thanks for the email. It doesn't look like you are losing slow to me. My calorie intake is 1100 per day. It was 1000 until I started running again a week ago.
    In a few weeks I am going up to 1200 calories. I am going to test that and if I am losing (I think I will be) to go to 1300 or 1400. I want to see how many calories I can eat and still lose weight. I am like you, don't want to regain.
    A lady wrote me and told me she lost a bunch of weight (I think it was around 70lbs) and then when she still had 30 left to go she could not budge it. Her calories were 800 per day and she was "skinny fat", which meant she had no muscle.
    I went on the HCG diet last year. It was supposed to be 500 calories but I ate 800 calories. I never told the weight counselor but she said I lost weight faster than anyone except maybe one other person. She said to maintain weight I would have to eat no more than 1300 calories per day!! What??!! Anyways, of course I gained that back and more.
    I feel sorry for a lot of the people here. They are all eating 500-700 calories a day, then they can't lose any more and still have 80lbs to lose!
    Thanks for writing,, I had to delete half what I wrote because it is too long.
    It looks like you are averaging 3.5lbs per week! That is fast girl!! Way to go!!
  8. Hey Terri, I hope you are doing well. I see sometimes that you post about eating enough calories. I couldn't agree more and even though I am about seven weeks out I try to get anywhere from 900-1100 calories a day because I am a muscular person and I do not want to jack up my metabolism by living off of 700-800 calories a day for months and months. I think that is why people start gaining weight back after a while. Your body gets used to the low calories. So my question is: What is your daily caloiric goal if you don't mind sharing? I am losing slowly and I am very happy with my progress. I knew I wasn't going to lose fast since I only had about 40 to lose anyway.
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    Hi...I've noticed you have such great advice...always thoughtful and insightful...thanks so much for being here! Will watch for further helpful comments! Good luck in continuing your journey!
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    Dropped in to say "Hey!". Hope your doing well in your progress! :-)
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    Terrie- can you tell me the name of the doc in Seattle that does surgery with BMI of 30?
  12. I would be scared too. But we cannot compare ourselves to the rate of weight loss as the others. I don't want to lose my weight in 2 months and then have such a slow metabolism that I can't eat more than 800 cals without gaining weight.
    You can lose faster eating more than eating less....in the long run. Keep me posted on your progress
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    Hi Terrie. How are you going? Xx
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    Thanks for the message. I would have no problem eating 900-1000 calories. I have zero nausea and haven't ever had a problem. My worry is that I'm eating too much. My doc said no more then 1/4 cup and I can easily eat 1/2 a cup. I probably could eat more but I'm not eating to stuffed just to the gurgle-burp. ( or whatever the heck that is). I have stayed off the scale so when I only saw a 6 pound loss for a month when I should be losing the most. well, it scared the crap out of me. I really want to be successful at this.
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
I have been on every diet since age of 14. I go up and down, but in the last few years I don't go down very far.I am starting to have problems with high blood pressure, fatigue, back pain and am getting so I don't feel comfortable exercising. I have never not exercised in my life and my main source has been running for the last 12 years. I haven't ran since May and since then not at all. None of my "regular" clothes fit,,,not even my jackets!! We are going into the fall here and I am an avid skier and my jackets don't fit. I know if I try another diet, it will take about 15 attempts before I am successful and will regain the weight. I spent $1300 on the HCG diet last fall and then gained it all right back. This surgery may seem expensive to some but I will save that in diets and eating out, ordering in pizza etc. I am not thrilled that I need to do this but there is no other way.
Calgary Alberta
Skiing, running, dogs, inline skating
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