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    Hello my friend, hav'nt heard from u in awhile, and looked up your progress, great job... Stalls suck I too have been in a stall x3 weeks too (Chin up, boobs out, and onward we go) lol I'm gonna go back to liguids for a few days and see if that will break it..ttyl, good luck....
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    CONGRATS!!! Its a crazy ride at first, but its worth it so far!!
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    Thanks for ur thoughts if u find urself with headaches,drink more , and drink during the nite . Otherwise all is good.thank u for writing back keep in touch
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    only 6 days . the liquid diet is going well ,but hungry jello is my savlior...
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    Hi Kitti
    I'm Susan. Just saying hello as I noticed we have the same surgery date and doctor.
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    Thank you for accepting. We will be close surgery dates and starting weights.
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    Hiiii, I'm so sorry, I hadn't noticed the message you sent me last month. How'd you first appointment go? What are the plans?
  8. I am reading your blog OOOWEEBABY! or I should say read your blog I was so very captivated by your writing and the information that I read through all of it! Your insights were very helpful and your attitude is an inspiration Thank you!
  9. Hi!
    I see you are reading my blog, and I thank you. I hope that you can glean a little bit of stuff to help you along your weight loss journey. Best wishes on your fundraiser, that is a brilliant idea! Right now, I am not working because I am going through chemo, or I would help. You are in my prayers.

    aka Patty
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    Congratulations on your journey so far. I'm a Kaiser Fresno patient, as well. I've had a fantastic experience. My surgery was May 28 of 2013. Dr. Boghossian was my surgeon; I'd recommend him highly. I'm just up the 99 from you, feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'm here!
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    That's great! Good luck! Let me know how your 1st appt goes! Mine isn't until June 11

    What made you decide to have the sleeve done?
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About kitticat27
Sleeved or not sleeved:
I have had a gastric sleeve.
I am generally a pretty outgoing, fun-loving person but I tend to be a little bit of a homebody as I get tired quickly. I like going out socializing with family and friends but for the most part would rather be playing with or training my goober of a German Shepherd or at home with my wonderful husbnad. I am tired of my excess weight holding me back from doing so many things I would love to do but can't because I get tired or sore too quickly. I want to be able to go hiking and run a 5k or just go to an amusement park and keep up with everyone else.
Kingsburg, CA
Movies, TV, Videogames, Reading, Boardgames, Card Games.
Sales and Customer Service
Gastric Sleeve Surgeon:
Adolfo Alvarez
Surgery date:


Highest Weight: 315 January 2013
First Consult: 289 May 2014
Surgeon's Pre-Op Start: 275 September 8th 2014
Surgery Date: 269 September 23rd 2014

1 Month: 248
3 Months: 234
6 Months: 217 April 2015 Broke the long lasting stall and lost almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks!


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Recent Entries

90 Days Out

by kitticat27 on 12-21-2014 at 06:35 PM
I have been so very busy that I didn't do a 2 month update. Whoops!
But that's okay because I was busy planning an impromptu wedding! I married my longtime boyfriend on December 10th in a perfect little and private wedding with 20 of our closest friends and family members

I am eating everything except dairy comfortably. I am finding I don't really like eggs or cheese anymore which is really weird. I have been slacking on my tracking but I just got a nutrition and exercise

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One Month Out

by kitticat27 on 10-24-2014 at 01:38 PM
I am officially one month out and doing pretty well
I am eating four 2oz meals a day and getting in 35-45 grams of protein and anywhere from 400-600 calories depending on my choices. I have been eating a lot of tuna, refried beans, cheese and turkey chili. Next week I will be able to add pork and beef as long as they aren't dry. I am gradually trying out new foods and have found that besides greek yogurt, milk and over-easy eggs everything sits fine.
I have no feeling of hunger

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One Week Post-Op

by kitticat27 on 09-30-2014 at 08:51 PM
So I am now one week out from my surgery. It feels like is going by pretty quickly. I am looking forward to being able to actually eat something. I am on one protein shake, sugar free popsicles and all the calorie free liquids I can drink. I am getting my 64 oz in and have even gotten more than that in on some days.

Recovery has been pretty easy. The gas pains are gone and I just have some lingering pain in my abdomen. I am lucky enough to have no trouble getting liquids down, I

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Getting to go home :)

by kitticat27 on 09-24-2014 at 07:43 PM
As much as I have enjoyed the care and iv fluids keeping me hydrated and the great painkillers I am very glad to be going home tonight. This bed has not been very comfortable and my poor hubby slept on a little couch in my room all last night. It is time for us to both get a restful night's sleep at home

Thank you all for the well wishes and advice, it is all very much appreciated!

I'm sleeved!

by kitticat27 on 09-23-2014 at 07:35 PM
This has been pretty smooth so far When I woke up in recovery I was nauseous and in a lot of pain from the gas but the nausea passed and now I just have some pain in my left shoulder but other than that I'm feeling great. I am so lucky to be in great care but I also just want to be home in my own bed

All is well and my journey has officially begun!

Before and After Photos

Picture BEFORE 315.00 lbs. - before
Picture AFTER after - 215.00 lbs.

Member: kitticat27

Surgery date: 09/23/2014

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