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  1. I am so so so proud of you. You are 2 lbs away from 100 lbs lost. How amazing is that?
  2. Hi jules thanx for yor message im doing well feeling fantastic its amazing how well you can feel just loosing a few stone i might not post much lately but i do try and read everybodys blogs every day i have found a lovely ladies only gym that i have subscribed for at least 12 months that i go to about 4 times a week i think i am one of these slow loosers but as long as its coming off i dont mind how long it takes i do find im not drinking enough water and i still need to find a nice protein shake as i think im only getting in half of my daily intake its all a trial n journey that we all have to try and get through. Hows things with you? X
  3. Alyson, how are you feeling? You are almost at 4 months and I know at this point, a lot had changed for me.
  4. Im feeling great trying 2 stay positive im not loosing much thought i would loose more by now ive only lost 14lb since surgery i lost more pre-op and with the amount im eating i did think i would of lost more i am going gym tho and training hard so could be that im building muscle and i do keep telling myself to trust the process dnt get 2 down its early days x
  5. Are you feeling a little more back to normal?
  6. Can I just say.....HOLY SMOKEY! You are doing awesome!!!! How are you feeling?
  7. I'm so glad all is well. My son and his girlfriend came walking with me a couple times and they said the same thing. Lol. Just wait, you'll be running laps around them in a month. I'm doing good too. My sleeve likes to talk a lot like me...Lol. gurgling all the time. Kind of funny actually. I started weights and my weight loss has slowed a smidgen, but hopefully in a couple weeks I'll see a difference. I just got on the real food stage, not just soft or puree, so that's different. Follow your Drs orders and you will feel amazingly better every day!!! Talk to you soon.
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    glad it all went well , im doing great thanks , the puree was the hardest for me but you get through it x
  9. How are you feeling and doing?
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    hi alyson , hope everything went well , how are you getting on ? x
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    Thanks! It seems unreal that it is actually happening! You are right behind me so I will be thinking of you on Wednesday as I am headed home :-)
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    Thanks! I am experiencing a good deal of pain, but I've been trying to make myself get up and walk around. The nurses say I'm doing well
  13. Thanx lou x how did ur holiday go?
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    good luck with your surgery x u will be fine , ill be thinking of you xx
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    Hey! Thanks for the message! Yeah my op went really well, have nearly all healed up now. I had the sleeve and gall bladder done so had 9 incision s in total. Really struggled with fluid for a few days so was on a drip for a while, but now I have that to a T. Gonna go back to work in a few days, I would of gone back sooner but waiting to a fit to work form from the doc. Ive no regrets, I just keeo thinking therr is more to life than food, and plan to do loads when im at a healthy weight. (Horse riding, theme parks,holidays, u name it im gonna do it!) Just do what the nurses tell you and you will do great! Good luck and keep me updated xx
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About alyson1975
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
UK west midlands
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Dr kendrick
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Starting weight : 290 lb

Day of liquids : 250 lb

Day of surgery : 237 lb

1 month post op : 227 lb
2 month post op : 217 lb
3 month post op : 210 lb
4 month post op : 204 lb
5 month post op : 202 lb
6 month post op : 196 lb
7 month post op : 196 lb


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This Aint the EASY option.....

by alyson1975 on 02-27-2015 at 12:53 PM
Its been a long time since ive posted a blog, but i do check in regularly to see whats happening with every1 else. I had my sleeve done in july so its been a while, i think i had an easy ride to begin with everything went txt book lost a decent amount of weight and feeling and looking good, but lately its beginning to be a struggle. I am feeling a lot more hungry i still get the restriction when eating my high protein meals but lately ive started getting my sweet tooth back and craving sour jelly

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3 week update : not everybodys the same

by alyson1975 on 08-01-2014 at 04:04 AM
Hey peeps,
Thought i would update every1 i am just over 3 weeks post op now and i'm doing great back to normal. My doc put me on 4 weeks liquids then 4 weeks puree then normal foods after that but honestly i couldnt manage it and did feel a bit of a failure but i listened to my body instead and what it was telling me was i needed more so i started by introducing a wheetabix for breakfast with my morning coffee i also have 2 200ml protein shakes and plenty of water throughout the day and the

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A Slow start !!!!

by alyson1975 on 07-22-2014 at 09:33 AM
Any1 else on here have a slow start to their journey?

Its been nearly 2 weeks and no loss a 2lb gain since my surgery
Still feeling a little bloated and sore when i bend awkwardly
Im not stressing too much and am expecting it to kickstart very soon
Just looking for re-asurrance that im not the only 1 this has happened to x

Post op diets

by alyson1975 on 07-18-2014 at 11:58 AM
Hi peeps
Well its been just over a week since my surgery and all's going well
I'd just like to knw what everybodys post op diets consisted of (liquid and soft) and how long you were on them 4? I am really getting sick of the liquids (3 weeks still 2 go) and cant wait till i start the soft food stage.
I did have half a weetabix this morning with loads of milk and a few mouthfulls of tuna mayo whn i was making my sons dinner.
All your experiance and advice would be so

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by alyson1975 on 07-09-2014 at 11:04 AM
Hi all just a quick message to say all went well should be home by friday
For all the upcoming sleevers get some gas x strips because the only pain i have is the trapped gas apart from that a little tired but supprisingly well xxx

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