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    Good to hear from you. I'm doing great. Sitting at 190 for days now. So close to a new frontier - the 180s that the waiting is killing me. Eating is fine - no issues. My knee still bothers me some but it is better. Trying to ride my recumbent bike but I'm lazy - I admit it.

    How are you? Bet you're enjoying good food - even it is only a few bites.
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    Getting between 600 and 800. If the skim doesn't work, you might try almond or rice milk.
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    I'm coming to your house and let your hubby cook for me. I can do skim milk in my shakes. I drink a protein drink for breakfast, string cheese for snack, Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt for lunch and real food for dinner. I often drink another protein drink made with water at night or another string cheese. So I guess that is 3 meals and 2 snacks. I drink totally normal too. Bought a recumbent bike and try to ride every day but only make it 10 minutes. Energy is okay but I'm pooped at night. Sounds like we had a great surgeon.
  4. ! Doing well. I can also eat 3 to 4 ounces. My soft food was also eggs. No pain or anything else. Never have thrown up either. Milk is the only thing that makes me nauseous. Hubby still fixes me up when its time to eat. Oh...do you eat three times a day or five times a day? I find it easier to eat a little five times a day. Can we do that? Lol...I have to take a nap daily. Fatigue but not sleepy tired if that makes sense.?.
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    How are you doing? I'm surprised at how easy things are going for me (knock on wood). I can eat about 3 - 4 ounces at one time. My first soft food was 2 over medium eggs from IHOP. They were amazing. How much are you eating? I read these posts about people who eat 2 - 3 bites and they're full. That is not me. Of course I take small bites - but really. If you tell me you only eat that amount, I'll be jealous. I'm sure your sweet husband is feeding you well! LOL I have learned to eat Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt. I never liked yogurt but this brand is not bad. Love string cheese as a snack - 7 grams of protein! Let me know how you're doing. Hope you're not napping at work.
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    Thank you! I don't really care for my facial expressions but my face is not why I posted.
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    Had my 2 week appointment today. Dr. Carlton said that I'm doing fine and released me to return to work tomorrow. Officially have lost 23.3 pounds from my pre-op diet heaviest. Not having any pain. Still can't walk much because of my knee. Had to have fluid taken off of it last Friday and had a steroid shot. At work we have a small gym and I will be able to walk on the treadmill. That is much easier on my knee.

    Are you still in East Texas? How are you feeling? I know you're doing great on your weight loss. Are you feeling okay?
  8. Well, finally home from hospital. Feeling good for the moat part with the exception of my stomach burning when I drink something. The gas is terrible..lol
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    Congrat on your surgery . You have started your new life. 'I'LL be 5 mos the 8 jun already lost 47 lbs. my sister hasn't seen me in a month and half so she and her husband was amaze at how skinny I look I feel great. Hope you have little to no pain .. Remember to sip,walk. Mainly ENJOY!!!!!! God Bless
  10. That's great. Ready to be done with this part. I will look for you as soon as im coherant..lolol. I have longish brown hair and my sister (short) and skinny will be there with my kids. My husband just finally found a job yesterday so he will probably be there afterwards. He has to work. We sooo need the money. I wish you luck and hope to see you there.
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    They must have called me next. I have to be there at 9am. So excited. Ready to move from pre-op diet to post-op diet. See you there. By the way - I have very curly shortish hair that is brown with red highlights. My husband is mostly bald with a gray mustache and goatee.
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    Best of luck to you and I hope you have a fast recovery.
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    Good! Just getting ready for my surgery on the 11th...how are you?
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    Yes and excited too. I just wish we knew what time on Thursday. Hard for family to plan when we don't have a time. Oh well - I'll be ready whatever time it is.

    Laughed yesterday when I was planning my last supper for tonight. I'm going with a hamburger patty and salad. Exciting stuff.
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    Thanks for the welcome! Nice to be here!

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