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    Im doing well....thank you! I feel great, I think after my Mommy Make-over i'll be at my goal weight. Im 10lbs away! I thought I wanted to be 145 lbs, but I don't think so!! Hahaha. Im doing my homework on finding a plastics doctor.....so scary! lol. I go back to TJ on March the 5th with my cousin and our best friend! I've been an inspiration to them! So im sooo excited for them. They're both from La Puente, so we're going to drive to San Diego. Are you at ur goal weight? how are you feeling? If you're ever in Vegas....let me know! 702.817.3521
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    Mary! Long time no write....how are you doing girl?
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    Couldn't be better Mary,I'm 29 Wks out 78 lbs down wearing a large in shirts medium in pants or 7 in jeans even went down a half a shoe size lol
    Got a promotion at work and enjoying life so much more now...How are you feeling & doing Mary?
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    Hi well im doing good just checking up on you, now im planning my next journey loooollll, ill keep you posted
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    Hi how you doing? Im doing great im feeling great and its all good, how you been doing?
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    Hi Mary, How are you doing?
    How much weight you loss so far?
    Hope all is going well,Enjoy your evening!
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    How you doing? I'm doing fine,the only thing is if something dose not work for me are I eat to fast I end up getting sick, I'm still learning my do s and don't s, and im only takeing in 2 Tbsp of food if at that.....but im good, what about you hows things with you.
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    Well the first couple days was hell, but now it dose not even feel like I had it done, I feel good, I feel confident, I feel like nothing is impossible now, I feel like im able and will be able to do more things in the future, with my kids, and my life, im happy now...... because befor I use to just stuff my face, and now im not able to eat much anymore even on my stressed days.
    Instead of eating and gaining weight, I'm actually lossing weight and inches not doing much, it's a life change for me.
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    Hey girl how you been, well like you said im going to be fine, I was more nervous about the plain ride, then the surgery, but all went well im on your side now lol.
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    I will, thank you.
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    Yes I am so excited, im ready to catch my flight befor someone else try to stop me, but yes im ready, my flight is 8:45 am, ill keep you posted when I get there.
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    My journey is coming along really well thanks for asking. I'm still learning the do's and don'ts but over all it's good because I'm losing weight. How is yours coming along?
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    I know it gets better you not to far behind ,I'm having trouble with this stage 3tsp of food and I'm done so the amount of Protein I'm counting for that 4oz meal doesn't even count it's frustrating and the whole 30 min before and 1hr after drinking liquids takes time to get use too,but all in all things are moving along...
    Glad to hear your doing well keep it up girl!!!
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    Hi Mary,Hope all is coming along well your 2weeks out how are you feeling?
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    Thank you so much for your sympathy, your right, I need to worry about me right now, and that's that good looking out and hope all is we'll with you!
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by MaryC on 06-01-2014 at 04:05 PM
It's so exciting today I'm officially 8 weeks post up, I'm down 37 pounds and out of the 200 zone, I started at 235 and today the scale showed 198, I haven't been here since I had my son like 7 years ago and its feeling so good to be back under 200.


by MaryC on 03-04-2014 at 03:52 PM
Quote Originally Posted by MaryC View Post
I have my date 04/04/2014,excite.

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