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    Hi Dawnie-
    I see you live in Salem OR- my dad lives in Independence! I live 2 hours away in Longview WA.
    You look great! Congratulations on your successful weight loss.
    Thanks for your wisdom on my "rebooting" thread. Yes, we are all different, and different techniques work for each of us. I guess I am still searching for what will work best for me, but I know it is NOT snacking on carbs while drinking flavored water and sitting on my rear for hours on end studying! The last 2 days I went to the gym, and I've been tracking everything for the past 3 days, so I'm putting forth more effort now. Take care, I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!
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    I think you look great for your height. You don't look gaunt at all. You are petite! What a problem to have. Enjoy!
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    Hi Dawn. Thank you for the friend request.
    I look forward to chatting with you. Great job on your success. You are an inspiration!
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    You look great Dawn. Thank you for sharing your pics! Very inspirational!
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    Looking amazing!! You are a very beautiful lady!
  6. I was out of town. Just got back. Good luck with your surgery!!! Looks like you had surgery yesterday. Welcome to the sleeved side! My advice, which I'm sure you have heard before that helped me--walk as much as you can, it might not be comfortable at first but I guarantee it will help. Use gas-x melt in your mouth strips. They helped me a lot. Take LOTS of little sips of water-also helps with gas.
    You were probably smarter than I was. I didn't make seat arrangements for the plane on the way home. I sat in the middle between 2 large men. Not heavy, just big. There I am at 240 lbs and my stomach is killing me and I didn't have a pillow to put on my tummy! I almost threw up and got off the plane but I made it home.
    So, if for some reason you don't have an aisle seat, see if you can get one. And now approximately seven months later I am almost 100 lbs lighter!!
    I would love to hook up once you feel up to it. Please keep me informed on how you are doing.
    God bless you! I hope you have a speedy recovery. If you are in Mexico like I was don't buy jewelry from any guy near the motel--they are rip offs!! If you EVER have any questions I'm your girl. I may not know everything (who does?) but I can definitely talk to you about my journey and any thing I have learned along the way.
    Take care and I hope you have an easy recovery.
  7. Hi , I see you are in Salem !! Me too , I'm flying out Wednesday surgery is Thursday !! Would love to connect
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    Hi Dawnie!!! you mentioned me on someone elses post just found it LOL,this site can be a mess... any way . i am about 17 days out , and almost to onederland! 2 more pounds to go... havent seen that in a few years.. hope all is well with you ... you asked for suggestions , mostly just stick with the diets, soft mushy, things that are good for you , greek yogurt, lentils, your protein shakes! I am now trying really hard not to lose my hair!!!!! liquid iron, folic acid, biotin, b-12 and more... along with chopped spinach in most every thing.. thinking its best to have in system NOW than later... let me know how you are doing!!!
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    Good luck today and may you have speedy recovery!
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    Hi...I hope all is well
  11. Good luck with your surgery!
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    Hi Dawm, Ok, as for your meds, no, you will not be able to take them for at minimal 2 days after surgery. Just getting in water is tough. It hurts..as if you have swallowed a big pill and it's stuck. Once the drain is removed then water/broth/popsicles etc seem to go in easier. Once you think you can swallow enogh water in one gulp to get the pill down, then you can try. I DO reccomend breaking them up. Like I have to break the antibioics they gave me in half and take my time swallowing it, but my muscle relaxers is small enough I can just take it whole. I was so very glad when I culd swallow my own pain pills because theirs are a joke. If I can answer anything else for you, please just ask...best of lick, blessed be abd healing light your way!
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    I will be having my surgery the next day. 3/26/2014 are you nervous?
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