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    Your daughter is PRECIOUS! So happy for you! What a wonderful Christmas gift. And YOU look amazing...proud of you, mama!!! I just hit the 100lb mark last week and am holding. (and happy!) I only lost 2 lbs in all of November and then had a 13lb loss in December. Go figure! I'll never fully figure out the science of all of this, but I'm rolling with it, doing protein first, and it's working. I also work out 4 days a week, now. Nothing crazy, just mostly cardio. MISS YOU! So glad you updated me!
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    Looking great!
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    Hey sweetie! Hope you're doing and feeling great. I'm doing really well. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I weighed 199 this morning!! About to make my "Onederland" post. HALLELUJAH! So I'm down 76lbs. Not the fastest, and i can't quite figure out why that is. I get around 60g of protein and all my water, every day. I'm around 600-700 calories, etc. I am going to be more diligent in working out. (especially now that the "honeymoon phase" is over for the easier part of the weight loss) I was in a car accident a month ago, and going to the chiropractor 4 times a week ever since. I'm doing really well, now, so excuses why NOT to work out are gone. lol Damnit! I gotta row the boat i was given, right?

    Tell me how you're doing, how you're feeling, and YES, I'd love to see an updated pic of you on here! XOXO
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    YAY!!! I had a feeling! So excited for you, friend! xoxo
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    So exciting!! (and it sounds like a little lady, keeping her knees locked! LOL)
  6. The first time we looked the baby wouldn't open their legs. Hopefully we'll find out today. :-)
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    I'm so glad! This is a great report. Have you found out if you're carrying a boy or a girl????
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    Checking in on you, beautiful! Hope you're feeling good! xoxo
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    10 weeks?! Right out of the gates, then, huh! lol Bless your heart...not ideal timing, but a total blessing! It's all your sweet husband's fault. If he weren't so handsome and so good to you, this wouldn't have happened!!!!!! LOL

    I'm happy for you guys!
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    Whaaaaaat??!! LOL Ok, first of all, congratulations, mama! Second, do you feel you're able to get enough nourishment? How far along are you? WOWZA! Didn't expect that. lol xoxo
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    Jen! We haven't chatted in over a month...How have you been feeling? I KNOW you're looking beautiful.
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    I'm so glad!! Stupid stalls really can mess with your head. I'm losing VERY slowly, but surely. The scale is moving in the right direction, so that's what counts, right? What makes NO sense to me, is the days that I get 70g of protein in, I MIGHT be lucky to lose half a pound. On the days I get 35g of protein in, I will lose a pound!!! Sticking with 60-70g of protein a day, and not trying to change up the system. LOL I am now walking about 4 days a week. (I hate walking) I know I need to do my part to lessen the chances of major loose skin at the end of this gig!

    Do you notice the restriction being MUCH stronger now that we have more freedom with foods? I'm loving the built-in portion control!
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    Hey sweetie! I FINALLY broke my stall, but it was about 10 days long, no lie. I am now down 28 lbs. (I stalled at 26 and went up a pound to 25.) I started losing again about 4 days ago. Just sticking with it the best I can! I'm dying to try half a piece of toast. I have stayed clear of crackers/toast/pasta but almost ordered half a piece of toast with my one scrambled egg for lunch. LOL Have you tried any of those items? What are you eating?

    Hope your day is great, and that is SO exciting about your clothes! WOOHOO!
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    Well my stall might be over, HALLELUJAH! I got on the scale this morning and was back down to 250.0 (I went up to 251.4) I am definitely eating more, and not relying on protein shakes for all my protein. (or most of it, anyways) I havent had a protein shake in 3 days and my weight dropped. I have started eating cottage cheese with sliced peaches mixed in, bell peppers and cucumbers with hummus, low sodium sliced turkey with sliced cheese (cut into small circles, and put on cucumber slices...like a Lunchable only cucumber instead of cracker) and for breakfast I have started eating Quaker Oats instant High Fiber Cinnamon Roll flavored oatmeal. Since I started eating that, my bowels have gotten more regular again.

    I think a big key for me was not just doing shakes, but incorporating REAL food and such. I am TRYING to do better with my liquids, but that has never been easy for me. Thought I'd share what I was doing to see if it could be a help to you! Have a great Friday, sweet friend!
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    I have yet to have cereal and milk! That sounds soooo good! And I am looking into finding a good probiotic that is to help break our food down and have more regular b.m.'s. Scale isn't budging but I really feel a difference in my clothes. I'll take losing inches!! LOL

    Have a great day, sweets!
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