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    Hey again, the stress eating. I'd say that's normal given we've all had many years of stress eating compared to a few months of not. My only suggestion is to buy a munchue that isnt really bad. I love kettle corn and when I want to munch I eat that.
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    Yale saved my dad's life. He was always super healthy, never overweight. He had the best insurance policy the work because my mom had health issues. So he started feeling off, then couldn't walk and was going down hill quick. So blood work ultimately showed leukemia. That was 3 years ago. With smilow and bone marrow transplant he has been in remission for almost 2 years. Amazing. I'm glad your by yale. I'll keep you guys in my prayers. Keep me posted. By the way, my icloud email is out. So my email is now teri4474@gmail.Com
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    I eat dinner with everyone, same food they eat, just a lot less. I don't even look at calories anymore. Ill eat breakfast then for lunch I usually have some ham and cheese without bread. I'll snack on popcorn, pretzels. I've been eating a toaster strudel every day.....which is probably a lot of calories and sugar. Dinner is whatever I nade, tonight we're having stuffed peppers. I really hope I'm done now. I haven't weighed myself every day like I was but I was at rite Aid Friday and they have that machine that does your BP and weight....2 weeks ago on there I was 133 and Friday I was 136. Morning time. Can't remember what I wore both days but I'm sure it was similar weight. Hope your feeling good!!
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    I remember you were vomiting a lot. I'm sure your glad that's done with!!
    I'm doing ok. While I am really happy with my weight loss I'm also worried. I'm at 131. I try to eat, but nothing is appetizing. I'll go to stop n shop and look around hoping that I'll find something I want....nothing comes to mind. I'll have Greek yogurt for breakfast, and in the afternoon. Lunch....that one is tough, I don't want anything so I'll make myself eat like leftovers from dinner but only a few bites and I'm done. Dinner is the most I eat. I sit at the table long after everyone is done trying to get it all in. I have 3 water bottles each with 20 or 24oz in them that I make myself drink each day, if I don't get at least 40oz I wake up with a headache that will turn into a migraine. I'm posting my progress later. I have some pictures too I want to put in my album. Stating to feel like skin and bones....and I've had more then one person say I'm starting to look anorexic.
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    Hey lady!! Saw you had the hernia removed. Did you have the hernia before being sleeved? They found mine when they did the scope. They didn't remove it and I didn't think anything of it but now I'm wondering why they didn't do it then. The heart burn was non existing the past few months up until 2 weeks ago. It's not bad, but it's there. I'm wondering too if the hernia might be why I feel so full so quick still. Hope your feeling good!
  6. Sorry you can't sleep. I'm at the we w hubby vomited blood. Sleeved 7/14.
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    LOL! Can't get to sleep tonight.

    Usually, I go to sleep around 7-8 pm and wake up around 2-3 am.

    I'm old. LOL!
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    Congrats on the new job and it sounds like your husband is off to a great start. Its great that you have each other, you know what he's going thru and he knows what you went thru.
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    Just checking in to see how your doing! ;-)
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    Thanks. He's my baby boy. I'm doing well. I've finished all the requirements and had my consult with the surgeon yesterday. I just need to lose 10 more pounds by my surgery date which should be scheduled in a couple weeks. For sure by August I will be sleeved if all goes well.
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    I just posted the first draft of my story in the forum labeled Tell us about your journey...
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    How nice. I wear a size 10w
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    Thank you so much...that's very kind of you to say so. The challenge isn't in losing...the challenge is in maintaining. I am waiting until August of this year to update my pictures. August 12th will be my third anniversary. I'm thinking if I can keep the weight off for two years, I probably have this figured out.
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    Thanks so much! Everything went fantastic - got to go back to SD a day early so had a great shopping day and then my son and his fiancÚ came and spent the nite with us! We are at the airport waiting on our flight - have not had any issues so far - just kind tired today and ready to be home! Thanks for thinking of me!
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    LOL - Thank you so much! I had it done last nite and I told her that I was starting on a journey and I needed something new! Started my 2 week pre-op diet today! Yay! I went to my PCP yesterday to have a good checkup and just from cutting back I have lost about 18 lbs (from the day I did my paperwork in Feb) - and - my blood pressure was absolutely perfect! Thanks for the friendship! Cindy
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I still can't wait

by mem222 on 11-19-2014 at 12:49 PM
Well, AETNA has denied my surgery, last Mon. Yesterday the ins. person was submitting it for what is like a re-review, they were told at this point it has to go "peer to peer". The Dr. is in today from 1 - 3 so I really hope it happens today. My body is giving out, now I have ankle pain. I am a nervous wreck, I wish I had the money to pay for this myself but I just don't - won't go to Mexico.


by mem222 on 02-19-2014 at 10:33 AM
There are so many hoops to jump through, I am very nervous. I really want/need this surgery! Soon! I am waiting for the referral for a sleep study test (I really think i have sleep apnea) i go to see the nut tomorrow... and that is where i stand. My weight is the highest it has been since i gave birth to my son 18 years ago. I worry that:
1. if AETNA looks at my pcp records for the past 2 years my weight won't be high enough.
2. if i DON'T have sleep apnea i won't qualify

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