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  1. Thank you! It was a great day. And I ate all kinds of bad food, only little tiny amounts of them.
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    Happy birthday!
  3. I completely understand having happy complications. I am diabetic and my blood sugar was so low for the 1st couple of days I was afraid I was going to pass out. But it is a happy thing. I am down from 2 kinds of insulin, 1 inject-able and 2 pills to 1/2 a dosage of 1 pill. So, it does work.

    The beginning diet is so carb heavy. I wondered if I was doing something wrong, too. I have 5 different diet that I refer to. The directions from the nutritionist differ from the instructions from the Dr... So, I am splitting the difference from everything I read. Now that I am able to eat more of the protein rich foods, I am sticking with them and trying to avoid carbs. But I need some carbs to keep up my energy.

    Hey, you told me to walk and I have not stopped. In addition to the 2 30 minutes secessions, I like to get up and do laps around my house for 10 or 15 minutes after I eat. I am trying to do it at work, too, but it is a little harder. People already think I am nuts with all my little containers and bottles. It is definitely easier to accomplish all the eating and drinking at home.

    Hang in there. I am a bit of an overachiever. You will get there when your body is ready.
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    HEy there. I'm excited to see you kickin' booty over there. 30 minutes twice per day...I need to get it in gear!

    I can't believe you're already back at work. I'm hoping to go back on Monday but I've had some good complications and haven't been cleared as of yet.

    "Good complications?" I'm sure you're scratching your head on this one...LOL!

    With my weight loss, I was feeling cold and sluggish all of the time. It turns out that one of my BP meds was a beta blocker and was slowing my heart rate down to the low 40 and high 30s...pretty dangerous to say the least. So the good news is my weight loss has allowed me to get off some of my meds.

    I'm loving it and shooting get get off all of these pills!!!

    Keep doing what you're doing...I'm proud of you!!!

  5. Revision to that last statement. The first week the acidic nature of it bothered me. Today I tried again and tolerated it fine. I still recommend mixing it in water with Crystal Light or Propel. That way you get water and protein.

    And I am not sitting on any bench. Go, go, go! I went back to work yesterday and I have been exercising for at least 30 minutes twice a day.
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    I'm glad to hear you're doing well! I'm 20 days out and I can hardly stand it!!! 20 days may as well be 20 years!!!!! Can't wait to join you on the loser bench!
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    Hey love, I went to the post office this weekend and it wasn't there yet. I'm sure things are moving slow because of the holiday ... but I just wanted to update you.
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    Hey Sweetie, I'm going to the post office in a couple of days to check - and I can't wait! My work schedule is so crazy I can only get there once or twice a week. Thanks for the tips. I've got 26 days left and am making myself loopy. I've got preop blood work and an EKG scheduled this Friday morning ... SO ready for all this to be over. Thanks for the Gas X strips tip - I'll go pick some up in preperation. I'm making a little list of things I need before the big day. I'm so glad your surgery went well and you are feeling a little better. Please keep me posted on your progress and I promise to let you know the second I get the box from the post office! I even went out and got the orange crystal light to get ready!
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    How about I sent this to myself??? LOL!!!

    Can you hear me cheering down here in SW Atl.??? I'm so happy for ya!!!

    The things that helped me with the gas (other than walking) were the heating pads and that spirometer thing.

    The pads, I actually taped them to my chest as I walked and laid around. The spirometer, while I watched TV I would just sit there inhaling on that thing.

    I turned it into a game trying to get the plunger up the 3,500 level but doing it really slow so the ball stayed in the good area. That deep breathing helps to get that gas into your lungs so you can exhale it. It seems like a silly, almost toy-ish little gadget but that thing was my friend for sure.

    I was hoping you might stay an extra night. That really helped my transition. BUT then my insides were a mess from my previous hernia surgeries. You'll be fine. Just don't stop moving and take it slow...really slow.
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    Just thinking about you. I'm sure all went well with Dr. Macik. I'm so proud of ya!!!
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    Good Luck and think happy thoughts !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I just want you to know that I think you are full of AWESOMESAUCE.
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    Part III

    Look, what I want you to know is that you can absolutely do this. You can do anything. I'm losing and feeling as good as I did in my early 30s.I just keep visualizing myself as the weight I was in my 20s while I'm laying in the bed. I know I'll get there and you can get down to whatever weight you've picked out for yourself as well.

    One thing I've really had to work on is getting my mind right for all of this. Our mind and our related self image is where we often need to do more work than we'll ever have to do with exercise and eating. I say this because if you're looking at yourself the right way, the exercise and eating will follow right in line.

    I guess I've said enough this morning.

    Have a great day...

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    Part II

    You really made me smile when you mentioned being inspired to cook. That's awesome. There's nothing to be afraid of with it. I mean the more you try and experiment the better it will turn out.

    Start out with recipes and as you get more comfortable you'll find yourself breaking free and trying your own spin on things.

    I'm more of a dump cook. I don't usually measure anything out. I just try not to ever add too much of anything but I am known as a seasoner too.

    I like my food to be flavorful but not to overwhelm the natural taste of the ingredients. What I mean is I like to taste the chicken and have the sauce add a hint of flavor versus the sauce being the only thing you taste and you only get the texture of the chicken. I call this clean cooking.

    Now check this out...I just did a quick search. I wanted to see if my term "clean cooking" meant anything to the rest of the world. Turns out there's a magazine on that very topic.

    Clean Eating Magazine

    I may have to subscribe to get some tips.

    Okay, a three parter...
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