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    how is your Sleeve journey going?
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    Hey Gorgeous!!!!! We are doing great. My wife was just sleeved on 12/19. She's doing great so far. Down about 30 lbs and just hit a stall like a brick wall . I just lost my 100th pound the other day. CRAZINESS!!!!! I miss talking to you! What's new??
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    great to hear from you! I am so proud of you. Getting rid of those 2x clothes has to feel good! I am down 35 lbs now. I hit a stall in week and only lost 1 pound. I am not going to freak out over stalls, I just figure it is part of the process. I did not get this big overnight and I don't expect it to happen overnight also. I am just doing what I should do and trusting in the process of getting healthy and have failth the weight will come off.

    How is everything else for you? What about the homefront? I think about you often and hope you are doing well.

    I gave my two weeks notice last Tuesday and they were so angry and wanted more notice. Then after I worked all day Friday they let me go. They told me there were too many hurt feelings and they felt like they could not trust me. They blamed my having surgery then quiting on not trusting me. They said I used them for what I needed by having my surgery during season then quiting. After 13 years this is what they do to me! During my 6 sessions of psych during my ins. process testing my work was my number 1 contributor of my obestiy. I just decided enough was a enough and I needed to overhaul my life. So....I took a job in another dental practice. I will be making more money and working 40 hours a week and not 50 or 60 as I was in their practice. So...off for a week since my new office is on vacation until the 9th. I start my new job on the 9th. Looking forward to making 2012 a great year.
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    thanks for all your help! I guess I want to move onto a normal state but it will take time! My stomach is so SEVERELY bruised about 75% of it and very dark bruises. It looks like someone beat the crap out of me!!!! That is what is so sore in those areas. I would be happy eating what you ate for your lunch eating less does not bother me it is just NOT eating anything for so long that is driving me crazy! I can't take vitamins until I get to the pureed food stage 14 days out. Sugar and even sugar free stuff bothers me way too sweet! Just weird, I used to be able to shoven in so much sweets just very very odd! I appreciate all you do for me! Keep up the good work!
  5. Hi there:

    It will take a long time for the tired stage to pass. Just make sure you load up on vitiams and water!!!!. I went and got some liquid vitiams at GNC and it's easier to "drink" then to swallow. I didn't want to put anything in my mouth at all. I still have a hard time. I started at 251 and I'm today 224, so 27 lbs down in 6 weeks. I'm thrilled. You will do it too. I had my first stall the second week and that was awful, but then the weight started to fall off. This is by far the best decision I've ever made in my life. Don't worry about anything for the fist month, really. just do what you can and eat what you can. Don't count the fat, or carbs, just any little bit will be good for you. I have problem with sugar too, still now. I can eat it, but it's really, really sweet. More than I remember back when I was shoveling it in and thinking nothing of it. I stay away from it for the most part. I haven't had a slice of bread in two months and I'm fine with that too. Your entire way you took at food will change.
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    I am hanging in there. It is a lot tougher than I thought. I had buyers remorse for a couple of days big time!! Still on liquid diet until Monday. Having tough time with protein shakes and everything sugar free tastes WAY too sweel!!!! I have been so tired. I was going to go back to work today but decided to wait until Monday, just could not do it. I lost 10 pounds on liquid diet before surgery and have lost another 10 pounds. I am so glad you are doing so well! I am happy for you. A little black dress would be sweet! So how much have you totally lost? Go girl! Thanks again for your support has been a few tough days! I really feel a little more human today.
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    You are such a support! I am very tired. I am also very scared and aware of every twinge and weird feeling I have. I do not want to overdue anything! I am not sure about when I can take more drinks an ounce at a time and don't want to cause any leak or anything and don't want to get dehydrated! I definately am not getting my protein in yesterday or today. Only got about 30 grams in, just could not do it! So I am focusing on the liquids for time being.

    Definately will have to get together. Right now I just feel like a big gassy mess! Definately not hungry, imagine that! I may give you a jingle to see how you felt and knew how and when to take more liquids in.

    Have fun at your party and your ex being going is a great excuse for loosing weight! LOL! Good job!! Keep it up!
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    thanks. Just got home from hospital and doing good so far. Just very damn sore and gassy!!!! Hanging in there and taking it slow. Thanks for being there and thanks for all of your support! From what Dr. Bass says I will go through pretty much the same recooperation as you and all sleeve people. He says extremely similiar. Ready to take pain meds and go to sleep!
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    How are you holding up? Feeling good? Eating ok? Dish dish dish!!!
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    Hey love! It's all coming up! Jo-Jo is on the table tomorrow and my wife is getting sleeved 12/19. After the holidays and after everyone recovers, we need to all pick a time and place and go out!

    Can't wait to meet you ladies!
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    Physician's Regional on Collier Boulevard. In case you do my last name is Toppin. Hoping all goes well and saying my prayers big time!!!!
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    My surgery is on Wednesday. Yes I am getting scared. Please say your prayers for me. I am hoping it is not more than what people experience with the sleeve. I feel I can get through that. I don't know re-arranging my intestines just freks me out! I am soooooo glad you are doing awesome! I expect the same of ups and downs. I am going to focus on just getting healthy and learning how to live this way forever. I am sure I will occasionally weight but I want to probably weigh once a week so I don't get crazy! I will see you on the other side! Hugs girl!
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    Hey there gorgeous - I saw you were tired. I was too at your stage in the game. My vitamin regimen consists of 2 One A Day Gummies, 2 Caltrate calcium gummies, 2 sublingual B-12 and 2 vitamin C gummies a day. Every other day, I take a Rx Vitamin D. B12 will help your energy. Try eating throughout the day. I snack on cheese, turkey pepperoni and nuts. All good for the sleevie. You are doing fantastic!!!
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    Thanks so much! I am pretty scared but I just know I need to do this to live! I am so happy you are doing so well! I worry about getting food in after surgery while working! After going back to work I know it will be important to get in liquids and proteins and worried about how to do while working.

    I pray to God everyday to protect me and help this journey be as easy as possible. I have faith and an thankful this day for all of my family and friends like you! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Hey Janine!!!!! Good to hear from you!!! I miss talking to you!!!! Glad to hear you are doing well. I got the news today my second appeal was denied. So......I am forging ahead with RNY. I cannot keep going on this way. No way that I can get the money for Dr. Alvarez and not crazy about the strip mall with Dr. Almanza. I am scheduled 12/7 with Dr. Bass.

    How long were you off work? How are you feeling? How is the food going? How is the family stuff? Pop me off a message sometime!

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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota???? Does anyone have this insurance?

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