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  1. Hey Viv. Gosh that's not far away now. Xmas dinner will be about as yummy as mine was last year. I had my op Dec 17th and could barely eat my babyfood jar of pureed apple. You might be on mush (just). I made chicken, mashed potato & kumera with veges and gravy and just blended and then portioned out. It wasa delish. I still have protein shakes 3-4 times a week (I'm a bit over them) but depends on how protein packed my meals are as to whether I have them. I get my protein powder from VenomProtein.co.nz - I buy the whey protein isolate in chocolate and plain (35g per scoop). I used the plain to add to food and mix with a scoop of choc to drink. Unsweetened and dissolves beautifully. By having 2 scoops a day I got all my protein in, especially early on. I think that was why I suffered very little hair loss and weight loss was consistent. Powder is expensive but comes in 4kg bags which is very cost effective (about $160). Lasts for months. Countdown has home brand Reusable Food Storers (plastic containers) 300ml - about $3 for 4 pack. They are perfect portion size and I measure out all my meals in them - freeze well too. You'll only manage about half a container to start but I now have a full container for my evening meals. I do recommend the protein powder though
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    Thanks. How amazing that you have hit goal, makes it all worth it. I'm still in a holding pattern until 11th December, surgery day. I guess it will come soon enough. I'm sure to have questions bat what I can and can't eat. Do you still rely on protein shakes etc or are you meeting all your needs with real food? Thanks again for your support. Viv
  3. Hey Viv - how are you? Must be getting close now for your op. I'm going great - I hit 69kgs over the weekend which is just below my goal of 70kgs. I don't want to lose any more so I am trying to eat more than I have been. Feel great though and no problems. 9 months out now and I pretty much can eat anything. Certain things don't sit well but it's all trial and error and you go on. Let me know when your op is and if I can answer any questions along the way, am happy to. Cheers
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    How is it going?
  5. Oh Viv what a shame. Don't give up and keep saving. I was lucky to have a house with a lot of equity (actually have a new driveway in my stomach ha ha) so it was all pretty quick for me. I saw the doc on the 30th Oct and had the op 17th Dec. No hoops to go through when you self pay. It honestly is the best thing I have ever done - at 53 I feel 20 years younger (pity it wasn't around 20 years ago). Am down 41 kgs and around 4.5 from my personal goal of 70kgs - the docs goal is way too low. Keep striving because it will be worth it. Keep in touch - Cheers Jill
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    Hi there

    I got a message from your surgeon. He has declined as he thinks post surgery follow ups should be done locally. Also got turned down by the insurance company. Oh well just have to keep saving our pennies. Thanks for all your support. take care Viv
  7. Hi Viv I'm Sure he will. he's done well over 200 gastric sleeve ops so knows what he is doing. $7k is a big saving. Let me know how you get on. I'll be able to come and visit you if you go ahead here
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    Thanks for information about your surgeon. I have emailed them and asked about whether they take out of town patients. I'll let you know how I get on. Viv
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    Thanks for that. I maybe interested in more information. I guess it will come down to linking through into the support services as well. They come as a package down here. Still 7k is 7k and you can buy a lot of services for that. Sounds like you are going really well - good for you.
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    Hi There

    Just reading your recent post re the cost of your sleeve and that you would do it all again. Where did you get it done? The cost for me to get it down here is $25,500. I have just applied for funding through my partners insurance company but not hopeful that it will come through. Thanks again for your posts, it is great to read another NZers information and see how well you are doing. Cheers. Viv
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    Thanks for the massage. The service at NZ Post is called you shop. There is no reason we couldn't access the online shopping the others are talking about here not just amazon. Just set up an account with NZPost and go from there. My surgery still seems miles away 11 Dec. I'm paying for it myself so the 25k is going to take all year to save - but I'm do have a date. I'm trying to keep things under control in the meantime and have managed to lose 6 kg using a modified optifast diet. Reading lots on this website but keeping reasonably quiet. Really interested in how you (and others) are going on the sleeved side and what products etc you are using. All the best. Viv
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One Year Today - What a Journey

by jillyjake on 12-17-2014 at 02:11 AM
Well today marks my one year surgery anniversary. I started at 256lbs (116.1kgs) and as of today am down to 149lbs (68kgs) - 107lbs (48.8kgs) loss. I have now stabilised and fluctuate about 1-2lbs.

My final appointment with my surgeon 3 weeks ago (hadn't seen him since Feb) and his comment was "Well that worked!"

For me it has been the best thing I have ever done. I feel great and have been lucky to have had no problems. Food is no longer my life although

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6 Month Surgiversary 17.06.14

by jillyjake on 06-22-2014 at 03:55 AM
OMG - I cannot believe it was my 6 month surgiversary on the 17th. How my life has improved - beyond my wildest dreams.
Pre-op Diet: 256lbs
Surgery day: 239
Today: 169 - Loss: 87lbs

I am now 14 lbs from my personal goal weight of 154lbs but to be honest, if I didn't lose another ounce it would not worry me. I am now a size 10 (sometimes 8) which is something I NEVER thought I would achieve again.

I am still losing but a little

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First Before and After Pics

by jillyjake on 05-23-2014 at 11:58 PM
I thought it was about time I posted my before and after pics to date. I absolutely HATE the before photo, as I cannot believe I looked that bad. But I guess in order to show my progress I have to bite the bullet and do it.

Start date of Pre-op 03.12.13, 256lbs (116.1kgs) - Surgery date 17.12.13 (108.8 - 239lbs) - 5.5 months out (80.7 kgs - 177lbs).

How do I feel?............Bloody Fantastic

First clothes shopping since surgery - woop woop

by jillyjake on 05-08-2014 at 04:27 AM
Well after yesterday's debarcle with my overeating I called into my local Department Store (50% off sale) to get some new pants. Due the varying sizes in my wardrobe I have so far not had to buy clothes but all my trousers are ridiculous.

OMG I am now a size 14 - Wish I'd had a camera in the fitting room, the look on my face was priceless (I had to whisper to myself "WTF a 14 that can't be right - but it was - and some were loose - yippee). Last time I was a 14 was at least

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Dumb Dumb Dumb!!!

by jillyjake on 05-07-2014 at 04:05 AM
So today I left my brains in bed and went to work. Huge morning tea we put on for a co-worker that was leaving. Normally I would just have one thing and leave it at that but no, not today.

The half sandwich was first (which by the way filled me up). Next to come was two crackers with cheese (yum), two rice crackers with camembert (also yum), three large potato chips with huge scoops of dip to accompany, a handful of plain potato chips and finished off with a small turkish delight

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Before and After Photos

Picture BEFORE 256.00 lbs. - before
Picture AFTER after - 149.00 lbs.

Member: jillyjake

Surgery date: 12/17/2013

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