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    Looking awesome skinny mini!
  2. I put a picture to show are my fellow sleever this is my retirement and weight loss gift to my self....love my baby.haha..Even a personnel car tag. My stomach doesn't touch the wheel.. My husband has a hard time getting in and out, the top come off and I let the wind blow... I have lost 65 pound, people keep telling I look good. Hope all of y'all have a great day. Friday. My birthday and I can't drink but I gotta show off my new body....hahaha. God bless all
  3. Hello suz well I was really pissed for the last month and 2 days ..I felt I would never get out of the 140's for the last month and 2 days I have been up 2 lbs now I finally broke the stall. Down to 139 so happy.. That a total of 60 lbs. so glad you lost 50 lbs. I know you feeling better all that weight gone .. Keep up the good work. Take care .god bless
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    Hi Donna - How are you doing? I'm doing great with my sleeve. I've lost about 50 lbs now but still wish it was more. Some people on here lose so fast, it's crazy! I'm eating pretty much everything now, except haven't had a salad yet. How are things with you?
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    Thank you, thank you thank you!!! Will definitely keep u posted. Until the sleeved side!
  6. Yes, it new and it just came out . Bariatric Choice has lots of flavors, and I like to experiment and mix flavors either water or skim milk,or almond milk. You are not bothering me I want to help like everyone on this forum if I can help I happy to help. UNJURY is great after surgery with the chicken flavor or strawberry sorbet.hope this helps. Amazon has the orange nectar syntax
  7. Yes, it new and it just came out . Bariatric Choice has lots of flavors, and I like to experiment and mix flavors either water or skim milk,or almond milk. You are not bothering me I want to help like everyone on this forum if I can help I happy to help. UNJURY is great after surgery with the chicken flavor or strawberry sorbet.hope this helps.
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    Is the nectar orange made by syntrax, found it on some site for 32.00 is that what you paid. Sorry to bother you about this, remember I'm anal. LOL
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    Donna, thank you so much for the recipe. Where do you get nectar orange? I really appreciate you sharing. I have the UNJURY just need to get the rest, thank you so much. I will definitely take you up on contacting you on things. Have good one!!
  10. vonik I use UNJURY and nectar I blend the two and make a shake. One scoop of UNJURY and one scoop of nectar orange a container of Greek yogurt and a cup of skim milk ( or almond milk) add ice in blender and it is so good. Hope all go well, I love my sleeve. Let me know how things go . You can contact me anything.
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    Hi Donna, Hope you dont mind me contacting you but I just read a post you commented on about getting 64g of protein, just wondering what protein you are using. Getting sleeved in August and am so anal about getting enough protein. By the way you look great. Have a great day.
  12. Doing great just had dinner steak -umm (a bout 2 bites). Cheese mashed potatoes ( put UNJURY cheese sauce in to get more protein.). Baja corn ( it has black beans,green pepper,onion,). About a taste. Now I full. Wish we didn't have to wait 30 minutes before can have something to drink,I still struggle with that. I write everything down in (my fitness pal). It really help to see how much protein I getting. Wishing luck to you.
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    Hi Donna - Yes I'm on pureed now - what a pleasure to have some bulk to the food. For breakfast today I had 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with 1/2 banana. Very full from that. For lunch I had 2 oz of roasted chicken pureed with some mayo. Still full from that. Things are going very well. Going back to work on Wednesday. How are you doing?
  14. Good morning, suz. Doing great. Great to hear you doing well , just keep it up. Lost any weight yet? You take care. Blessing
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    Hi Donna,

    I feel pretty good. On Friday I pulled a muscle in my belly while getting up from the couch but other than that I feel good. I'm loving the full liquids stage, having puddings, yogurt, and I blended up a cup of wonton soup for dinner tonight. It was delicious! It takes me from a half hour to 45 minutes to eat my little meals but I'm progressing and getting in all my fluids and protein. Wednesday I can move up to puréed foods and I'm looking forward to egg salad. Can't wait to get back to the gym in a few weeks. Just walking the neighborhood now and doing hand weights. Thanks for thinking of me. How are you doing?
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Still not reach my goal

by donna1743 on 01-09-2017 at 07:05 PM
Well yesterday was 3 years since my surgery still haven't reach my goal but I am so close I not disappointed cause I have lost 94 lbs and I love the way I look. Hope all are well and keep up the good work.


by donna1743 on 01-08-2015 at 03:57 AM
Today is the my first anniversary of the sleeve....have lost 77 lbs. I am happy the the results. Didn't get to my goal but I will and it doesn't matter that I didn't get to my goal,because I am not in a race....I love it when my husband tel me I look beautiful, I have never had anyone tell me that...For those who on the fence or fixing to have the sleeve just remember it is a healthy tool and at first it difficult and exetremly hard the first 7 weeks but remember that it does get better and

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1months 2 days

by donna1743 on 08-22-2014 at 01:00 PM
Hello everyone well it been 1 month and 2 days since I lost any weight this has been my longest stall in the 7 months since I had my surgery, I know everyone go thru stalls ...I was so upset but this morning I went to weight my self and praise God I finally lost.. Hope you y'all are doing good, and remember this is a great jounery and it amazing.

To Elvita

by donna1743 on 07-21-2014 at 09:00 PM
Today is your surgery day . This is the first day of being sleeved. You have just started the greatest jounery in the world. Me and the others on this forum are here for you. Please feel free to ask for our help in any way we can. Blessing and God speed


by donna1743 on 03-21-2014 at 01:30 PM
Did a stupid thing just now, I went and got my husband a Reuben sandwich ,and he ask if I wanted half I said I wanted half of the half, since I ate a couple bites in the past and it didn't hurt me, I thought I would take a couple a bites and then I got sick. Started throwing up and dumping syndrome I will never do that again. I am stoping eating I will do my protein drinks from now on. For those whose are tempting to eat regular food take my advice. DON'T. God Bless

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