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  1. Hey there!! Glad your home and doing well! I was waiting for that call, but I'm glad you slept and rested, call me over week-end, if you can remained blessed,stay hydrated and moving
  2. Yes everything went great! I was discharged the next day the first day I slept the whole day the second day I went for testing and then home I do have muscle spasms when I drink but if I walk I don't have them I am on a clear liquid diet which is ok for now I'm satisfied about my decision and I'm happy to start this journey!!thanks everyone
  3. You are on the sleeved side now, cannot wait to here from you. God bless, still praying.
  4. hey there you!!! how are you feeling today? any closer on your decision? if and when you make up your mind, let me know....remain blessed! xo
  5. I understand! If you decide to move forward, then call me before ur procedure and give me your number and I can call you afterwards and know your not alone!! God goes before you and his spirit resides in you, just for these specific purposes, people aren't always and or can't be there for us, so lean and press into the rock of our salvation CHRIST!!
  6. I am sorry about your families trip, but when your in hospital, the staff(nurses,assistances) are there for you! My husband took me to the procedure, I came out of surgery and made him go home, I slept, then he returned next day 9am and then, sent him home around noon, I say this to let you know, you don't need anyone there! If your the type of person that needs someone, then can't you get a freid and or church memember(minister,deaconess) listen if your anxious then don't go through, but if you want procedure done, then have it done...call me 623-451-6122
  7. hello i am so glad that my insuraance company and or physician required a pre-op diet, matter of truth i gained 2 lbs before the procedure, i was eating my way through phoenix, lol!!! don't be nervous, i can understand anxious, but know that this is the right thing for yo to do. God wants us to be be in health even as our souls prosper 3John2, stand on his word and the nerves have to bow to his name! my surgery went great, i was anticipating to stay one night, but stayed an extra night, for pain managment and glad that i did. i saw my surgeon yesterday and will remain on clear liquids until next tuesday, im satisfied and staying full on broth,jello,popcicles and water, who would have thought that would be possible? tuesday i will be ready for cream soup,yogart and pudding. what church do you attend? my step father used to work at bethleham steel in cheektowaga , my daddy used to and retired from trico and we moved from new york in 1977, so i have been in arizona for over 30 yrs. keep me posted and if you have questions let me know....smooches
  8. Hello
    Where in buffalo are you? I too am from there, I used to live on landon st off jefferson blvd, nieghborhood considered coldsprings! Then moved to n.tonawanda/amherst went to sweethome grade and high school. I lived off niagra falls blvd
  9. Buffalo ny east side downtown area
  10. where in buffalo are you from?
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Wasnt feeling full until.....

by ladyTiff12 on 02-04-2014 at 08:40 AM
ok i wasnt feeling full and i felt like i was doing something wrong or my sleeve was broke. i mean i could drink liquid as much and have as mush soup as i want and nothing......BUT now im on pureed and i made chicken wing dip/soup and ding ding ding three spoons of that and i was stuff...so it do work...So if your not getting full dont get bend out of shape its just liquids...Listen to your body dont beat yourself you if u cheat or move the process up go slowly and make sure your CHEW and you can

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by ladyTiff12 on 01-29-2014 at 01:15 PM
how is everyone scars? R they noticeable, did u use cream how long did it take to heal do they hurt? etc

Im hungry!

by ladyTiff12 on 01-28-2014 at 11:26 AM
I 6 days out and Im hungry i read how everyone is full from sips etc... well not me I am hungry. I am on a liquid diet (water, G2, crystal light, jello and the best of it all soup) I have yet to feel this fullness that everyone is talking about. I tried pudding but it is to thick and is getting stuck. Has anyone else still have this hunger issue??

Shoulder pain moved to neck pain!!

by ladyTiff12 on 01-26-2014 at 08:29 AM
Ok so I woke up and the pain is in my neck it feels like a crick in my neck. Any suggestions hopefully this gas is moving out my body lol!! Ok I been on clear liquids I'm gonna try something to day the surgery and this cold weather is not working well together

Shoulder pains

by ladyTiff12 on 01-25-2014 at 01:14 AM
If u are having shoulder pains what r u doing for the pain im only 3 days out and this shoulder pain is getting painful gasx is not helping??

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