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    What have you been up to? Have you shared your decision with any others since your surgery? Just checking in to see if you are well and happy.
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    Hey, I'm so glad you are doing so well 2 wks out. Pureed foods are great bc it adds variety and I didn't eat any baby foods. You can eat cottage cheese, greek yogurt, hummus all flavors, peanut butter, refried beans w/ cheese & FF sour cream, drinkable yogurts, mashed potatoes, tuna or egg salad "whizzed up" and my favorite low sodium corned beef or roast beef hash pureed. Warning after pureeing some foods it looks like dog food but tastes great. I got sick of refried beans and tried black, chili & white beans mushed up. Good Luck w/ your new step!
  3. Tell me about Dr. A Ortiz. I choose him over Dr. Alverez and Pompa
  4. I've been busy trying to tie up the year end. I was actually in your neck of the woods this last week for a couple days. I have a client in Emeryville and one in Presidio that I have to go see fairly regularly. Happy to hear you are post surgery! And that you seem to be happy with the results! Its just the beginning. The pains go away . Mine was in my shoulder. And it hurt pretty bad. I slept sitting up for the first few days. The first couple days for me kind of sucked. But thereafter it got much better quickly. And after 10 days .. I felt awesome. I am now close to 3 weeks post surgery. I am watching my weight go down.. slowly but surely. I simply can't eat as much. In fact .. I think I can eat about an 1/8th to 1/4 of what I used to eat on average. It is going to force weight loss. There is not enough hours in the day for me to put away the calories I used to consume. I was low carb for a long time... I think I just depended on putting too much of it away to become full.
    Are you drinking the isopure drinks? (not the shakes) If so what flavor do you like? I tired one (orange?) and it was NASTY. My biggest struggle - post surgery and back on real food is .. getting enough water. Its hard for me to drink enough. Keep me updated! Glad to hear you made it through.
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    How are you feeling post surgery? I know you are excited that your day finally came. Congrats! Can't wait to hear how things are going?
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    The last 2 years of my life gave been a whirlwind!! It's amazing how life just happens!!! When I least expected it too!! There is a saying that has resonated with me..... "As soon as I stopped looking for the right person and started focusing on becoming the right person the right person came along...." Happily ever after DOES exist!!!! ❤❤❤❤
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    Best of luck on your surgery! Dr. Ortiz is amazing! He was my surgeon back in April 2012 and I was able to lose 140lbs. Now I am 6 months pregnant expecting my first baby..... BEST decision that I have ever made!!!! You are in great hands!!!!
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    Good luck today!!
  9. I'm rocking it and loving it at this point. Except for the physical scars and the full feeling quickly; I'd almost say its like I haven't had surgery. I was at an event last night with free food and an open bar and I had a water and few small bits of cheese. No hunger goading me to even really eat anything else. It was kind of awesome. I felt like a Jedi! The biggest thing for me pre-sleeve (being that I am ~6'6) is that it was hard to actually eat enough to feel full. I ate obscene volumes of food to get that full feeling so I wouldn't have to worry about it. So .. right now I am feeling pretty good about what the surgery has done. If I can be full from an appetizer in the future I will be ecstatic. Or get away with ordering off of the kids menu would be awesome too. As an example some days I would be really hungry and hit In-n-out I would get (2) 3x3's protein style. And I wouldn't feel overly full.. from that. It was like my full sensor was broken. And so far it appears to be working well. I'm down another couple pounds for a total of -15 at this point... and I've never felt hungry.
  10. The surgery wasn't that bad. In fact it was done outpatient for me. My surgeon was awesome-sauce and I was one of TWELVE he did on Dec 3rd 2012. (Yeah... he is that good.. people come from all over for him.)Today is day 5 and the first .. GOOD day I would say I have had. Days 2-4 were miserable. Now that things are subsiding I am starting to feel excited about .. all the good things to come. Almost like a kid at Christmas.
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    Thank you for your advice Emily. I like the "Put your big girl panties on..." advice and have been reviewing it. So how has your pre-op diet been going? Prayers to you while you are on this difficult week. Just think of what you already accomplished and what great things will lie ahead!
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    My surgery is 12/17/13 and I'm on the two week diet... YOU GET TO EAT SALAD!!! I don't :/ lol for breakfast I have half a cup of oatmeal, half a cup of almond milk and 1 string cheese. Lunch is 8oz broth or strained soup, 1 cheese stick, half cup apple sauce. Dinner is 8oz soup/ broth,half cup of jello or pudding and fit in 4 protein shakes before meals! Ohh.but I do get to have sugar free Popsicles
    Thanks for all the advice and responses. Question: have you told everyone? Or just close people?
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    yea! It will be so nice to have someone that knows exactly what im going through!
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    What kind of diet are you doing pre-op? I have to do the liver reduction diet for 2 weeks then clear liquids diet for 2 days before surgery.
  15. I still need to schedule my surgery. Hope that you are well and keep me posted.
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