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    Hi, Stassy. How is everything going? Hope your sleeve is working well and you are adjusting O.K. It had its moments when I just want to eat normal {if you know what I mean?}, but I am doing so well and am down 38 lbs. I just look at last years photos and I feel great about the progress. Write soon and tell me how you are doing, Shirley
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, Stassy. We have not talked in a while and I am wondering how you are doing? All is well here and I have had to go back to liquids only. My stomach is very slow to heal and I am vomiting every time I eat real food. I just need a little more time and that is fine. The good news is it has kick started my weight lose and I could not be happier. I was very frustrated and I could not take the constant sore stomach and vomiting, so I am very grateful to feel better. I hope all is well with your new sleeve. Bes t wishes, Shirley
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    I heard about people getting it done the same day. I hope that happens with me. How many days did you stay? How are you feeling now? My surgery is 12/11/13. My hubby and I leavr on Tuesday.
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    Hi Stassy. It is great to here you are doing fine {the normal stuff, nothing wrong]. Every time I read of someone that went to Dr Almanza it brings back all the memories of my experience and it doesn't feel like such a dream!!! How is your energy? Hope you are adjusting well. I am finally starting to get the drift of portion control. I am only 7 weeks out and I think I was overwhelmed and expected too much. Try not to make my mistakes. It will work and don't rush it. Your brain has to get accustom to all of this too. Well, I will go for now, write when you can . Shirley
  5. [I]also taking the xray was a pain, I had already woke up that morning feeling nausea then drinking this which sore purple day was almost unbearable, we all sat in a lobby one by one going in for the xray but once you were called you had to drink this cup of clear liquid which tasted like cleaner, each person hurled after their turn. I was second to last so it took everything in me to hold down the ink because I couldn't imagine doing it again.each day the passes seems to get easier, little by little. I'm nervous but excited to get my drainage out today, and not feel so restrictive and then I go home tomorrow, so very excited!!
  6. the WiFi at the hotel hasn't been great, so this will be my third attempt at the post :/ my surgery went well, I was probably more of a baby then I expected. I had my appt scheduled for Friday but was able to get a day early. which was exciting because it gave me an extra day to heal but I was very nervous. the nurses were great and the doctors were very professional. everything happened pretty quick. upon arrive I was in surgery in under two hours. I woke up pretty uncomfortable, but everyone seemed to handle themselves completely different. luckily I was teamed up with bianca which was awesome, and she did great. I seemed to have a lower tolerance for pain and had a harder time getting comfortable. after a night in the hospital I was put in a private room which has been so much more relaxing. the worst parts so far definitely has to be the gas, the c02 cause so much pressure and I have the hardest time getting it out. i bve been walking almost 10 times a day trying to get it to move out and it seems to be helping.
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    Good luck! Hope all goes well. Walk as much as possible
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    Ur welcome!
  9. can't believe I'll be boarding the plain in 5 hours!! the month has been full of so many emotions, thoughts and memories flooding through my mind. tonight besides being tired and hungry, I'm only stressed over packing and getting everything organized before I leave. I don't feel anxious or have anxiety about the surgery, I'm looking forward to becoming healthy and excited for my future!
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    Good luck 2 u with ur surgery and recovery
  11. cool so hopefully we will be getting there at the same time
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    if all goes well at 1120 and hopefully get picked up at 12 if we can hurry I suppose
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    lol yes we are very close.. what time will you be in Thursday?
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    Hi Stassy. Your advice to count calories worked. I think I was missing the food quantity that I used to before the sleeve and also the adjustment of coming off of liquids. I am now losing again and feel much better. I think I needed to go through that period just to get a new balance on my new stomach. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks. Sometimes the simplest things can't be understood until someone else tells you. Don't you love this site? Support and encouragement, so thankful. Not long now girl!!! Be excited - not scared . You will do fine and remember the first few days are the worst then it is all a wonderful weight losing life. Write if you can, Shirley
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    Omg.. today has been the worse for me. My anxiety has been through the roof.. I feel like I'm snacking on anything for no reason.. At work Im pretty good.. but at home.. omg.. I started to pack trying to make sure I take everything I could possibly need which didn't help bc I'm not a light packer ugh!! FYI it was recommended that I take a sports bra because it could be uncomfortable to wear a normal bra for at least the first few days. I asked about your question in regards to chocolate protein and they told me that as long as we are drinking any protein liquids with few sugars we would be fine. They say we should try to stay around 40 grams of carbs even a little less if possible but Im sure we will see what works for us. I guess that is why it is important to write down exactly what we are eating the first few months to make sure we are pro active. Yes I sure hope we come out feeling fine .. no nausea.. vomiting or too much discomfort. Then we can walk walk and sip sip and maybe get to see a little but if the city while we are there and take some pics!! My hair like you is soo much of who i am that it scares me to think that one day ill be washing it or whatever and clumps start falling.. omg... or that people ask if my hair is thinning.what?! I think I'll freak.. my hair dresser friend said no big deal just get a good clip in..still.. lord knows ill need help around that state of the process.. Yes by summer we sure will be SMOKIN. lol. I can't wait to buy stuff!
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