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  1. whoops sorry didn't realize my husband was signed in.
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    I am doing great! I am down 50lbs but feel like I am at a stall. We leave next week for my husband to get his surgery. How is everything going with you?
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    Hey How r u doing?
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    I think a bird eats more than I do! lol My hubby is concerned cause I don't eat much, like u a couple bites and I'm done. I do understand that feeling that if u swallow one more bite that it may not stay down. I've had to spit bites back out a couple times cause I felt like if I swallow it that it wouldn't be a pleasant experience. We r heading back to the gym today. I wanted to go sooner but I was so weak feeling that I just could NOT do it. Ugh... Feelin better now though so I think I got this! Our grocery bill has gone way down too. I make my hubby a plate and take a tiny bit off his plate and that's my food! hahaha Love it! I'm glad I don't have that hunger feel anymore. Sometimes I wish I had it so I would remember to eat but I set alarms instead. YES!!! My pants went from an 18 down to 14 so far. YAY!!! I wore a pair of sweat pants to Mexico on the plane and they r HUGE on me now!
  5. Yes my husband is going to Dr Almanza as well. I eat like a bird about three times a day. After a couple little bites I am done! Lol this week I plan on starting my workout schedule to tone up what I am losing. NOTHING tastes the same. Things I loved before or wanted don't even seem appealing to me anymore. I read that some people eat a lot and hungry still....I can't imagine eating a lot I would be sick. Lol After my husband is sleeved our grocery bill is going to go down. My 9 month old eats more than me. I love that I'm steadily losing the weight. My pants I wore down to Mexico are so big on me. Have you went down in your pant size?
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    I weigh once a week as well. I don't wanna become a scale addict. lol

    43 lbs. that is AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!

    Good luck to your hubby, that's neat that u r both gonna be sleeved! Is he also going to Dr. Almanza?

    My eating... Ugh... My new lil tummy does NOT like food!!! But I sure try hard! I was told if nothing else at least eat a couple tablespoons 4 times a day to get my metabolism going. So... A few bites of food and I'm SO done!!! How about your eating???
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    How r u doing since surgery?
  8. I am trying cream of wheat for breakfast this morning. Everytime I intake something I get gassy....are you having this still? I'm thinking it's because all I have had the last 3 weeks is liquids. I hope it gets better! Do you feel hungry at all? I don't but I know I need to intake something.
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    Ok so we r ONE day apart!!! Thank you!!! I am SO happy with this decision.
    I can for sure feel the difference in my clothes! YAY
    I tried so hard to drink those nasty clear liquid type protein shakes and NO way were those agreeing with me. So, I have to be honest and admit I didn't get them in. :-/

    It is VERY hard to get liquids in still. I hear a LOT of people say that though so I'm sure it will get easier.

    OMG I can EAT today!!! I had a couple bites of an egg this morning and a couple bites of cottage cheese for breakfast. Right now I'm having cream of wheat for lunch. OMG they taste SO good!!!

    I've lost 24 lbs as of today!
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    Hey Amber!!! So did u have surgery the 4th or did u change your date on here to the 5th? U know something funny... I considered changing from Jerusalem Hospital to Mi Hospital at one point cause of the things I was reading on here about Jerusalem Hospital being a "clinic". Well... I've seen SO, SO many people that now have infections and having to spend days in the hospital now because they insisted on a "hospital". From what I saw Jerusalem Hospital is a "hospital", just in a strip mall!!! I was pleased with the cleanliness and the staff.

    The nausea was AWFUL for me!!! Ugh... AWESOME on the 20 lbs. I'm down 22 as of this morning!!!

    Keep in touch as well!!!
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    Hi Amber,

    Hope your surgery went well. For me this was the best decision every! I feel I chose the best possible surgeon as well!

    Let me know how your doing when you can. I know I was so tired I surely did NOT feel like being on here!!!
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    Thank you. Yes, everything went great. I had a LOT of nausea, still do but not much pain at all. I was very impresses with the surgery clinic as well as all the staff. I'm sorry I'm just getting back. This is the first day I felt like getting on my laptop. Ugh... Hope your surgery went well today. U will be here at the hotel tomorrow and I leave tomorrow to go to spend the last night in San Diego before I go home. Let me know how it went for u. (((hugs)))
  13. Yeah my husband wanted go but everyone works that can watch the kids. My name is Amber and I will! I moved.to Burleson in 2008 when I bought my house. I LOVE it here only thing I would change is the weather lol
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    I'm going to have my hubby bring his laptop so I can post my experience so I will let u know. That would be neat to meet someone that I met on here. That's kinda scary alone but I understand someone needing to be with the kids. My hubby is coming with me. I refuse to go to Mexico myself. lol My name is Shannon, look me up when you arrive.

    I see u r from Burleson! My husband and I lived in Cleburne for a couple months. We even got married there May 29, 2010. I LOVE it there!!!
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    Hi there! I'm having surgery with Dr. A two days before u. I cannot wait!!!
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About afevang
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
I am married to my wonderful husband phil and we have 3 kids. A 10 year old son,3 year old daughter, and a 6 month old son. I have struggled with Mr weight since I became pregnant with my first. I gained 78 lbs with him and loss some then gain or all back plus some. Even though I gained less than twenty with my last two pregnancies I stil continued to gain weight when I would stop breast feeding. My sister in law had the surgery done in March and has lost 60 lbs. I am now looking forward to the surgery and getting back down to my pre-kids weight!!!!
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98lbs lost......2lbs to my 100 mark and 23lbs to my Goal!!!!

by afevang on 05-05-2014 at 01:00 PM
I would have never thought I would lose almost 100lbs just 5 months after surgery but I have! I can't even imagine myself 98lbs heavier. I am able to do things that I haven't been able to do since I have had kids. For those that haven't or just recently had surgery don't give up or get discouraged the weight will come off before you know it. Your life will be forever changed after surgery. My husband and I both had it done and we both couldn't be happier with our choices: ) he had his surgery February

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50lbs down!!!!!!

by afevang on 01-20-2014 at 03:02 AM
I had surgery on December 5th and I am already 50lbs down! Even though I don't feel it yet the scales say otherwise. 71lbs to go and I will be what I was before kids. I am so excited for my husband, February 6th we leave for Mexico for him to have his surgery. Can't wait to see whaT this year is going to bring us. This has been the best decision and money spent!

Almost 1 week post op!!!

by afevang on 12-11-2013 at 06:59 AM
I had surgery on 12/05/2013. Everything is going great! I had nausea the first two days but other than that nothing. No pain at all! There is no hunger, only thing I get is thirsty. I would recommend this surgery and Dr Almanza to anyone!!! I will doonthly updateson my progress.

3 weeks till surgery!!!

by afevang on 11-15-2013 at 09:49 AM
In 3 weeks I will be having my surgery!!! So excited and can't wait to start my new journey! I know there will be obstacles on my journey but I am looking forward to a new me smaller me

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