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    Getting close. You getting antsy?
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    Awwww, thank you. Your day is coming up. How are you feeling???
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    Hi Ann, thanks for sharing this. I'm beginning to understand the difference and why it's not simple math. I appreciate it!
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    Thank you Ann! I have updated the before and after pictures. I have been doing well thus far and just keeping up with everything. It becomes second nature after a while. You will do great! You have a lot of support on this site. Good luck to you and your journey...write to me anytime!!!!
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    Thank you Ann for your comment. I see you are on your way to be sleeved shortly after me. It's been an exciting journey for me so far and must say, I've enjoyed reading some of the responses on this website.
    Hope you do well with your surgery.
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    I saw where you start your pre-op diet on Monday! So exciting! It's getting close! Congrats!
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    Thank you Ann!! You are sooo right!! It is like Night and day. I traded an unhealthy relationship with food and a food addiction, for a healthy lifestyle and a workout addiction. I cannot tell you how much better I feel now that I am healthy and can help my patients more!!! Thank you for the ADD, Have A blessed Day!!!
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    Thank you for your feed back that really helps me
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    thank you!
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    Thanks for replying so some of the threads I posted in! You have some great advice!
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    Thank you Ann2 for your lovely comments on my before and after album of photos ... I find it astounding myself..my daughter is 29 and she said " Mum I don't remember you ever looking like this... My reply was I looked like this when I first met your Dad... That was 30 years ago... Hope you are doing well..?
    All the best Hev
  12. it is good to know I am not the only one over 60 that wants to get this weight off, I had the lap band but it just is not for me. I go to the doctors tomorrow for my sleeve date, I did not think the day would ever get here, will let keep up on the notes, I read a lot of notes before I decided to have this done, thinking I was to old, although I do not feel 69, I feel better knowing there are people my age wanting the same thing. later
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    Hope you are doing well, have not seen you on here in a while. Hope you have a great week
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    Ann2, thank you I appreciate your honestly and I will research that as you mentioned.
    Thanks Again.
    My Blog Spot: surgerygastricsleeve.blogspot.*com
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    Have a great weekend!
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About Ann2

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About Ann2
Sleeved or not sleeved:
I have had a gastric sleeve.
I'm 68 (now 69) and have struggled with overweight since I was 6 years old. I've been heavy, normal, heavier, slim, even heavier, normal, heavier .... You all get it.

I'm married to a wonderful man who supports my VSG journey. My goal is to become as healthy as I can as I head into retirement. I've done so many other things well in my life and refuse to let this problem defeat me.

I invite all the support anyone would like to give and offer mine to others on their VSG journey.
Travel, reading, writing, spending time with my husband
Gastric Sleeve Surgeon:
Surgery date:


Consult: 235 lbs
My and doc's preop diet: 216 -19 lbs
M1 postop 205 -30
M2 193 -42
M3 184 -51
M4 174 -61
M5 167 -68
M6 162 -73
M7 156 -79
M8 151 -84
M9 148 -87
M10 146 -89
M11 144 -91
M12 143 -92
M13 142 -93
M14 140 -95
M15 139 -96
M16 137 -98
M17 135 -100

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5 Months Post-Op - Down 68 Pounds and New NSVs

by Ann2 on 01-18-2015 at 08:55 AM
After 5 months post-op, this morning I weighed 167.4 pounds. I'm down from 235.6 (which I weighed 2-1/2 months prior to surgery). I've lost 68.2 pounds total (which includes losses from my own pre-op diet and the doc's pre-op diet) and 48.6 pounds since surgery on August 18, 2014.

Weight loss this month slowed to 7 pounds from monthly losses that have averaged 10.5 pounds. Toward the end of Month Four my bariatric P.A. urged me to start raising my daily cals from 800 toward 1,000,

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Four Months Post-op and Down 61.4 Pounds Total

by Ann2 on 12-18-2014 at 12:29 PM
Today is exactly 4 months post-op for me. Since many people want to hear about others' experiences, here are my results so far (all in pounds):

At the first surgeon consultation I weighed 235.6
After my own two-month diet I was down 11.6
After my surgeon's two-week pre-op diet, down another 8.0
1 month post-op, down another 10.4
2 month post-op, down another 11.8
3 months post-op, down another 8.8
4 months post-op, down another 10.4

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Two Months Post-Op -- Down 24 Lbs. Post-Op, Down 42 Lbs. Total

by Ann2 on 10-18-2014 at 07:23 AM
And that headline pretty much says it all.

Very, very happy with how it's going. Had a super good VSG surgery and an easy-peasy recovery.

Four weeks post-op, I got a bonus surgery -- gallbladder was removed.

Was hitting protein targets (60-80 grams) by Day Five. Haven't thrown up once. Am now able to drink water easily, almost like pre-op. Energy is coming back strong. Clothes sizes are down from 20 to 16. Looking much cuter.

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Before and After Photos

Ann2 has not uploaded their before and after pictures yet. Please check back soon or send them a PM and ask them to upload them.