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  1. Hi gettinskinny1988, i'm 6 weeks out from the sleeve and just got out of the hospital from dehydration. it was scary, but im better now. I gained 3lbs from iv liquids alone!! but im holding up. hang in there!!
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    Hi skinny... thank you for the encouragement. Sheri
  3. I am doing well. I just wish these weight stalls would quit. I lost 3 pounds a couple of days ago after a stall and I am on another stall. Cannot figure out why. I walked 2.8 miles yesterday and still no extra weight loss. Hoping to have weight loss today. I am a daily weigher. I think I am goingto mstart weighing once a week. Maybe that way I wont get so discouraged.
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    Hey!! How are you??
  5. Thank you Wendy for all the good information. I will definitely pass this on to my sis. She will be glad I got her this info.
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    In Coos Bay it is at the Bay Bareatric Clinic. Dr. Tresigni is wonderful!! I had mine in the day surgery department then went to the hotel where my sisters took great care of me. The next morning I went to the Bay Area hospital and had the barium test and then back to the doctors office for two IVs then back to the hotel. The next morning I had a post-op check out, everything was fine so I left Coos Bay. I go back on the 27th of July for my five week check up. The cost is about half the price of what is in Eugene. I didn't have insurance either,so it is a big quest but just go on their web sight and they have all the information that will help your sister make her choice. I will be very happy to answer anything that I can for her. Please wish her the best of luck from me, I know how disillusioned you can get when your insurance will not help.
    God Bless; Wendy
  7. I am doing pretty good and you? The pain from the surgery gets pretty bad at times because I am not very diligent about betting in my pain meds as I hate how they make me feel and that I am not able to drive when I am on them. I eat small amounts throughout the day. How much have you lost since you had your surgery? Did you gain any weight while you where in the hospital from your fluids? By the way, how do you add a picture of yourself to your profile.
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    Hey Gettingskinny1988, we were sleeved on the same day, how are you making out? Today, is better than yesterday for me.

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    Hello, Just wanted congratulations and best of luck on your journey. I will be having my surgery in two weeks. =D
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    Congratulations on your surgery! Keep a positive attitude and treat this surgery as a tool to help you learn to eat better and you will be a success!
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    hi, just wishing you all the best on the 28th, i have my op on the same day!!

    warm wishes bear X
  12. Hello Wendy, yes I am from Roseburg area. I am hoping to have surgery at the end of June also.
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    Hi Deanna; Are you from Roseburg? I caught a message the other night just as I was logging out. My surgery is on june 20th in Coos Bay. My insurance will not pay for my surgery so I had to find a great doctor with the best price in Oregon. I am having my surgery in day surgery and have to stay close to the clinic and hospital for two more nights. Each day I will go in first for the barium test and then be on an IV for about 4 hours. My sisters (God Bless Them) will be staying with me at the hotel and be my nurses. After I leave Coos Bay
    I will be going to our beach house in Florence to recoop for about a week. My doctor is Steven Tersigni and his staff is wonderful. Can't wait to get a great discussion going on Oregon Sleevers. Take care Wendy
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About gettinskinny1988
Sleeved or not sleeved:
I have had a gastric sleeve.
I have been gaining weight for the past 22 years. Now my health is getting a bit poor and I want to improve it. I am diabetic and want to live a long healthy life and be able to enjoy the grandkids.
Roseburg, Oregon
beading, spending time with family, friends, and boyfriend
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Dr. Maccoll
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Anyone getting wrinkles due to their weight loss?

by gettinskinny1988 on 12-16-2011 at 10:17 PM
I have always looked younger then my real age. As i have lost weight I have noticed that i am starting to get wrinkles around my eyes and my skin that was at one time my double chin is now loose on my neck and chin. i am very glad that I have lost weight but not glad about my sagging skin.

Test results

by gettinskinny1988 on 11-10-2011 at 11:31 PM
Well I had surgery June 20, 2011. When I had my labs taken pre-surgery some of my results were still out of wack. Today my doctors office called me and read my results over the phone. The only thing that was high was my cholesterol. In May when I had my labs taken my a1c was at 5.9 and today it is at 5.6. I was astounded. I was so shocked that it had gone down that far in a matter of a few months. I am so excited. As of today I have lost a total of 45 pounds. Cannot wait til I get to my goal weight.

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Help someone....

by gettinskinny1988 on 11-05-2011 at 11:49 PM
I am 4 1/2 months out of surgery and I have been on a plateau for the past six or seven weeks. Unfortunately I am unable to achieve my protein goal of 80+ grams/day, 64 oz. water/day and exercise. I am not getting in near what i need. I used to do well at this in the beginning but now is another story. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

New Surgery Date was quite the surprise

by gettinskinny1988 on 06-22-2011 at 07:32 PM
I was scheduled to have surgery on June 28th, however my doctors office called me last week and told me that they had changed it. I had my surgery on June 20. I am now two days out. I was released from the hospital today and now I am at home waiting for my son to get home with my pain medication so that I can relax and heal like I should. I am looking forward to my ne wstomach. I have been told that the pain meds make you constipated, has anyone dealt with diarrhea from surgery. Don't get me wrong

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Oregon sleevers

by gettinskinny1988 on 05-23-2011 at 11:25 PM
Hello all, I have been on hear for a couple of weeks, just wondering if there are any Oregon members on this forum. I am looking for a buddy to go thru this surgery with. I am really getting depressed because I have not lost the weight that I thought that I would have lost by now.Hoping someone in my area can travel this road with me. BTW, good luck all and congratulations on your life changing decision.

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