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    Thinking of you today. Good luck!
  2. Well I joined this forum 12th Sept 2013 and we are now 21st Nov 2014 and I have had word just a couple of weeks ago that my surgery has been approved and I'm having the band to sleeve conversion 21st December 2014.....1 month from now. I have spent the best part of this year doing all the tests and tried hard to keep my spirits up as I have stood on scale after scale for doctor, dietician and panel; for approval. It's so humiliating being overweight. Now I'm full of excitement and nervous at the same time. Scared that I will fail at this...scared about the anaesthetic..... lots of fears I guess arising because I have a beautiful little girl 1 year 8 months. In the last few months my weight has fluctuated. Lots of changes in my life and food has been my friend as always but this has got to change and I am determined that this fantastic chance I have been given will work for me and me and my sleeve will be mates for life. I am so happy to say goodbye to my band. It served it's purpose sometimes but on the whole it caused me endless side effects that I hope will not return with the sleeve. From time to time I might post on here my thoughts and feelings in an open and frank manner. if there is anyone else on the forum about to do the sleeve in Israel please be in touch. I would love to offer and get support from someone close by who is on the same path as me.
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
I had a gastric band fitted in 1984. I lost about 30 kilos over the course of 6 years but during that time had several bouts of not being able to swallow and had to have the band loosened and tightened and loosened and tightened trying desperately to find a comfortable medium. I never did and in order to keep the weight down for my marriage 2.5 years ago resorted to almost a year of sheer hell of being sick on average 15 times a day and for long periods severe discomfort swallowing. Immediately after my wedding...literally the next day.... I went to an emergency surgeon and had the band loosened a little. Then my next hell began...weight gain...and very very fast. I went to see another surgeon and mentioned I wanted to get pregnant..he insisted the band should be loosened almost completely for this but did warn me about ongoing weight gain. I felt I had no choice because at 43 yrs of age pregnancy needed to happen NOW and everything else put on the back-burner. I loosened the band, started hormone treatment to help to get preggie quickly and within 8 months I was pregnant and we now have a beautiful 6 month old daughter. All very positive except all my weight and more has gone on and I am in crisis both emotionally and physically. I don't want to tighten the band because my life is really hell with regards the swallowing and being sick so many times per day. I feel like a complete failure in the weight department but I'm now considering the sleeve surgery as I understand it's more permanent with less side effects. Has anyone else gone from band to sleeve?
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