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  1. Hi Buttercupplano! I am fine, thank you! A little tired and like you said, I do need to move around a little more so Iīll be going for a walk in a few minutes. Take care and let me know how you are doing! Thanks again for the message!
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    How are you feeling? I hope you're doing okay...keep moving, that will help you feel better and keep up the water, you don't want to become dehydrated. This is the hard part, you'll feel better every day, promise. Post how you're doing when you get a chance.
  3. Thanks for your well wishes! Surgery went very well, very short operation according to the surgeon, I was in and out in 45 minutes. Came home Thursday and feel better with each day that passes. Eating pureed food but still relying on the protein shakes. Going back for check up on Wednesday. Hope all is well with all of you as well!
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    Best wishes for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery!!!!
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    Good luck and remember, you CAN do this!
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    I love Dawn French too. She is a big inspiration for losing weight. She looks amazing!
  7. Great! So, you are not cancelling?! I had another major surgery about 10 years ago and I did not flinch at all, but this one is getting to me a little bit. Maybe itīs because Iīm 10 years older? I donīt know. I guess being apprehensive is to be expected but at the same time what if itīs my intuition telling me something I should not ignore? Weird, isnīt it? Brain ghosts... hahaha! Good luck and I hope to be hearing from you soon! I hope we both sail thru surgery and that we wonīt have to experience any complications!
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    I just got home form my last pre op before Tuesday! AND YES I am all the above!Yes please lets do keep in touch. I think cheering each other on would be great for us both! Thanks for friending me!
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    our surgery is the same day! Good luck to you!
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About bikemom
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
Weight problems for about 20 years, up and down, need to take care of this once and for all
Hiking, biking, horseback riding, traveling, quilting, reading, pop and rock concerts...
Self employed
Surgery date:


Startweight 5-18-13: 244
Weight, surgery date 9-24-13: 207 (37 lbs)
Weight, one month post op 10-24-13: 193 (51)
Weight, two months post op 11-24-13: 178 (66)
Weight, three months post op 12-24-13: 168 (76)
Today, 1-13-14, I have lost a total of 80 lbs! Woohoo! 44 to go...
Weight, four months post op 1-24-14: 162 (82)
Today, 2-13-14, I have lost a total of 84 lbs, 40 to go... the weight loss is slower now, but thatīs ok.


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Surgery date!

by bikemom on 09-12-2013 at 01:05 AM
Iīm so happy because yesterday I finally got my surgery date - September 24th! Itīs starting to seem more real now... not just something that might take place some time in the distant future... less than 2 weeks to go! Iīm starting the pre-op diet on Saturday. I am so excited! Finally!

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