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    That's the same thing he told me, it was the first thing that I had heard though about possibly having to stay more than one night. I'm mostly worried about the cost... I'm already pretty close to tapped out financially with this.

    He told me that I'm also having the hernia repaired but I honestly don't think that I have one, I think that's just something that they tell the insurance companies when insurance won't cover weight loss surgery.
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    Hey! How did your pre-op appointment go? Mine was okay, I really like Dr. Mirza even if I'm not a huge fan of some of his staff... I was surprised though because twice yesterday it was mentioned that I might not get to go home until Friday. I hope that's not the case and I wondered if they told you the same thing?
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    I'm earlier in the morning but I'm sure that we'll see each other in the hospital =)
  4. As of today I have lost 41lbs. I did go like 2 weeks not losing anything and then all of a sudden it started coming off again. I actually think the protein shakes he is having me drink doesn't make me lose as much, maybe its the fruit I put with them but he said I could. I'm supposed to go get blood work again before my next appt. so they can look at my vitamins etc.. I found that the nutritionist will tell you one thing and then he says another. I have just been doing what my body tells me. I could drink more water before the surgery but now I can't. I just can't get it down. The nutritionist told me that the vitamins were in the shake so don't worry about taking extra but then he was asking me about my vitamins on my last visit. ugh I do take a gummy vitamin everyday but bought the calcium and vit. d and vit b from celebrate. Guess I better start those so my blood work will be ok. lol
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    I did... My appointment is tomorrow. I actually found out that I was mistaken about the time of my surgery too, I'm the first one of the day at 6 am on the 30th. That means I have to be at first street at 4am!!
  6. I never had any problem with his office, course I had them email me so I didn't have to take as many calls at work. They sent me a schedule of all my appoints in one page. Now First Street I can tell you that they will bug the crap out of you after the procedure when you are home or work. I never answer there calls anymore. They are just calling to make sure you are ok which is nice but my Dr. is the one that should know that. The leg compression machine he gives you to wear at home I can honestly say I never wore them. They were a pain in the hospital and I never felt like I needed them. I had procedure on Wednesday and was home on Friday morning and back to work on Tuesday. It does feel weird drinking after the hyatel hernia because its tight and I still have trouble drinking as much water as he wants me too. I do drink the celebrate vanilla cake batter as my protein shake with a banana or strawberries and then I also have Pro Cal 100 shakes by RKane that I order in chocolate which taste like chocolate milk, I love them.
  7. One meal replacement shake a day also until Thursday then two and all liquids on Tuesday.
  8. Hey, girl it was wonderful. Are you having it done at First Surgical in Bellaire? Dr. Mirza and his staff are great. They make you feel so comfortable when you arrive. Only part I didn't like but every dr. is this way you have to breath in the stupid machine and he wants it up to 1500 to 2000, no way I could do that after surgery. They are very informative as well. I was supposed to lose 10lbs before surgery and lost 15lbs. You will not be hungry at all. Believe me. Taste buds change too. I'm now to the point I can eat anything but white bread, rice and pasta don't settle too well. I actually went out of town this weekend ate at restaurants but of course couldn't eat much and lost 2lbs. Any questions just ask. Good Luck Heidi
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    I'm on one meal replacement shake a day, Wednesday I have to replace 2 meals and from Sunday forward it's liquids only. What about you?
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    I think that I'm at 1 oclock at First Street... I actually need to call them and verify the specific time. No, I haven't had my pre-op appointment yet, I don't even have one schduled. Did you have yours already? This is the frustration that I've had with his office, it really seems like they're sloppy about communication and scheduling. I do like Dr. Mirza though, he seems nice enough.
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    Really?? Wow! I think that this means that we're destined to be friends =)

    What have you thought of him and his staff so far? Are you having your procedure at First Street?
  12. Good to hear. I'm scheduled in October with Dr Mirza. How was your experience with him and which hospital did you choose?
  13. Thank you everything went great and feeling better each day.
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