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  1. You are doing wonderful..Glad the weight is coming off fast for you..I am struggling..Lost 55 pre op and 50 post since last May..I am not getting there fast enough for me..I am stepping up the activity and hoping I can get there..Summer I will be swimming..You look good..Being older I heard it is slow..I am hanging in there and with new friends it should help.
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    Thx 4 the welcome
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    Hi. I am trying to learn how to use this website. I had my surgery at the Barix Clinic in Ypsilanti MI. I am having a few issues with acid reflux and excessive saliva which is causing me to vomit a few times. I have had some complications with my stomach closing at the bottom and had to be dialated once as an outpatient and again after being readmitted for 2 days. I have been told that this is not common, but it happens. Just my luck. I am optimistic. I am confident that this will get better with time.
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    looking great. congrats on fifty pounds. awesome.
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    Thank you for the Welcome
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    Hi. I live in Canton. I have my surgery scheduled for 12-30-13. I have been told that I will be off work for about 3 weeks. Is this realistic? How are you feeling 2 weeks later?
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    thanks for the Welcome!
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    I see you're in Michigan- where if you don't mind me asking? I was born in Pontiac, moved to NC waaaay back in '68. Still have family there though.
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    I did! Took awhile. Thanks!
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    Hey girl. I am down to the final stretch. This is my last day at work. I am starting to get so nervous. I know I will be fine and I know I will be ready but there is just so much anxiety. Thanks for being my person on this site. It look for your posts, your updates. It's a bummer that Facebook is being a butt... We are putting up our Christmas decorations today so that we have that done. I a just wanting to make sure all my ducks are in a row. It's like having a baby. Are you every truly ready? I will most likely talk to you over the weekend and I will do my best to post an update after my surgery on Monday. Monday!!! It seems like so long ago when I posted that I had a date. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.
  11. Mmm...yams...
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    Thank you for the Refried Bean Recipe I'll deffinately try that sounds good. I'm deffinately going to have a bite of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving as well really we can eat just about everything that goes with Thanksgving dinner except the Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Yams, Butternut Squash, even a little stuffing because remember stuffing starts out with "Toast" so might be able to get away with a bite of stuffing. Also can put cranberry on all of that if you like as well. Little Baby Steps this is the way I look at it once you get through that first week it is pretty much Trial and Error to see how your body reacts to different foods. I think we have done quite well to say the least. TAke Care my friend...
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    I'm actually doing really good healing up nicely and having good days. I am so looking forward to Friday when I can have Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, Unsweetened Applesauce, Cream of Wheat, Oatmeal, and loose Mashed Potatoes, I so can't wait!!! I did come accross 2 Great Protein Drinks, EAS and Atkins both are already prepared Protein Drinks but they taste Wonderful. I was really gaging on the powdered ones. IS FRIDAY HERE YET????? Ha ha ha. So what about you how are you doing???
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    Hey there. I haven't talked to you much lately. How is it going? I am rocking the liquids. I have actually been doing ok. The broth sucks. But I have to do it. What truly sucks is my weight. So a bit of suckage will be worth it in the end. So when I tried to friend you on a Facebook it wouldn't let me so I sent you a message so you could find me and it said it sent me to other message... Idk. Strange. Ok we'll update me because I am dying to know how you are doing.... I am in the 7 day stretch.
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    Hope all is well with you. 12 days to go for me.
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Surgery date moved UP!

by Samaiya827 on 10-15-2013 at 10:08 PM
Hi all...

My surgery date has been moved from Dec. 18th to Nov. 11 and its becoming such a reality! I'm getting nervous and excited all at the same time. Is there any advice that you can give, both pre and post op? Any info provided is VERY much appreciated!

Thank you!

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