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    Great to hear from you, sorry to hear that you've been under so much stress! Thoughts and prayers going out to you and yer hubby! I'm having another EGD scope done this coming friday... my permanent stitches are causing ulcerations in my frankenstomach and whats left of my small intestine, so i have to see if it's healed enough to have another surgery to remove the stitches. I've lost a little over 140 lbs so far, but that's mostly due to the feeding tube and the iv nutrition, methinks. I'm sooo tired of this being sick business. Still cant go back to work until i can keep food down.. my email is DollHouseSweets@yahoo.com. Feel free to email me =) Take care and keep your head up!

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    So glad you wrote. I am well. I have 35 left to go, but I am ok with that. I am not so picky about everything. We have had a cold snap here and I just can't get motivated. Can't talk right now---will later- Blessings- Connie
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    I'm from south Texas and I can tell you, it is hard living down here with all the good food, but thankfully I don't eat as much as I once did..........I can't! lol.

    You're doing great with your weight loss. I'm struggling a bit right now. I hit at a certain area and hung out there. But I will lose the rest.
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    How are you Rubyslippers??? Hope all is well. Haven't heard from you and assuming the holidays are going well and the journey just continues right through them! Take care of yourself.
  5. Hi Dena,

    No, my eating has been poor. We are closing down this base & our defac (mil speak for dining facility) is closing down so we only get one hot meal a day & then the rest of the day is MRE's. the MRE's are high cal & high fat designed to keep a soldier plugging along fighting all day, not for elderly overview contractors who are sitting at a desk 14 hrs a day. But, good new is that even under these circumstances, I am still losing 1 lb a week. Which to me, speaks volumes about the power of the sleeve. Hopefully, I will be back a regular full fledged base in mid October & able to get back on track there. I was talking to my daughter, who is down to 144 lbs, and it's not like a diet where you fall off the wagon & pick back up all your weight plus a few more. That the sleeve is for life!!!

    Hope all is well with you too. You look like you are doing wonderfully. Keep in touch, DAVE
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    Thanks for writing, Dena! I am hoping for a slow, steady weight loss. I don't want that sickly look, either! I want to lose 80-90 pounds and would ike to do it over one year. I don't think that is unrealistic, do you?
    YES! A reunion will be so much fun. Maybe just a weekend somewhere. I will try to get everyone who is interested to let me know where they live and then figure out where is the central point. It may end up to be some really weird location. Or, if we all agree, just all go to Vegas. I've never been there but it seems it is actually fairly cheap. Doesn't really matter to me where we go. Also, I am going to encourage folks to keep a Before and After picture album. They will be fun to look at. Can I just start my ow Forum? (Well, I did it again...I posted this whole message on my OWN page!!! HAHA. I'm an airheard.)
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    Thanks Dena, I am so so pleased with my progress. Did you know I am down 4.1 lbs and walking walking walking??? So exciting!!! I am also not so dumb as to think that I am not going to have some tough days---I will so grab onto you when that happens---What a blessing God has given to me to have you. Connie
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    Cripes, we're a pair, aren't we?!?! Glad yer feeling better! I'm waiting on test results still... got this lovely pinching/stabbing pain across my diaphram still. My strength is coming back, but i've been so down lately, i can't seem to just happy the frig up (for lack of a better phrase).

    My lovely mom and dad were informed of my hospital stay while i was in the hospital, so they drove all the way up here to judge me in person. Yay! That'll be a looooong post on my blog when i'm up to it. My sister still thinks she won since she was in ICU and i wasn't (**eyeroll**)...

    Basically, i had to start from square one with the foodstuffs. I'm still on pureed foods now. Thankfully, i learned a few tips last time...LOL It's not as bad this time, except there are some foods that my tiny tummy just doesn't like now...

    Craziness, i tell ya...
  9. who loves food more than someone from the south? it's hard living here. my daughter and son-in-law fried some fresh speckled trout this past weekend and i had a piece of baked fish. it was just as good, but oh the smell was wonderful. my surgeon was. dr. michael thomas in metairie and surgery was next to the galleria. i was doing beautiful 4 weeks out and then had a bout w/kidney stones which threw me over a loop. i'm 7 weeks out tomorrow and down 20 lbs and 40 more to go which hopefully i'll have off my january.

    please do not hesitate to send your favorite recipe's and keep me posted on your progress.
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    Hi! Congratulations on your surgery! I had mine done by Dr. Wooldridge at Ochsner. I loved him, and his whole team. I go to support group once a month at Ochsner as well. I hope everything is going well for you!
  11. hi, i did fabulous right after the surgery, then i had kidney stones 4 weeks after - two er visits to the hospital, then kidney surgery which hit me for a loop. that was worse than the gastric procedure. i have lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks and feeling really good now that i'm 8 days post op kidney surgery. doing well on the diet, have my gladiator smoothie everyday which is 45 grams of protein, eat beans, eggs and fish for added protein, take my vitamins and doing just swell. who did ur surgery and how are u doing?
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    Hi there fellow Louisianian! How's everything going since your surgery? I had my sleeve done back in Dec of 2010 at Ochsner. I went through a few tough months, but things are definitely looking up.
  13. i have one at my weight, i just need to crop it and post it. i'll try and do it this week. i've tried several times, but had other people in it.
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    where's your pic?
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    Hey Ruby, Best wishes on your new sleeve. Keep us posted!
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