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    what foods sit the best with you?
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    no I haven't eaten the salami yet, I'm sticking with the softest things first and doing well with it. Are there things you still can't eat after more then a year out?? Or do you just not like salami?
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    Where in NYC, I lived in NY for 25 years and taught there for 3 then moved here.
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    So am I!!
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    how are you doing now with the sleeve? i'm also from Florida.
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    Happy Birthday!
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    just wanted to check on you and see how you are doing.
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    Thanks for your reply and happy chanukah to you and yours! I am in Israel for the holiday, spending some much needed time with the wife. I guess slower is better, healthier, I am just impatient. My brain wants the weight off already and my body is saying slow and steady wins the race. I mean I guess it doesn't matter when it happens so long as it happens.
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    Hi There, so its been a long time. Nearly six months since surgery. I hope you are doing well. I have a couple of questions that maybe you can help me with. I have gone from 220 to 170. So first question is, is this good? I feel like it isn't nearly enough. The weight loss is very slow. Is it possible to be eating too much? I mean compared to what I used to eat I really don't eat the same or even close in terms of quantities but I can eat quite a lot compared to what some others eat. Is it possible to think I will ever reach my goal? I guess I am feeling a little discouraged. Have you reached your goal? I have my six month check up coming up soon. I have no idea what I'm doing anymore. Sorry for all the negativity. Not in a great place with all this these days although it does feel great to be 170. I could not have done it any other way.
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    BAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA God doesn't care if I sew darts in my bras I do think he wants me to be the best I can be towards my mother - in- law. I have to act my way into it because she is really NOT one of my favorite people. My prayer is that if I do the right things then maybe one day I will not dislike her so much---like exercise, I used to HATE it, but I just keep doing it, and now it is just there and something I do, don't like or dislike it---just do it. For the cougar---well, he missed a full meal deal, he should have got me back in August!!!! Before surgery!!!! Down 49 lbs---wow, that is so crazy to me. OH, I did stop in and look at bras while I was out shopping, just can't bring myself to buy them!!!! Waiting to go to Tri-cities or Seattle and Victorias Secret. Everything is smaller but the cup size---that is so strange. I feel almost like a cartoon character---my body is like morphing all the time!!!! Such a odd shape right now. Blessings and hugs- Connie I can't get the photo to change, will try again later.
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    No Goofy, God doesn't want me to sew darts in my bras, I am just too freaking lazy and cheap to go get new ones.---------- I am trying to be nice to my mother-in-law.-------- Yes cougars eat people.
  12. My Cuz Val & I started making latkes (20 lbs of potatoes/6 lbs of onions) at 4:30, we finished at 9:30...Aside from the prep, we spent 4 hours of steady frying in 2 huge pans...Boy do we stink. The Kline's Annual Latke Fest will be on Xmas Eve; 24 hungry guests will arrive at 7 pm...Wish you could be here!
    Do cougars eat people? You're worried about being a good DIL... You think that God wants you to sew darts in your bras? Oy! Enjoy the holidays; here's to a skinny, healthy 2012! OXOXO Terry
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    All is good---down 48. Getting ready for the Christmas, almost done. Going to make some peanut brittle this afternoon. Sorta stuck on weight---but I am sure it is not the cookies and shit that I have been making!!! I am afraid to walk outside, there was a sighting of a cougar in my friends pasture, (the 4 legged kind). I know, I am just a chicken--gotta go get some last minute shopping done. Paying my mother-in-laws keep is not enough of a gift---DO I DETECT SOME RESENTMENT????? I am so trying to be the kind of daughter-in-law that I know God wants me to be. Because I am so cheap I am taking darts in on my bras!!!! Waiting for after Christmas sales!!!! My clothes are getting far and few---but my friends feel like they have won the lottery on clothes!!! Have a blessed Christmas---Hugs and blessings- Connie
  14. Thanks and I will try to post some picks soon.
  15. Wow it's been a while since I've been on here you look awsome! I am so happy for you. Merry Christmas and keep up the good work!!!!
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