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    Wow... I am so glad Mexico was an option for me... never could have done that at that price or the higher ones!! Yes - our diets are diff it seems. Clear liquids shouldnt be giving you that much trouble as far as I know. But I am rather new here. Maybe start a new thread and ask? Believe me, nothing off limits here! And you will get at least some suggestions?
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    Wow-not as bad as I thought on $, but still too much for me. My total including 2 flights to San Diego from St. L.+night in a SD hotel/food/tips/etc, was less than 7k. No consults or anything other than fill out questionnaires that the drs reviewed. I brought a guest because it was "free" since hotels dont charge by the person. But I definitely could have gone by myself-i know that now anyway I am the type of person who would have if necessarY! I was in TiJuana, literally 10 miles over the border. May as well have been SD. Glad you had someone there since you had a harder time, seems hit or miss on how much "trouble" each person has.

    I dont take the Gas X for "gas" pain from eating. Its the pain in my shoulder and neck from the CO2 used in surgery. Walking will help too, but it just has to work its way out. A little pain in stomach when trying to use muscles to sit up or bend over to tie shoes Just curious - what are you eating now that you are having troubles with diar? The only time I have had any issues like that were from eating yogurt or something just beyond what I was "supposed" to be. I am on pureed right now (liquidy, no milk based stuff), and just eating babyfood(only the fruity ones like bananas/apples). Just tried one with baby oatmeal in it today and so far so good. I cant eat soft foods until this weekend. I guess just re-look at the diet again and make sure you are following it. You shouldnt have anything in you yet that could come out that way!
  3. Nope, no insurance help and teh VA wouldn't do it because my BMI wasn't high enough. I found a company that facilitates Mexico surgery but had this Detroit program going as well. So, I went for Detroit because I couldn't find anyone willing to go to Mexico. My mother's husband wouldn't let her go because of all teh warnings to Americans. I flew her in to Detroit from OH and I flew in from NE. It was good to see her. I haven't in a while.

    My surgery cost $9300 plus travel expenses. Oh, and $100 for psych consult. I am still in a fair amount of pain and every time I sleep I am dreaming about food. I hope this passes soon. It is also very hard cooking for the family and cannot eat any of it. My husband bought donuts for the kids breakfast today. Really?!?!? I can tell it will take time to get over food.

    I haven't had to use Gas-X. I have been walking as much as I can. I am still in a fair amount of pain so I don't do a lot of walking yet. This i sprobably TMI but I am having a lot fo diarrhea. Do you as well or is it not normal?
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    Wow! I was scared about leaving the country too. But I could never qualify for insurance purposes in the US and could not afford it otherwise. BMI is "only" 32-33 and no diabetes or anything. If it had been "do-able" to have done in the US, I likely would have since I wasnt sure why it was so much cheaper there! But since I didnt have a choice, I just went with the best decision I could on Doctors. ANd it worked out very well for me. Not only did I get the surgery for way cheaper than I ever thought, I got 5 nights in Mexico ! A rare vacation for me! Everything with Dr Kelly turned out awesome and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Recovery has been much easier than I expected.I know from reading the boards most people have a bit harder time getting back to normal, but honestly after the first day or two I felt like I could have gone home anyway and been perfectly fine. THe gas pains in my shoulder and neck and arm can get really bad, but as long as I just keep taking the gasx strips regularly (whether I think I need them or not) it pretty much prevents them. So the only time I am in pain is because of poor planning on my part! I feel like I won some kind of weird lottery

    How about you? Did insurance help you at all? Thanks for checking in! Hope all is well with you! Buy stock in Gas-X
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    Hi Francour, Congrats! Hope all is well.
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    Congratulations on your surgery! Keep a positive attitude and treat this surgery as a tool to help you learn to eat better and you will be a success!
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