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    Congrats on your progress. How are you coming along. At 2.5 years out, I'm finding the hardest part is maintaining but I continue to work hard. I can now eat more at least a small saucer of food. I have to strive to make good choices. I've worked too hard to get to this point. Just sending you words of encouragement. I tell myself that eating the junk food does not make me nearly as happy as being healthy feels.

    Good luck on your journey im sure you have worked real hard too. Best of luck on your success
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    Me too! I have such an appreciation for new foods and can (for the most part) stop when I feel full. Its crazy to think how much I was eating thinking I was doing so well with portion control. I do feel like I waste a lot of food though. Have to manage that a lot better. I use the same cups to take to work. Over the weekend we made turkey chilli too. I love ground turkey so much better than ground beef even before surgery. I'm at a bit of a stall right now and the scale isn't moving much but I visibly see a difference in my face and clothes and just know that in time it will catch up.
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    I haven't checked in with you in awhile. How are you doing? I'm doing pretty well. I started back at the gym, eating more variety, and feel good. I sometimes forget I'm only a month out!
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    That's a good idea to add unflavored protein in soups and such. Did they say why you need to be on liquids longer? I thought it was for the healing process. I honestly hate this liquid stage. It's driving me insane while I cook for the family or when they ordered pizza the other night. I just keep trying to stay positive.
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    Thanks for the compliment.
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    I've started pure protein shakes as well. It's not too bad and makes me feel fuller. I went back to work yesterday. It went pretty well except that the office brings in bagels, muffins, and pastries on Thursdays. I just avoided the break room as much as possible and kept telling myself I didn't need nor want any. Yes, I'm on the mushy food stage as of next Wednesday for two weeks. It will be nice to have something different! Talk to you soon
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    I thought I responded to your message but it showed up on my page inside of in the thread. Anyhow, I added protein shakes this week although they say clear liquids only. I can't seem to get down liquid protein and its killing me. Besides that I feel pretty good. I went back to work today. How are things with you?
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    Hey there! I was in agony the first three days with gas pains and nausea but yesterday I started feeling better. Today I was able to get down a multivitamin and not sure if it played a factor (I'm thinking it did) I was able to do some thibgs around the house having more energy. I didn't expect the gas pains to be as bad as they were but I'm so happy I'm feeling better. Glad you're doing well. Are you finding it hard to get protein in? I know I am
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    I'm going in tomorrow and the hubs came home earlier than expected. So glad he's doing well and home so I don't have to worry so much. Good luck to you!!!
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    Not exactly! A bit of a hiccup. My husband was amditted on Sunday in the hospital for diverticulitis, a ruptured small instestine and hernia. He probably won't be coming home until Friday. He wants me to go regardless since I was able to coordinate with my mom and friends to look after my two small children. He's my rock! I've tried to postpone but they don't have another date for a month or so. My husband may need surgery once the infection clears so he's pushing me to move forward so I can get on the road of recovery. So confused but as of now my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.
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    I see that we have the same surgery date. My name is Amy and thought I would introduce myself to you. Good luck on Wednesday!
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    I'm sure that you are as excited to begin your new life as I am. Good luck with the remainder of your journey.
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    thanks for the Welcome!
  14. Funny you should ask... I have an appt with him tomorrow. Am shooting for January date, but am still not 100% onboard even though I am moving forward with all the tests. How has your experience been after the surgery?
  15. Have you been sleeved yet? Just wondering how it went. Love Dr. Gandsas.
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Colonoscopy - before surgery.

by lmd2070 on 12-04-2013 at 07:05 AM
During one of my earlier tests, it was mentioned that I was at the age where I should schedule a colonoscopy sometime soon. The doctor said to touch base after surgery and things were settled down (not related to the sleeve, just general health).

I got to thinking... drinking all that nasty prep solution is bad enough when you are without a sleeve. Not sure how fun this would be after I got sleeved. (I am doing split dose, 2 liters night before, 2 liters in morning). Something

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